The One Thing You Could Change - Move Edition

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    The choice not to raise the shields, the choice to go to Regula I to investigate, the choice to take over the ship from Spock, the choice to beam over to Regula I himself, the choice to beam down to the planetoid at the last known coordinates, the choice to enter the Mutara Nebula... As with most episodes of Star Trek, Kirk has several options at his disposal, and several suggestions as to how to proceed, but as always, the final choice lies with Kirk. ("I'll keep that in mind, Mister Bailey, when this becomes a democracy.")

    Kirk is an active protagonist throughout TWOK. The plot would not proceed in the same way if he didn't make the choices that he does.
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    Avoiding tha Covidz!!!
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    Avoiding tha Covidz!!! never hurts.

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    Okay, regarding that point on Kirk not being able to order someone to their death.

    I still feel it goes back to what I said earlier, about this being years after he was captain. The desk job at Starfleet made him soft, for lack of a better term. We saw Kirk at his prime in the series. We are past that in the movies.

    One thing to consider... as soon as the Genesis Wave appears on the scanners, Kirk was about to, on instinct, beam over and try to shut it off himself. David stopped him saying it can't. So Kirk orders the ship to reverse and get out as fast as possible. At this point, Scotty had already informed him about the mains being down, and then fell unconscious.

    Scotty was THE best engineer on the ship, and he couldn't get the engines on in time because he was out cold. All Kirk knew at the time was radiation, but no other specifics. You don't just send in a crewman hoping to fix something without more information. Command decisions are more than just throwing darts haphazardly hoping for a bullseye.
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    I don’t think of Kirk in his prime as infallible. Kirk in TOS makes lots of mistakes, his first being entering the galactic barrier despite multiple warnings not too. But in the end he makes the right call because it’s his show and his ship.

    What is Kirk's narrative in TWOK? McCoy tells him he needs his command back but he doesn't want it. He only takes command under duress. He fails several times at it and ultimately has no winning solution at the end. And...? What's the thread here? Kirk is a bad leader? Kirk is a fraud who never made a real life and death decision? Spock is a better captain? It’s a really mixed message cloaked in a midlife crisis story. What does Spock’s death teach him? To be a better captain? To want to command? Those are his issues at the start of the film. Does he surmount them?

    Three minutes to live is the perfect time to start throwing everything, including bodies at the problem. These aren’t random crew. They’re trained officer candidates and engineers. But no one bothers to try. Scotty is poorly written to pass out and then wake up at just the right moment when Spock’s doing his job. Kirk doesn’t even know Scotty is passed out. He just keeps calling down to empty air. He doesn’t even send anyone to check what’s happening. Offering to beam over to the Reliant doesn’t make up for sitting like a doof yelling “Scotty” until he dies. Even McCoy is infected with insane helplessness, trying to stop Spock from going in the jiffy pop room so he doesn’t die in 2 minutes instead of 3.
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    McCoy got neck pinched. Of course he was helpless to stop Spock.
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    The clinic located by the Q Continuum
    TMP – finish the original f/x

    TWOK – mention McGivers, though she probably wasn't for the same reason Tom Paris wasn't

    TSFS – as much as I loved it at the time as a kid, the "show edited highlights of the last film in this one" hasn't aged well. Who got the information, why is it Kirk and not Marcus (same reason McGivers isn't mentioned)

    TVH – add Eddie Murphy’s investigative reporter character.

    TFF – different effects company

    TUC – do the scenes of everyone being pulled out of retirement

    GEN – No TOS cast. They bowed on a great note.

    FC – have all DS9 crew on the Defiant and not let the ship, designed to fight Borg, be so quick to be pummeled (sigh)

    INS – everything except the dogfight scene

    NEM – nix the Reman subplot
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    Ok, one thing to change... that will be hard on some of the movies...

    TMP - It would've been great to see what the movie would look like without the reduced schedule. How it would properly be done had Bob Wise been given the time to preview the movie with an audience and had time do put in all the needed effects and sounds. I wonder what the reaction would've been and how much it would change Trek (if that doesn't work... well, more patterns on those outfits, I guess).

    TWOK - Sorry but the Red Maroons are a bit too stuffy for my taste...they age that crew. I have nothing better to suggest

    TSFS - Kirstey Alley or switch Saavik for Carol Marcus

    TVH - Maybe not beat you in the head with the ecological agenda? Not that I disagree with it but do it more elegantly. This covers a lot, from the whale probe that sets up the story to Dr Gillian personality but there's a lot of "doesn't matter it's ridiculous, we'll charm the pants of the audience".

