TNG remastered in HD? It CAN be done.

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    Which I presume they did in Generations when using the two or three TV stock shots on the big screen (specifically an Enterprise overhead flyby shot and the beginning of the saucer separation sequence, both of which were originally filmed back in 1987 for "Encounter at Farpoint.")
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    They could try it out with "Best of Both Worlds" 1 and 2 as a special Blu-Ray release. I would buy that.
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    Re: TNG remastered

    I suggested:

    also see this thread:
    Best of Both Worlds Remastered ; Battle of Wolf 359 shown..
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    Re: TNG remastered

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    Gentlemen, we can rebuild it, we have the technology.
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    If there was enough change and added/improved content, I would be happy to pay to see BOBW theatrically.
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    I wouldn't want to see "Encounter at Farpoint" theatrically--it's just not that good of an episode. Better to go with a superior installment, like "The Best of Both Worlds" or "All Good Things..."
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    Count me in! (assuming I had the money)

    The real question isn't technical but "political".

    CBS/Paramount are flogging "nu Trek" which is based on TOS, not TNG, et al. I'm thinking all their efforts are going down that road at this point.