Next "Enterprise": Communistic Al Queda...

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Admiral Buzzkill, Feb 21, 2003.

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    ... ew! I didn't need to know there might be terrorist pedofiles! Don't tell me these things! I would never have thought of that. What's wrong with you!!! ;)
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    Damn! Cogley called it again! Moulinrouge owes him ANOTHER $100! :lol:
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    I was surprised by how well B&B were able to handle a hot button issue like AIDS with 'Stigma.' And so I'm not quite as nervous as I'd normally be now that they're taking on an episode like this.

    As with all such things, it's going to depend on execution. There are some problem areas that B&B will have to be careful of.
    • The busing of the communistic Al Queda terrorists. Who's driving the bus? Will it be Mayweather "piloting" the bus? Has he had some experience with communistic fundamentalist fascists when he was a "Boomer?" Will he be able to share this experience? My guess is that B&B are more likely to have him befall some moronic off camera mishap necessitating a visit to Dr. Phlox. Which, I suppose, will be better than having to listen to him, y'know . . . speak.
    • Reed's latent homosexual feelings for Trip. If the terrorists put Trip in danger, will it compel Reed to reveal his true feelings? Will this in turn force Archer to reveal his own special feelings for his "water polo" buddy?
    • T'Pol. The Vulcan Science Ministry denies the possibility of communistic Al Queada terrorists, since a quasi-fascist organization couldn't by definition exude a Marxist ideology. Will her refusal to acknowledge the very existence of the antagonists force her to lock herself away in her quarters to "meditate" until all the bad people go away?
    • Hoshi. Will the communistic Al Quedans be so offended by her hotness that they refuse to allow her to walk around the ship without a burqua? Will she wear anything underneath the burqua? Will she have the burqua "accidentally" torn off and have to hide in Reed's quarters naked? Will this convince Reed to give up Trip, or at least start switch hitting? Will we actually get to see the goods this time? The answer: Dear Heavens I hope so!
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    I think this is a hoax. They are just floating this idea to see how we react. I refuse to believe it unless Morpheus confirms it, and probably not even then.

    It should get great ratings though.
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    *Something snarky and irreverent that skates the edge of insulting basher intelligence, preceeded by the trademark smirky face.* :p
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    Nice one!