Great Fan-made Strange New Worlds Credits

I like the one with the overture from TMP.........

I think we're going to see a CGI montage much like all modern "Peak TV" shows, BUT if a Trek show does go back to the old-fashioned ship flybys, it might be this one.

I assume the ones doing these credits sequences are engaging in hypothetical casting which apparently they've all agreed upon or did I miss casting announcements about Jeffrey Combs being on the show and JG Hertzler playing Robert April?
1. Robert April is British.
2. If you're gonna use Illia's theme, use the lyrical one:p

It's alright but very early 2000's. I love the animated style of the Discovery and Picard intros, even if the themes are a little blah.
I never expected to hear Mr Mister in a Star Trek opening credit sequence.

Star Trek: Soft-rocking you since 2001.
Why does every fan Trek casting have Combs and Hertzler? Think originally.

Having said that, it looks nice.