6 Star Trek shows could be running simultaneously soon

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    Doesn't 2020 have 32 episodes? Episode 13 of season 3 of Discovery will be released in 2021...
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    As Admiral Jean-Luc Picard said up-thread 2020 started with the Short Trek Children of Mars
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    1. Short Treks: "Children of Mars" (9 Jan)
    2. Picard: "Remembrance" (23 Jan)
    3. Picard: "Maps and Legends" (30 Jan)
    4. Picard: "The End is the Beginning" (6 Feb)
    5. Picard: "Absolute Candor" (13 Feb)
    6. Picard: "Stardust City Rag" (20 Feb)
    7. Picard: "The Impossible Box" (27 Feb)
    8. Picard: "Nepenthe" (5 Mar)
    9. Picard: "Broken Pieces" (12 Mar)
    10. Picard: "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1" (19 Mar)
    11. Picard: "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2" (26 Mar)
    12. LD: "Second Contact" (6 Aug)
    13. LD: "Envoys" (13 Aug)
    14. LD: "Temporal Edict" (20 Aug)
    15. LD: "Moist Vessel" (27 Aug)
    16. LD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow" (3 Sep)
    17. LD: "Terminal Provocations" (10 Sep)
    18. LD: "Much Ado About Boimler" (17 Sep)
    19. LD: "Veritas" (24 Sep)
    20. LD: "Crisis Point" (1 Oct)
    21. LD: "No Small Parts" (8 Oct)
    22. Discovery: "That Hope is You, Part 1" (15 Oct)
    23. Discovery: "Far From Home" (22 Oct)
    24. Discovery: "People of Earth" (29 Oct)
    25. Discovery: "Forget Me Not" (5 Nov)
    26. Discovery: "Die Trying" (12 Nov)
    27. Discovery: "Scavengers" (19 Nov)
    28. Discovery: "Unification III" (26 Nov)
    29. Discovery: "The Sanctuary" (3 Dec)
    30. Discovery: "Terra Firma, Part I" (10 Dec)
    31. Discovery: "Terra Firma, Part II" (17 Dec)
    32. Discovery: "The Citadel" (24 Dec)
    33. Discovery: "The Good of the People" (31 Dec)
    I checked MA, and "The Citadel" is the first episode in Star Trek history to air on Christmas Eve (probably not a Christmas episode, though, given the shaky release schedule of Discovery as originally planned). "The Good of the People" is the second episode to air on New Year's Eve, after 1990's "The Loss" (although that was in syndication, and had different airdates across different markets that week).
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    I see you count the Short Treks. I didn't.
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    But the thing is the shows aren't running simultaneously. They're running one after the other. There's yet to be a situation where CBSA is airing two Trek series at the same time (IE one episode for each a week.)
    That's very different than the situation in the early to mid-nineties where there were two episodes from two different Star Trek series each week.

    Aspects of the shows are being produced concurrently at times; but they are not being shown simultaneously.

    I'd say the business plan is to have a new episode of some Star Trek related series available for a subscriber to watch each week.

    COVID -19 through a big wrench into the plann ed ramping up and implementation of that plan; but I'd say within the next two years, CBSAA Will be airing a new Star Trek related episode each week for a full year.
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    That is exactly the plan. Without that incentive many fans will sign up for CBSmount All+ only for the months in which Trek will stream and then drop it until there's more Trek.