Spoilers The Acolyte

I hope next week ends with a lot of Jedi deaths and either Qimir, Mae, Osha (or maybe even Sol?) as the Sith master/last man standing who is taking on a new apprentice.

And I really hope Venestra dies because, man, she friggin' sucks.
This one was pretty good, it was nice to find exactly what happened on Brendok from the Jedi's perspective. My biggest complaint was that it just wasn't as shocking or horrific as I was expecting after all of the build up. It was mostly just an escalating series of misunderstandings and bad choices on both parts that ended badly.
It will be interesting to see exactly what the reveal of the sisters' origin will mean, that feels like it's gonna be pretty significant.
I was a little shocked that Sol was so quick to stab Aniseya, I understand he panicked when she turned to smoke, but I wouldn't have expected a Jedi to react so violently.
I'm curious if the fact that we never saw Mother Kroil again after she made Kelnacca attack the other Jedi means that she survived.
One of the bigger surprises for me was that Mae actually didn't start the fire on purpose. I think this one did a lot to make Mae look less evil than the first flashback episode, which makes me wonder if we might see her being redeemed in the end.
Hell, Aayla Secura was the Padawan of Quinlan Vos and he rescued and brought her into the Jedi Order when she was a Twi'lek child.
I wonder if we'll get any fan edits that put Destiny & Choice together? It would be interesting to see the whole story fit together that way.
Another good episode. I had actually predicted probably 80% of the events that we didn't see in the first flashback episode, but there were still surprises and they were done well. Can't wait for next week.

As for a possible Yoda cameo, I'd love it. It doesn't need a reason to happen either, not anymore then Ki-Adi-Mundi needed a reason for a cameo. Presumably we'll see the council at least once by the end, that would be the perfect time for a Yoda came.
And now it's pretty obvious why Lucas opposed Wookie Jedi
Wait, what? Lucas opposed a Wookie Jedi? That the same Lucas who gave his approval to show a Wookie Jedi on Clone Wars, which also included dialogue establishing there had been other Wookie Jedi?
He did for a very long time, at least around the period he did the prequels. Now that he sold Star Wars to Disney his rules or rather thoughts no longer apply.

Clone Wars was before he sold Disney. He had a supervisory position on it, working with Filoni on story development and consultant on the worldbuilding aspects of Star Wars. If Lucas really had an issue with Wookie Jedi, he was in a position to say No, and there would have been no Gungi or references to other Wookie Jedi.
One of the bigger surprises for me was that Mae actually didn't start the fire on purpose.
She did start the fire on purpose, it was quite clear to me. Maybe she didn't mean it to get out of hand, but she wanted to punish Osha.

Overall I liked this episode, but I'd rather have seen more present day stuff and leave the flashbacks for next season.

If Torbin and Sol had left everyone alone, none of this would have happened.
- yes, Torbin got spooked by Mother A, doesn't excuse interfering. He feels responsible for their deaths.
- Sol stabbed a cloud. Not a good move.