Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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How do you feel about the Spock/Uhura pairing?

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  1. I LOVE them together! :)

  2. I generally think they’re okay together.

  3. Not my preference, but I don’t mind them together.

  4. I HATE them together. :o

  1. serenitytrek1

    serenitytrek1 Commander

    May 5, 2012

    cool then and I commend you for it. however I cant really say the same for most K/S fan fic writers who write K/S as lovers. some can get very catty about it and some write uhura as a hatful bitch who is in the way of kirk and spock becoming husbands.

    however S/U fans can also be guilty of cattiness. they do at times write Nurse Chapel as also a hatful bitch who is in the way of S/U getting together.

    this are one of the reasons why I don't get involved with ship wars.
  2. Malaika

    Malaika Captain Captain

    Jul 1, 2012
    and yet what's this have to do with the comic and I what I have said?
    I might be wrong but it doesn't seem to me that the movies are the Spock/Uhura love story :lol:
    perhaps you're voicing your worries? or maybe exaggerating a bit here...
    I feel the writers are doing a good job with S/U, being that a subplot and with star trek not being a franchise about romance.

    Orci once said that they always try to balance things out.
    Though, to be fair, some reviews had actually lamented that the last movie was too much a Kirk/Spock's show to the expense of all the other characters that deserved more.
    So yeah, TOS was like that (and it was like that because those were the 60s too) but this is not TOS. Been there, done that. A reboot should improve some things a bit, maybe for you and other people we should always watch a Kirk/Spock show (more like Kirk's show, tbh), but for others like me it's refreshing to see other dynamics too. It actually helps me perceive their friendship less pretentious and a tad more realistic.

    maybe you're not in the classic sense of the term ("ship" them as a romantic pair) but one doesn't need to be a shipper to have his/her favorites and bias.

    but not if the one beating him is Kirk ;)

    this makes me remember how some people called Spock OOC for having a girlfriend in the first movie and yet the same people see nothing weird or out of character in the sequel where Spock cries, screams and acts homicidal over someone that 3 minutes ago he didn't consider more than a co-worker.

    the Kirk/Spock fans (not necessarily shippers) will justify everything in the name of character development if a scene is between Spock and Kirk but suddenly, magically, the same things would make them scream the writers don't know a thing about canon and vulcans if they happen between Spock and another character.

    How do you know that? Did you ever watch her play?

    since when it's a matter of who is smarter? maybe the point is that they're equal.. and anyway I doubt that we can quantify people's smartness over who wins at chess otherwise you should think that tos Kirk was smarter than Spock too.

    ....or maybe the purpose was pretty much the opposite.
    IDK I have this weird habit to remember all the scenes and not just the ones from the beginning...
    I remember that at the beginning it seemed that he was emotionless but then you have the scene where Spock told Uhura that it's not that he doesn't care, the truth is precisely the opposite and that he cares too much and sometimes this is a source of pain for him and he has to choose to not feel (e.g., when he thought he was about to die)

    I, for one, was glad to have some continuity and that they didn't pretend that the destruction of vulcan and the death of his mother didn't have any side effect on the guy.
    Spock's PTSD is something a lot of people can relate to (e.g., US soldiers, 9/11's survivors)
  3. M'Sharak

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    Remarks you've made in this and other threads concerning fan groups with whom you disagree (Ex: "can't really say the same for most K/S fan fic writers... "; "however S/U fans can also be guilty... " ) might also be perceived as catty, no?

    If the story content is not to your liking, then by all means talk about that, but I'm fairly sure I've recommended before that you avoid making a habit of posting remarks which are critical of fan groups, particularly remarks of the broad-brush variety. (If you feel you absolutely must comment, then put those remarks in your blog and rant away, but be reminded once more that they don't belong in this forum.)
  4. M.A.C.O.

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    Sep 13, 2011
    These two are so cute together though

  5. Malaika

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    Jul 1, 2012
    they are friends since 15 years or something like that and it shows IMO their interviews are the best
    the one where those pictures are taken from is hilarious :lol:
  6. Commishsleer

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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Have you seen Nimoy and Shatner together?
    They are very very cute :lol:
    And have known each other for 50 years

    OK just teasing.