What are you watching???

Lately I've just been watching a lot of Giants, Hockey, and Weathernation to see the various coverage of the severe weather.
doing a little bit of catching up on Netlix before June. apparently Seasons 1-11 of NCIS are leaving Netflix in June.

so Im binging through Season 13 of NCIS on Netflix even though I watched the previous seasons last year.

and binging through Season 1 of Justice League Unlimited
Dark Matter 2021 season 1, episode 5: Worldless
Rewatch of Band of Brothers on DVD and season 1 of Dark Matter 2015
Civil War 2024
Mon: 3-Body Problem
Tue: started the new Doctor Who
Wed: giving Veronica Mars a try
Thu: Midnight Special on You tube. We're up to ep 36. Gladys Knight! :adore:
Fri: Foundation (via digital DL)
Sat: random movie
Sun: Carol Burnet S2 (on Shout Factory)
There is a large number of over-the-air TV stations if you're in or near a big city, many of them air nothing but reruns. They make for good background noise when I'm working. Found Elementary on one station. The early seasons are so much better than the later ones. Also find the Logan episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent to be more entertaining than two of the three current L&O shows.