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    Damn straight!

    Also, Dream Park (with Steven Barnes) was pretty good, and my two favourite Niven books (A World Out of Time, and The Integral Trees) are both from around time of his "falling in with Jerry Pournelle" or later.
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    Nice pun. :)

    I reread Throne when Children came out. Kinda. I skipped the vampire hunter chapters, because they're useless.

    I liked it. It's different. This is a review I wrote of it at the time.
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    I said out, dammit!
    For some reason Smoke Ring and Integral Trees, although a brilliant, fascinating concept - put me right to sleep.
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    Totally forgot about the Dream Park. I just had a gustatory flashback of sitting in a Burger King on a break from work, eating a Whopper and reading that book.
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    I can’t be bothered to start a new thread.

    Amazon and MGM are nearing a series order for this. Season 1 went into development yesterday in Ontario. CBS Television Studios / Star Trek is providing production support.
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    What do you mean by CBS Studio/Star Trek? Are members of the production team from Picard and/or Discovery working on it?
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    "Sancho! My armor!"