The tragic story of Survival Instincts. Do you forgive Seven?

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    This episode always has me feeling somewhat emotional at the end. The way those three ex drones pretty much had their fate forced upon TWICE by seven of nine is actually quite depressing. We know seven was acting against her will during her years in the collective but I totally get why that Bajoran woman at the end couldn't forgive Seven. Seven may not have had her autonomy during the Borg but she still possesses the memories of all the people she murdered and assimilated. She remembers removing eye balls, arms, limbs, blowing up ships, creating biogenic weapons, etc.

    I understand why some viewers forgave Seven but this ending really does leave a bitter taste. Part of becoming human is owning one's mistakes no matter how severe they are. Seven has grown and admits her regret for hurting people in the past but would you have forgiven her if you were in his situation? You have weeks to live. Do you forgive the person that sealed your fate even if she redeemed herself?
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    ^regarding the memories of assimilating others, same goes for the other three...
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    If I was in their situation? No, I don't think I could've have forgiven Seven even knowing she(and myself in this case) were acting against her will.
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    The Borg are victims. She was acting against her will and even when she wasn't, she was doing only what she knew.
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    I doubt who we know as Seven is real.

    It's a complete working personality.

    The Borg probably "made it" minutes before they met Janeway.

    (It's Locutus?)

    The most real Anika (still standing) might be the girl who grew up in Unimatrix Zero while Seven of Nine was sleeping.

    The real Anika died upon assimilation.

    Not from assimilation.

    From the upgrades.

    Rebuilding a useless idiot child into a competent factory worker.

    Childness was deleted.

    Soviet discipline was added.

    A totally new adult person rose out of that maturation chamber.

    She looked 25.

    Actually she was 9.

    Seven didn't age (physically) until the Doctor restored her humanity and mortality.

    So Unimatrix Zero Anika still thought that she was seven years old.

    Even though she was nine but looked 25.

    Did Unimatrix Zero Anika look 25 in the first moment she stepped into Uniumatrix Zero, and Auxum said "Yum I want a piece of that"?

    She would prevent as developmentally challenged.

    A 7 year old in a (virtual) 25 year year old body.

    How long did it take for her mind to match her body?

    they probably fell for each other "years" later.

    How does Unimatirx Zero time match real world time?


    (in the epiosde) Did Seven of Nine get access to that (Unimatrix Zero) personality, and eat it, or does fake Anika in the real world just feel sad that her most real version of herself is forever denied.

    Overlapping personality recordings in Dark Matter.

    Mind Drives in The 100.

    Death of Personality in Babylon 5.

    Every fu%%ing episode of Doll House.
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    Yes, I do.

    There are a lot of things I have forgiven Seven for.

    Not so bad after all. Good character actually.
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