If Discovery is a bust...

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    Ask fans what makes Star Trek great, and you'll get many different answers.

    Plenty of fans will tell you that DS9 is their favourite series, yet that is the series which lost more viewers over its run than any other.

    Star Trek was saved by a writer who didn't like a number of aspects of TOS. He put a significantly different spin on it - to the point of, in his own words, breaking Roddenberry's mould. As he says, "art is a dictatorship, not a democracy."

    I'd much rather watch something written by people following their own vision, rather than trying to cater to what they believe fans want (which would not be representative of all fans, and possibly not even a majority).
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    Exactly-Star Trek is great when it is compelling stories with compelling characters, not strict adherence to "Gene's Vision" or "fans love." Fan love is, at best, finicky, and at worst, extremely jaded and hostile.

    Writers can't take "what fans like" in to account because that is capricious and constantly changing.
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    So, why are you still a fan, and why are you here at this board, then?:vulcan:

    They can't keep making merch based on TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT forever; sometime soon in the future, they'll have to make merch based on the recent movies and TV show(s), because the people who buy merch based on past programs will be aging and dead. And as for DVD/Blu-Ray/4K, there are still people who just like to collect physical media.

    Where do you get this nonsense from?:vulcan:

    And why is liking or not liking Star Trek linked to how good humanity is?

    I plan to get the show on Blu-Ray myself when it comes out.
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    Both opinions make sense, but I have to agree with the first view a little more. Sometimes it seems like the producers and writers are disconnected with what the viewers would want to see and as result we ended up with "These are the Voyages" or movies like Nemesis and Insurrection.

    I think it's logical from time to time to give the franchise feedback or otherwise they're going to have their own ideas of what the fans want, and there could very well be a These are the Voyages .2.0
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    Just wondering whether this thread will be renamed "When Discovery is a bust..." if going by the first episode is any indication :lol:
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    There are aspects that have me interested, but Star Trek it isn't. I think "when" is a fitting change with what they have given us so far.
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    Yeah, he tried colorizing a bunch of classics and it backfired. ;)