Contest: VOTE January 21, Art Challenge "Villains and antagonists", please vote.

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  • ashefivekay

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  • Starscape

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Atolm

    Votes: 8 50.0%
  • MisterD

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Ahoi, Hello and welcome to the voting thread of the 193rd Fan art forum art challenge.

The challenge was called "Villains and antagonists" and this were the rules:


Depict a scene in the life of an existing, or new created Star Trek villain/antagonist. Or create a device, piece of equipement or object belonging to an existing or new created Star Trek villain/antagonist.

Rules: Every era, timeline and universe counts. Every moment in the "life/existence" of the villain or object counts. As villains count persons, cults, political factions, and species. As device/object everything from kai winns earring to Vger counts.

Thanks to everybody who entered. Since we have four entries we will go with one vote only this time.








Thanks for voting.
And the winner of the 193rd Fan art forum art challenge is...... @Atolm.

Congratulations to the winner and a big thank you to the participants and everybody who voted.
Thanks everyone.


There was a vote already?
Aye there was mate. I voted for @Starscape

Congratulations, @Atolm! I trust you've already come up with an awesome idea for the new contest? :)
Thanks and I do...I'm posting it now here:
If you could be so kind as to pin the thread :)