What would you like to see in a new StarGate series?

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    I only read a couple, but from what I can tell from that damned Stargate wiki's liberal understanding of the word "canon," they seemed to have a problem with "the past all happened at the same time." Something I read just recently said they established Janus invented the time loop machine. Janus, who was part of the last generation born on Atlantis that abandoned it ten thousand years ago, built the timeloop machine intended to prevent the plague that led to Atlantis fleeing the Milky Way, ten million years ago. It's especially irritating to me because I'm actually quite interested in the concept of a civilization whose history is measured in eons, where great founders and inventors and achievements and infrastructure they use daily were are as old as the dinosaurs are for us, if not the very mountains.

    Or we can just say Time Travel Guy must've done all the Time Travel Things we ever heard of.
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    I mean, the first word of my post was "ideally"...
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    I haven't read the comics or watched Infinity so I'll probably get a lot of answers on this but are either really adding much to the world of Stargate? Or is their absence ok and the franchise can move on unhindered.
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    The atlantis entry's on the site include the books, on how they went back. It's interesting but not cannon.. Maybe..
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    Read the first 3 Atlantis books. They were very hard to find for a time.
    I like that they are clearly implying Shepard and Teyla like each other. I always got that impression from the show but they went a strange way with it.
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    I mean it's not impossible because we know he did eventually crack time travel, so him or his artefacts popping up in literally any point in time (including before he was born) aren't inherently contradictory.
    Perhaps the loop machine was his attempt to Endgame it? Bring back all that was lost from the plague without re-writing everything that was gained since? To not just alter causality, but to selectively fuse the "best" of two causal chains together; one where the plague was cured and the wraith and replicators were never created, and one where the ancients dwindled but still advanced towards ascension. Looping in the entire gate network could have propagated the effect across both galaxies and beyond...but it was too big to pull off and all he could do was isolate a small loop of space-time.

    Or maybe he saw the future and how indolent the ascended ancients would become, so he went back and tried to alter the course of events, but the plague was just too well designed.

    Not that I'm standing by the comics. Honestly I've never read any Stargate spin-off media as at all looked fairly awful.
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    The loop machine was millions of years ago, during the plague before Atlantis left. I doubt Time guy had anything to do with that. But having an actual time travel device opens up alot. Maybe it was just an experiment to see IF he actually could do it, and once he did he seen how it could be abused.
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    The Wormhole
    No, they don't add anything, and yes, the franchise can move on unhindered with them absent. Infinity in particular aired in the early 2000s, I think around the time SG-1's sixth season aired. So if you've watched everything else with no knowledge of Infinity, than you know how important it was. As it turns out, Infinity depicted the Ancients in a way which completely contradicts the live action shows anyway, and is completely irreconcilable.

    The comics are basically continuations of Atlantis and SGU after those shows ended, so it stands to reason any revival of the shows is going to ignore them anyway. Which is just as well, since they are awful. Something I never understood, in the Atlantis comics they insisted on having Jack O'Neill and Cameron Mitchell in prominent roles despite the fact they didn't have the rights to Richard Dean Anderson or Ben Browder's likeness. They get around this with O'Neill by doing a retread of the Invisible O'Neill joke from 200 while Mitchell is always contributing to the story via radio communications. Like I said, awful.
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    I want a whole show about Lt Ford, the Genii, and replicators. The "alien outsider who learns about humanity" can be one of those wraith with the basket on his face, who never talks, but shrugs with hilarious timing and occasionally tries to eat Ford to comedic effect. No SGC characters. Lots of one-off wooden child actors from quaint villages. And clones. Each episode will be bookended by a five minute Dougie Howser-style journal-typing scene narrated by Cavannaugh.
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