Kurtzman: 2 more live-action shows in the works

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by The Habs Fan, Jan 13, 2020.

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    I want to see Quark again too.
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    Honestly, I'm a little afraid of them overextending the franchise and having the shows cannibalize each other for viewers. Granted, this is less of a problem in the age of streaming when people can watch anything anytime.

    My proposal for a Pike show would be to do something like Sherlock. Make it three or four 90 minute+ "episodes" (TV movies) that are largely standalone so that the individual stories can breathe. Maybe release them throughout the year in between seasons of the other shows.

    I too would love a West Wing-style show, but I'd be afraid most fans would think it's too boring and drop it like a hot potato.
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    Been saying it since season 2 of Discovery ended, but, I think behind the scenes it's nearly a done deal to bring Pike back into his own series and has been for some time.

    I just think that right now the main focus is on Picard and CBS wants to keep it that way at least until the first season has concluded. If anything on Pike is announced, I suspect the earliest could be toward the end of Picard's freshman season or just after it concludes. Sure, the hype for season three of Discovery will be starting, but, since we've already seen a trailer for that and tidbits about what's going to happen have been known for half a year now, I don't think the announcement of a Pike spin-off then would be stepping on anything.

    I've no doubt that Star Trek will have a presence at Comic Con in July, so, that could be a good time to announce it. Plus, I think by then we'll know much more about Lower Decks and Section 31 has yet to get a proper announcement outside what was said roughly a year ago. So, I could see this Comic Con being about formally announcing Pike, Lower Decks trailer (if one isn't released before then), and more information on Section 31 -- perhaps who's been cast alongside Michelle Yeoh.

    Yeah, I can see that, but, it's not clear if they're going to reach a point where multiple Trek shows are overlapping with one another. I suspect because of the lower episode count, each season will come one at a time; sort of like how Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead go. Both of those showsn ever broadcast at the same time.
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    Well from the sounds of it the only issue was Anson Mount not wanting to spend too much time away from his family so if they got that worked out it would seem to be the only obstacle.
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    Oct 2, 2017
    That was clearly a bullshit excuse by Anson. He has no children, his parents don't live in NYC, and his wife is a photographer who is Canadian anyway.
  6. Captain Kris Kringle Pike

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    i think that's on Mount. He probably doesn't care about Star Trek ;)
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    Quark without Nog and Odo just wouldn't be the same.
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    you heard it here first.
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  11. The Mariah Has Awoken

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Huh. As much as I want as much prime universe Trek as possible, isn't one of the reasons we lost it for over a decade oversaturation?
  12. Insert Christmas Joke Name

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I don't oversaturation is something one can measure in the number of shows but actually the number of episodes. When you only do 13 or so a year it helps with overexposure plus they aren't making the old mistake of having two shows on at the same time.

  13. Admiral Picard

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    My hope is that we will get a special Pike event series, where every feature length episode is like a major event instead of consecutive episodes.
    Like having six 90 minutes films dealing with real 23rd century events and great character moments. The last "episode" will deal with Pikes heartbreaking accident and Kirk becoming commander of the big E.

    I hope the other series will deal with Starfleet at the beginning of the 25th century, maybe onboard a new, nice looking starship, an original crew and lots of meaningful, hopeful stuff and strange new worlds. Or a station based series but different from DS9, maybe more like a starbase 1 type station in another deep space region. Deep Space Ten... eeeh, not quite...
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  14. Maybe we just need to shower him with kindness and whisper in his ear at night until he just can't resist us anymore :lol:
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    Part of the problem is every Star Trek show before Discovery was beholden to ratings. You need a lot less subscribers to watch a show to equal the amount of money you would get from television ratings. If Enterprise was on CBSAA and getting 3-4 million viewers watching it as soon as it dropped (and millions more watching it later), it would have lasted its full 7 seasons.
  16. XCV330

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    Sep 24, 2017
    I'm going on a hunger strike, for a Pike series announcement.

    I won't allow myself to be hungry until they announce it. Join with me. Have a chip.
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    I am a bit concerned that all of these series going into production so quickly could lead to some oversaturation problems again. I felt that DSC's second season was much stronger than its first, so the new creative team is learning, but maybe they should focus a little more on making DSC and now PIC as strong as possible without having to also develop 2 animated series, a Section 31 series and now 2 unannounced series.

    But since they're gonna do it anyway, I think the first could be a Pike miniseries or series. The overwhelmingly positive response to Anson Mount, Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romjin's performances really says something about how recasting and revisiting a part of Trek's past can be done well, and there are certainly story opportunities since we know so little about the pre-Kirk Enterprise crew. Also, that Enterprise bridge set looks expensive - I'm sure they'd want to get as much mileage out of it as they can. Perhaps it wouldn't be a full-fledged series, but a smaller 6 or 8-episode miniseries. And assuming Section 31 gets off the ground and is in the same time period, there would be the potential to see Pike and the Enterprise make guest appearances, too.

    As for a second series, I wonder if they're already planning a spin-off or sequel to PIC, to move Trek firmly into the 25th century, or a prequel to fill in gaps between NEM and PIC.
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    I would most definitely be down for a Pike miniseries. I'd also be down for a Pike movie. Ah, just give me some more Anson Mount as Pike and I'll be happy.
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    The series all have different creative teams. I'm not worried. This isn't the Berman era.
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