Was Chakotay/Seven really that bad?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by Sophie74656, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Agree about Jeri Ryan (besides, she shares this quality with Kate Mulgrew).
    As for Robert Beltran's "I do not care" attitude on sets from s4, I guess that it had played a lot against him and there is no reason that this has changed (as well his behaviour as the reception of a such attitude by director & producers) in the finale, right?! :rolleyes:
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    If he was always still with Kellin... Then Chakotay and 7 would always be having a first date and breaking up, not knowing why they broke up, or that they'd ever dated, and then having another first date, until Kellin steps in to get her man.

    So the real reason that Chakotay looks like a doorknob of his 50th first date with Anika, is that deep down he knows that he is in love with a woman he cannot remember, who is waiting for him naked in his bed.
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    I couldn't understand why 7 didn't have a relationship with Harry; they seemed to have great chemistry. Also, 7 loved toying with him about sexuality in the early seasons. Beltran has openly expressed his disdain for where the series went and I can't blame him, but it's bad service to the characters to have 2 people together when there's zero chemistry. I thought Beltran's character would've been more suited for Mulgrew since they seem to love having dinners with each other.
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    They do have chemistry, and were paired up in a number of episodes.

    It was B'elanna that was always teasing Ensign Kim about his sexuality, especially as it related to his crush.
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    Was Chakotay/Seven really that bad?

    No. It was worse. I still get angry/annoyed thinking about it. First of all, it came completely out of nowhere. I can remember to this day feeling my jaw drop when their relationship was announced and going, "Um...what?"

    Secondly, it just seemed to be another ploy to further cement Seven as being the most important, most vital character on the show. It becomes even more obvious watching the series in reruns now.