Variety: "Star Trek: Picard Is 'Divisive' "

I'm too stoned atm to read this whole reply right now -- expect further tomorrow...mabye, if you're note the Cheshire Cat --but you're comparing something Kurosawa did well in a move to something Trek's doing in an episode, and you're immediately unfair. Go take the Western Literary Canon and apply it to TOS then cross-reference with all the Academy Award winners since 1931, and then we can talk about Trek's quality.
No, I'm comparing two stories that have a common theme, one of them (Ikiru) being 1 hour and 43 minutes long, the other being roughly 8 hours long (Picard).
Because you refuse to compare the two works or you just haven't seen GiTS?
Because I will not compare the two.
I didn't get the idea of Picard recognizeing his identity outsidie of Starfleet. He's doing the same thing he always did, "saving the galaxy" like Seven said, and Raffi said he's "Starfleet to the core."
Except, he wasn't. He was retired, away from the action, and basically despairing.
Yeah. It's more akin to a generic Hollywood action movie. Or in the case of Icheb, the opening to something like Saw or Hostel. There's nothing wrong with depicting violence or, if need be, graphic detail. But it wasn't done in a very mature fashion as alleged earlier, but in something very typical of Hollywood mainstream films aimed, ironically, at general audiences. Seven is pretty much Rambo, Arnold, the Punisher and Liam Neeson rolled into one, blowing away the bad guys. The one person who dies of natural causes is immediately resurrected through a magic cure. It comes across like some fan-fiction at times.
I disagree.
As something more in-line with JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot, I think it did a decent job of going after a larger audience. But on it's own, and considering that this was supposed to be a more mature story, I think it's very weak. It's funny that Stewart was against fan service and yet, it seems like the most liked episode, aside from Data's send-off, was his reunion with his former crew and TNG alumni Riker and Troi. "Shields up!" "Red Alert!"
Again, agree to disagree at this point.