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    PS: This episode was directed by Levar Burton, right?
  2. kipron

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    May 20, 2001
    Cogenitor was most impressive, especially for this show. I'm giving it an A.

    BTW, I really hope that (for a few episodes at least) they keep some kind of conflict going between Archer and Trip.
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    A-. Thoroughly heartfelt, expressive, and nuanced work by Connor Trinneer and the actress for the Cogenitor that blossomed into a warm chemistry and friendship and two distinctly human (to use a partial misnomer) character portraits; her "they won't let me climb mountains" was heartbreaking. And they produced a meaty moral dilemma that progressed and become more complex as the ep went along, with an ending that, while indeed somewhat favoring Archer, did to an extent present both sides and let the viewer make up his or her mind - and didn't leave matters neat, tidy, and consequenceless. The rare jewel that deeply engages both the audience's brain *and* heart.

    (And I liked how the Vissians, while indeed forehead aliens, were given a definitive and separate culture - their aptitude for learning and yearning for knowledge, how they placed greater importance on different senses than humans do, their mating practices, etc. Pacing and direction were also excellent - the ep seemed very "full" and textured.)

    And the contractual weigh-in on the story's moral dilemma - I despised Archer at the end. He's one to talk for chewing out Trip so for making decisions with his heart, as, while his deliberations were occasionally even-sided, his final decision seemed to be greatly affected by his personal affection for the Vissians. (The petty and vindictive way in which he broke the news to Trip about the Cogenitor's suicide - snidely rubbing it in instead of informing him of the consequences of his supposed actions - seems only to support that view that Archer made this too much a personal issue.) Even if Trip was wrong in initiating contact with the Cogenitor, I cannot take how inconceivable Archer found any right of self-determination in regards to the Cogenitor (he seemed ultimately far more concerned with the loss of the prospective chance for a new life, the failure for the Vissian couple to conceive, than the existing one), and both he and the Vissians, though willing, seem somewhat unprepared to deal with contact with another species - neither can seem to deal with the implications of a deep conflict of values in a friendship, for one thing, and the idea that they can pick and choose how contact with a foreign culture is going to affect them is not workable. (Again, even if Trip was wrong, ycultural contamination and transmission of "undesirable" ideas like this are inevitable in protacted exchanges such as this one.)
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    Nov 9, 2001
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    A, another good ep.
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    Feb 4, 2003
    I give it an A. It was well acted and directed. Half way through the episode, I was going to give it about a C, but the ending really surprised me and was really good.
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    Dec 27, 2002
    I gave it an A.

    It did leave me think at the end. I would have liked to see them tie up what happened with Reed though.
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    I didn't like that the Cogenitor killed itself. I suppose the message is if anything is too hard or doesn't work right away then give up. Had the Cogenitor been a victim of foul play at least I would have felt hope for the species.
  8. Jonesy

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    Jan 7, 2003
    I don't know whether or not I should give it a B or a flat out E. I felt that it was one of the few times that it actually provoked any thought in me, mostly in regard to the Prime Directive.

    However, I felt kind of bothered by Archer's speech to Trip. Also, I felt that Trip did perhaps one of the biggest D'oh's of his entire life. Part of me feels that, not only did they make Trip look like an idiot with this episode, that they also made him look like an idiot in general. The way he behaved was not only un-becoming of an officer, it was the behavior of someone who just flat out doesn't posess any discipline whatsoever. It just seemed that Trip ran with this blind optimism, despite being warned by T'Pol.

    I know that, given continuity, the producers feel that they must "announce" the introduction of the Prime Directive. Another part of me feels that it's nearly impossible to consider that noone within Starfleet pondered the deeper philosophical implications of interstellar travel.
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    This Episode does certainly merit a A+ !
    I read that some people thought that Trip's punishment was too leniant but remember that he will feel responsible for
    "Charles"'s death for the rest of his Life !
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    Dec 30, 2002
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    i DEFINATELY gave this one a solid A... not QUITE up with my faves, but great nonetheless... it was REALLY nice to see TRIP the one with a dilemma and acting wihtout permission.... if ya wanna read my FULL review , go ahead...
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    c- it was totally predictable, just another "we are better than you because we give inalienable rights to everything under the sun"
  12. Anna Yolei

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    Jan 15, 2003
    I give it an "A". While it's not my favorite episode, it was very well done. I knew it wouldn't be a happy ending, but I didn't know what would happen. I wasn't too surprised by the ending and while upsetting, I knew the cogenitor couldn't keep living the way it was.

    I did have to agree with Trip when he told Archer that he'd have done the same thing, and I'm sure some of you agree.
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    Apr 25, 2001
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    I really liked this one,and was pleasantly surprised to see a B&B script involving sex and intimacy that didn't degenerate into complete crap by Act 3.
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    Jan 3, 2002
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    Something to think about for a change. B+ :cool: