The 3D-quality

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    Jul 2, 2009
    Come on, the term "boring" is so incredibly subjective... some might even find black and white scenery interesting.

    A film is ruined when the film doesn't work anymore. Removing sound would ruin a modern film. But reducing 5.1 Surround Sound to 2.0 Stereo Sound doesn't ruin a film.

    Heck, TOS was supposed to sell color TVs, which is why it's so colorful. Yet most people watched it in black and white, where, for example, the uniforms are not distinguishable. Still didn't ruin it for them, I take.

    It wouldn't even ruin Schindler's List if you removed the colored dress.
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    Is this a bit?
    I saw it in 3D, looks great. I think my local theater upgraded their projectors so it doesn't look as dark anymore.

    I liked that the lens flare had a 3D effect and the warp effect looked amazing.
  3. Dave Scarpa

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    To be honest 3D to me is a scam I just don't see it, however the Imax part of it was outstanding I've never seen such a clear sharp image.
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    The excellent 3D is one of the only things this movie has going for it.
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    How can 3D be a scam, you generally have the option of going to see it in 2D, it's not like you are forced into watching it in 3D.