    TFF - So many things but most of all, change it from being a movie about searching God at center of the galaxy with the predictable outcome to a movie about having unleashed the Devil and dealing with the consequences. So basically, not doing the journey the whole movie for the lame climax, and actually finding "God" midway and dealing with that crucible.

    TUC - Saavik instead of Valeris would be more resonant, though I don't know if Alley was interested at the time... if that wasn't possible, then rework the humor (TVH's legacy still creeping in)

    GEN - Forget meeting the two crews, TNG basically managed to make that impossible but if you want to have Kirk in there, don't bring along "some" crewmates who want the paycheck and remind everyone who's missing, and have him more in the movie as an audience surrogate who reacts to this new crew (the whole crew) that's being introduced in the big screen.

    FC - Tone down Picard a bit... no need to destroy the furniture!

    INS - How about changing the whole story? And if you have F. Murray Abraham at your disposal to ham it up, make a movie where that works better.

    NEM - Reunification follow-up

    --- as a bonus ---

    ST09 - Just explain what Nero has been up to for 30 years

    STID - Make Cumberbatch not Khan and his motivations sci-fi related and that movie is saved

    STB - Don't waste Idris Elba the whole movie and the movie gets alive
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    You attributed credit, so I think you're good. lol. Fun exercise, but it's honestly been so long since I've watched any of the movies, I have no idea.
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    Less SFX, more time for short what has everyone been doing scenes.

    Different design for uniforms.

    Make Esteban a competent professional starfleet officer.
    Excelsior, lose the "smarmy" additude.
    Kristie Alley.

    Lose the no money in the future thing, there obvious is money in TOS.
    Make the whaling ship bigger than a tiny fishing boat, just use stock footage.
    No going to warp in the atmosphere, then two minutes later are leaving the atmosphere.

    Lose the malfunctioning Enterprise, it's a typical well built starfleet vessel.
    The take over of the Enterpise is too easy, show the crew fighting Sybok's people.
    After McCoy describes euthanasia his dad, Kirk and Spock talk of McCoy's dad still being alive.
    We see the officers struggling against Sybok's ongoing mind control.
    We learn more about the entity on Shakre (sp?).

    Make the conspirators competent professional starfleet officers.
    They have good, real and understandable reasons for what they're doing.
    They're not the bad guys, there just two sides of being right. Make the story complex.
    Both Saavik and Valeris are aboard the Enterprise. Saavik does the "mind rape" of Valeris.
    There are multiple special BOPs.
    There's a big battle above Kitomer, starships keep arriving for the battle.
    They are all commanded by officers who formerly served under Kirk.

    Make Harriman a competent professional starfleet officer.
    Lose Chekov.
    Kirk doesn't fix the technological wonder that is the deflector by kicking it. (oops, wrong movie)
    Keep LaForge's torture scene.
    Keep the original Kirk being shot in the back scene, lose the bridge.

    Picard is ordered into the battle, he does not go rogue to get there.
    Rewrite Cochrane, he's driven and obsessed, not a drucken clown.

    Make Dougherty a competent professional starfleet officer.
    When Ru'afo says he's sending three ships against the Enterprise, Dougerty laughs at him.
    Not everyone on the Enterprise agrees with Picard's position.
    Beverly thinks collecting the particles is a good idea, even if the Ba'Ku have to be moved..
    Worf oppose violating orders, he's a black and white kind of guy.
    Lose Picard the action hero.


    Lose the dune buggy.
    Make B4 less "goofy."
    Different actor for Shizon.

    ST 2009.
    Lose Kirk being a jerk in any way.
    Give Delta Vega a consistent clear sky, so Spock would have been able to see Vulcan in the sky.
    Come up with a credible reason that Kirk is made first officer over existing commissioned officers.
    Come up with a credible reason that Kirk is made captain at the end of the movie.

    Make Marcus a competent professional starfleet officer.
    He has a good, real and understandable reasons for what his doing.
    Lose section 31.
    Lose Uhura being a bitchy high maintenace girlfriend.
    Lose Carol stripping to her underwear.
    Kirk doesn't fix the technological wonder that is the reactor by kicking it.

    Make it clearer that Sulu has met a male lover and not just a close friend.
    Make it clearer that Uhura is identifying Edison by the sound of his voice.
    Explain why the Enterprise can't simply go back to warp when massively attacked.
    Lose the motorcycle and The Beastie Boys.
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