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    Well, this was a good episode and I enjoyed it a lot-- although, for a 300th episode and the return of John, it was kind of low key.

    The good part, of course, is that John returned and the boys got to talk to him and say things that they never got to say in the past-- and, fortunately, they were able to include Mary in this brief reunion. I'm glad that Sam and Dean got to resolve some of their issues, and I hope this is felt in future episodes. It was great to watch them all together, and to see John learn about everything that has happened in the past fourteen years-- he just wanted to kill Yellow Eyes, but his kids have gone on to save the world and pal around with Chuck. It was good that they didn't dwell too much on the changes to the timeline or turn it into some world-ending Apocalypse-- it was just enough to let them know that John had to go back and they had to make the most of their time together, which left them more time for the character interactions that we've been waiting all these years to see. Which brings us to the less good....

    The episode spent an awful lot of time on those kids for absolutely no reason at all. They didn't figure into John's story a bit. It was almost like there were two mini stories in a single episode, like an episode of Phineas and Ferb (not that I don't love Phineas and Ferb). Maybe these kids are going to be showing up in future episodes, but I would have preferred that this entire story dwell on John being back with his wife and kids.

    The other thing that disappointed me a bit is that the John they met was plucked from the past. I was hoping to find out where John disappeared to and why he wasn't found in Heaven. In fact, I was hoping for kind of a big revelation there, maybe one that figured into the Michael plotline. Well, who knows, maybe we will still find out someday that John went to the Big Empty or, better yet, some other special place reserved for the best of the best.

    And I wonder if this episode might not have some other repercussions further down the road. The fact that John remembered his time trip as a dream was kind of sweet-- but what if he considered the possibility that it was more than a dream and took some sort of action as a result, something that will make itself known when Sam and Dean try to find a way around Billie's one and only solution to the Michael Crisis.
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