6 Star Trek shows could be running simultaneously soon

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by drew, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Yup. Because continuity is an illusion that isn't nearly as important as it is made out to be.
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    Sounds a lot like Scooby Doo...
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    Feb 18, 2018
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    Supposedly there's scripts floating around for something called Odyssey of Khan, and casting calls are out for British, Indian and Pakistani actors.

    Speculation is it's related to the Khan mini-series Nicholas Meyer was originally working on. According to him he finished the scripts for it. It was originally titled Ceti Alpha V.
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    Scooby Doo may not be the best example, but there's no absolute correlation between target audience age and canonical integrity.

    The Railway Series has fairly strong continuity (although Thomas & Friends, its TV adaptation, gets a bit screwy on occasion), probably helped by only having two authors. Then again the Harry Potter series only had one author yet quite a few errors arise (mostly mathematical, as Rowling admits she struggles here). I think Winnie the Pooh's books also get by without major violations.

    Doctor Who is highly variable here, with some showrunners taking a very cautious, preservative approach whereas others will rewrite large swathes of lore on a whim. The exact target audience for that franchise has long been subject to confusion, but it's probably younger overall than the audience for Red Dwarf, where Lister and Rimmer have their backstories (particularly the former's relationship with Kochanski) drastically changed several times between seasons.

    The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad all exhibit floating timelines which require character histories to be completely redone every few years - notice how many different versions we've seen of Homer and Marge getting together. Futurama tended to be more stable.
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    What about star trek online? thats always seemed a lot like an open world space RPG to me. I guess my character is only level 18 though so I haven't played an extreme ammount, maybe you mean you want more of a first person shooter survival rpg like fallout or skyrim?

    Oh interesting news Bethesda joined team Microsoft so future Fallout, Doom, and Elder scrolls games might be X-box exclusive.
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    Looks and plays like a PS2 era game. I’ve tried it several times.
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    Trek will never catch up to Doctor Who. That’s had 14 or 15 actors play one man for multiple years before rebooting him. And plus don’t forget that show has been on since the 50s I believe non stop.
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    When this year is over, we'll have had 33 episodes of Star Trek.

    Short Treks: Children of Mars
    Picard: 10 episodes
    Lower Decks: 10 episodes
    Discovery: 12 episodes
    (season finale after New Year's)
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    After Lower Decks, I'm less than optimistic for Prodigy, but I do have the need for SOME Trek so I'm following it for a bit.
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    Agreed with the final sentiment!

    As for least to most looking forward to:
    Least: Section 31 - unless it looks like they majorly revamp their approach to S31 and Georgiou, I will remain very uninterested (but will still probably watch - if it every happens). Discovery's approach to S31 and Georgiou has been very random, discontinuous with Trek history, and mustache-twirling-villain level. I have not enjoyed it.

    Next: More Short Treks?: I like their experimentation, but I don't generally like short fiction/stories as much as longer ones because they don't seem as well thought out/fleshed out. I have really liked only about half of the Short Treks so far. But, as an experimental platform it is a great thing to have in Trek.

    Next least: Prodigy - only because it is targeted to kids (5-15 yrs); I like the idea of a kids show (so mine can watch it), and really like the idea of a return of Janeway, but it probably won't be as good (for me) as LDS or live action Trek.

    Next: Discovery and Picard: While both have had highlights, they also have had low lights. I am really hoping Discovery "grows the beard" this third season. I also really liked Picard overall, but the villains and the overarching serialized plot were rickety at best.

    [I saw some reviewer's summary of the AI plot in Picard and it sounded so much stronger that what was presented: that the Romulans had been working throughout history to sabotage AI development in Alpha/Beta quadrant species. This sounds like an awesome concept to explore the role of AI in Trek and why it is not super prevalent, and to cover the legacy of Data - but instead we get a mystery box puzzle of a cabal of incestuous Romulans causing mass death to stop yet another AI bent on destroying all organic life, and no real exploration of the Soong-type androids and Maddox - what their plans were with Soji, etc. Just a missed opportunity.]

    Top: More LDS and SNW. I like episodic storytelling because the writers actually get time to craft an entire story - from beginning to end - and make sure it hangs together, before putting it on film. Not every episode can be the best, but at least they are complete in themselves, and are hopefully trying to say something every week instead of just moving pieces around the board until the finale. Plus, with both series keeping the emotional/character continuity, we get the best of both worlds (coherent storytelling, developing characters, and larger story arcs).
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    Remember just a few years ago when we thought the only Trek we'd ever see again is a mainstream-oriented reboot movie every now and then?
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    I remember a time when I thought there won't be anymore Trek ever. After SPS hung up his uniform and there didn't seem anything on the horizon.

    On that note, it seems we are now in a golden age consuming manna from heaven. ;)
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    We call that joyriding where I come from.
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    It's only a joyride if you get caught.
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    Something from somewhere, at least. I for one have much higher expectations about what I might receive from heaven.
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    It seems really excessive, I'd be interested in the business behind it.
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    Trek by raw release numbers:
    1. 55 episodes (1993)
    2. 52 episodes + 1 movie (1996)
    3. 52 episodes (1995, 1997)
    4. 50 episodes + 1 movie (1998)
    5. 40 episodes + 1 movie (1994)
    6. 40 episodes (1999)
    7. 33 episodes (2020)
    8. 29 episodes (1967)
    9. 27 episodes + 1 movie (1989, 2002) / 28 episodes (1992)
    10. 27 episodes (1990)
    11. 25 episodes + 1 movie (1991)
    12. 25 episodes (2000, 2001, 2003)
    13. 24 episodes (1968)
    14. 22 episodes (2004)
    15. 20 episodes (1988, 2019)
    16. 15 episodes (1966)
    17. 14 episodes (1973)
    18. 13 episodes (2005)
    19. 11 episodes (1969)
    20. 10 episodes (1987)
    21. 9 episodes (2017, 2018)
    22. 8 episodes (1974)
    23. 1 movie (1979, 1982, 1984, 1986, 2009, 2013, 2016) / 1 episode (2021... thus far)
    24. 0 (1970-1972, 1975-1978, 1980-1981, 1983, 1985, 2006-2008, 2010-2012, 2014-2015)
    We have more Trek releases this year than at any point outside of the height of the multi-series Berman era (1993-1999). We still have the expected COVID dip coming up, but with the transition towards some animated programs, the numbers might not be too effected.

    And, if you were to include The Ready Room (and After Trek) for some godawful reason, we'd be at 59 episodes this year, the most Star Trek productions ever released in a given year. 2019 would be 33 episodes, 2017 would be 17 episodes, and 2018 would be 15 episodes. But I wasn't really counting that stuff.
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