Contest: VOTE UPDATED: July 2017 Art Challenge — Final Poll

July 2017 Art Challenge — “Walk Like an Egyptian”

  • Cyfa

    Votes: 6 20.0%
  • gazomg

    Votes: 4 13.3%
  • Laura Cynthia Chambers

    Votes: 4 13.3%
  • M

    Votes: 8 26.7%
  • Klaus

    Votes: 3 10.0%
  • Redfern

    Votes: 5 16.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Good Bad Influence
This month – under the title of “Walk Like an Egyptian” – I challenged the members of the Art Forum to combine in their entries the futuristic worlds of Star Trek with the ancient mystique of Egypt. Here are the four entries to choose from this month.

I made an effort to present this poll as fair as possible and posted the entries only as thumbnails. Please do click on the thumbnails to view them in full size!

And now, vote away!



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^What if someone enters between now and 11:59 pm Monday night?
Well, I specified in the opening post of the original contest thread that the participants could enter until the 28th, which was yesterday. So I certainly didn't want to make a secret out of this. My idea was to get a timely start on next month's contest this time, and I believe it should be at the contest starter's discretion at which point exactly they want to post the poll. Additionally I felt having the weekend (and Monday) for the voting period might be a sensible idea.

Sorry if this caused any confusion. We can certainly handle it differently next time. :)
I missed the 28th part, but mine wouldn't have beaten these anyway... in the past we've used the end of the month. Oh, well.. :D
Oh @Klaus, I'm so sorry. The last thing I wanted to do was leaving anyone out. I guess I wasn't really counting on anyone else entering the contest this time. Do you already have an entry or did you plan on working on it over the weekend?
The 28th?! Aww, crap!!! I was putting the final "polishes" upon mine, intending to submit it first thing in the morning after getting a decent night's sleep, then checking for any obvious flaws. I didn't even leave the house today so I could wrap it up.
Yeah, I'm afraid a few of us are used to last-minute entries lol... I was also hoping to do some last work on mine over the weekend and enter it by Monday.
Thoughtful and amazing entries for a great theme, and another difficult voting choice!

I'm a little disappointed that there weren't more submissions to this month's challenge, but totally understand why. After all, it seems that many of us are "Last Minute Larrys" and will pull something together right before the end of the month as normal (me included) - assuming the actual end of the month ;). However, M did give us pretty explicit instructions right off the bat; a reminder; and the option of an extension (twice):

On Saturday 8th:
Sorry about the delay. We're a bit late this month, but I'm sure everyone will have ample time to join in. If necessary, we can always extend the submission period for a couple of days. Just let us know in this thread.
Please don't forget to post your entry by July 28th in this very thread. I'll post the voting thread then.

On Monday 24th:
Just a reminder to everyone who want to enter this month's challenge that you can do so until the end of the week. Unless anyone needs more time in which case we can think about extending this for a few days. If everything goes to plan, though, I will post the voting thread on Saturday.

On the plus side: The sacrifices we've endured this month (:lol:) mean that we should get longer prep time for next month's challenge; and you never know, an upcoming challenge may have a theme along the lines of "unfinished business" - a perfect opportunity to complete any unfinished art we have languishing in our files (for example, I have a stegosaurus in a Starfleet uniform that needs colouring in...) :)
I've been way busy with my new job to be able to throw together something meaningful. Heck, even my regular projects are on the backburner for now... But nice entries! For those who are a little late: mail your entries anyway. You never know...
Guys, I'm so sorry for the mishap. I would have loved to have more entries this month! And in fact, provided that all participants agree, I'd be more than open to closing this poll now, let you guys finish your entries and put up a new voting thread on Monday or Tuesday. @gazomg, @Cyfa, @Laura Cynthia Chambers, @Klaus, @Redfern – what do you think?
If this was a competition, I'd say no, leave it as it is (instructions are there to be taken heed of, after all). But, this is a challenge - and a fun one at that - so, in the interests of curiosity and inclusion, I'm happy for this poll to be closed and allow another day or two for the final entries, then open a new poll.
You guys are fast! With the permission of all involved parties I just updated the poll and reset it. I will close the voting in three days, as usual. Sorry again for not following traditions to the letter on this one. I will try to do a better job next time. Thanks for your understanding. :)

And now vote vote vote!
We haven't had a run off vote for a little while now. I suspect Romulan hacking in the voting!
As much as I love the late additions, and think they're all fantastic concepts, I still held on to my original vote on the winner. That said, I think this theme needs to be revisited again.
I don't know when the poll closes, but unless there is a flurry of last minute votes causing a major upset, it looks like "M" wins once again.