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    On the other hand, this looks a lot more like the old Enterprise than Bale's Tumbler compares to West's Batmobile. As reinventions go, I still think they're going the Superman Returns route rather than that of Batman Begins or Casino Royale.

    Probably due to less flexibility. Back in the 1960s, Bond was Connery, Batman was West, and Kirk was Shatner. By the early 1990s, Bond was Bronsan, Batman was Keaton, and Kirk... was still Shatner. Star Trek isn't used to this kind of change, so they'll be a tad more delicate.
  2. Brutal Strudel

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    Indeed on all points.
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    Dare I say viewscreen? ;)
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    The font looks like Microgramma or Microgramma Extended.

    I've been using that font on my fanfic ships for years...

    Love the nacelle caps...
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    Isn't that the same font Franz Joseph used? How ironic.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    Mark my words,the clipboards will fly
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    Apr 27, 2001
    *tries hard not to squee*


    Can't wait to see THE REST of the ship. :D
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    Or...this film has little or nothing to do with the continuity and tech progressions suggested in that orphaned series. C'mon lads, can you not see there is little or NO connection between this Trek and what we have seen other than Leonard Nimoy??

    I am loving this new design so far. I welcome the re-imaginings! :bolian:
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    Word has it the Cloverfield monster was spawned from such environs...
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    I know the conversation has gone well beyone this by now, but after getting home from work and looking at the pic on my own monitor I felt I needed to note that, now, I too can see a definite Gabe influence.

    You're all definitely right about the "bulginess" of the forward end of the nacelles, just behind the bussards. Just about identical. Likewise the general shape of the saucer, itself, down to what someone up-thread described as a "step" below the traditional B/C deck teardrop construct.

    However, from this perspective anyway, from this "step" up, it seems much more reminiscent of the TMP refit to me.

    Mea culpa. :angel:

    The only other comment I have is ..., why exactly do people think this is being constructed on a planet's surface? Looks to me like this could just as easily be a shot from Earth orbit.
  12. Franklincense

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    Aug 22, 2006
    I just hope to God the con and viewscreen on this bridge face forward and aren't set on an angle.

    Looks like the bridge may be more than one deck tall.
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    The synopsis of the teaser says that the ship is being constructed planetside.
  14. zenophite

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    May 9, 2003
    thank the Gods they're using modern detail techniques on the ship.
  15. Admiral Buzzkill

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    Mar 8, 2001
    It's not like they're actually building the insides to this thing, guys. This teaser trailer was conceived and work begun on it before sets were finalized or built. Whatever you can see "inside" on this image is whatever the CG artists and designers thought looked plausible for this shot.
  16. Kegek

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    Mar 23, 2007
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    Those CGI guys may still have been familiar with the (finalized?) design sketches for what was to become the bridge, though.

    But even assuming that this render is accurate as far as interiors go, I don't think we can see anything interesting.
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    I have to say... I am really excited now. And this is coming from an original series fan who is very much willing to keep an open mind. :D Actually I have already turned the larger version into a wallpaper for my computer. :bolian:

    If anyone else wants it... help yourself. It’s widescreen though.
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    Beautiful. I'm hearing the ST theme in my head every time I see that pic. I think that may be the emotional high point for me when I go see "Cloverfield". ;)
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    I like what I am seing so far. Sweet.
  20. Red Ranger

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    It's both retro yet evocative of the first movie Enterprise. Very interesting blend. -- RR