VOY Caption Contest 104; One Small Ship...

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    Paramount decided to save some money by using claymation instead of CGI for its special effects.


    JANEWAY: If you want something done right, you have to DO IT yourself!


    PARIS: All I did was tell B'Elanna she looked like on overweight targ in those engineering smocks she started wearing and she hit the plasma valve with her hypospanner and... well...


    Suder: I don't care if I'm the only compatible telepath on board, Tuvok, I will not go through ponn farr with you.


    PARIS: If I can hear them through the bulkhead... it must be hell for you, Tuvok.
    TUVOK: Indeed. On the other hand, I can assure you she's finishing up now, so we all should look busy before she comes out of the ready room.