Animated Trek series coming to Nickelodeon

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    I'd be fine with it being in a separate continuity, but that's not the only way to avoid confusing people. Two things can be in the same reality but still work as distinct, standalone stories. All you have to do is not let continuity porn drive your show the way Discovery too often does. I mean, TNG in its early seasons tried to avoid TOS references as much as possible, outside of "The Naked Now." It was in the same universe (more or less), but it told its own stories rather than constantly referring back to old continuity.
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    Well, that is why I suggested both a hard reboot and soft reboot, where you just have a different ship and do not make references to the past works.

    But if they do an ''Ultimate Universe'' version of Star Trek, it would have to have its own continuity. When say Spider-Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get new cartoons, they take the approach of merging different characters and concepts from different works and eras put it all into one show, kinda like the greatest hits version of the franchise. The 2012 TMNT cartoon took elements from the 87 cartoon and the Mirage comics and blended them together, along with some new stuff. New Spider-Man cartoons will blend characters first introduced in the 60s with characters from the 80s, 90s or later and change them up to introduce them all at the same time, in the same show. Now Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels were in continuity with the movies, but Star Wars at the time only had 6 movies as canon to refer to, not hundreds of hours of TV.

    Like I said kids today may not know about the older Star Trek, so stuff like Khan and the Borg would be new to them. I am not suggesting they retell old stories, I would rather they avoid the Force Awakens Problem of just rehashing old plots, but I could see them take the most iconic elements of Star Trek, put a new spin on it and present it to a younger generation.
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    While that is true, most of those series are aimed not a child audience, but a YA audience with Clone Wars especially in it's later seasons taking "Young Adult" to basically mean 18-25 year olds. The thing with this Trek series is that from what we have gleaned, it really does seem like a CG show for like 6 year olds, it will probably be comedy as well, which means I find very highly unlikely we will get a series that is considered canon by the fandom.
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    Resistance is aimed younger than the previous couple of series. And "young adult" as a genre label means material aimed at people aged 12 to 18. Teenagers usually wish to think of themselves as young adults, so it's good marketing to use that label for things aimed at them.

    Honestly, though, I don't get why adult fans are so worried about whether a Trek kids' show will appeal to them. We adult fans already have a ton of Trek shows aimed at us -- we shouldn't be so damn egocentric all the time. The franchise is huge enough that we have no business begrudging the existence of a single show aimed at someone other than us. If it appeals to children, if it gets them interested in Trek and keeps the franchise viable for a new generation, that's great, whether you or I like the show or not.

    Canon is not a matter of fan opinion. The word is used to refer to the core body of work in a fictional franchise from its original creators or owners, as opposed to derivative works by outside creators. It is not something that anyone decides is the case, any more than you can decide whether something is land or water. It is merely a label to describe what something intrinsically is. Whether this show is canonical or not depends on whether the creators of other Trek shows choose to acknowledge it as part of the same whole or to treat it as something separate.

    Personally I think it would be a good idea to make it something separate, a fresh reinterpretation; I think Trek is way overdue for that kind of reinvention. But how its continuity relates to other productions is for the creators of those productions to decide, not for the audience to decide. The spectators of a game don't get to call the plays.
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    My Little Pony ~ Friendship is Magic was supposed to be a kids show, look what happened there. In fairness it was well made, funny, quirky and cute. Maybe this new series will also have John De Lancie in it.

    My Little Trekkie?

    No, perhaps not...
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    I am stealing this for my sig!
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