The Junior Officer in Star Trek III: Inappropriate Behavior?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies I-X' started by Clark Terrell, Mar 24, 2014.

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    ^ Mr. Adventure wasn't freaking out or "shatting". :lol: He was just doing his duty when he correctly pointed out that nobody in Kirk's group had any ID or orders. That is why Uhura locked him in the closet - so he couldn't call for help or stop her in any way.

    And also she did it so Starfleet would not suspect him of any wrongdoing.
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    At least the fellow asking Kirk about a reception seemed to have a little character. I often felt the few junior officers we saw in the original Star Trek films with speaking parts seemed to deliver very flat, lifeless performances.
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    Holy Mother of Crap!...towards the end of page 1 in this thread, I thought we were going for "....The Award for Quickest and most Derailed Thread..."...but there is a lot there to digest and i thank you I have to go back and read it all again and consider...but I do agree that "Mr. Adventure was more "insubordinate"' and that Barney was way cooler in MI: TOS...anybody remember him in the switched baby episode of The Dick Van
    Dyke Show?...