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    Pretty sure Lucas himself personally didn't really care. What Lucasfilm's licencing department decided on the other hand, is another matter.
    It's surprising how often the fandom and even the genre press conflate the two.
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    Weirdly, according to Lucasfilm, Lucas was completely uncaring about the novels but fascinated by the video games. He's the guy who came up with the idea of THE FORCE UNLEASHED being about Vader's Secret Apprentice and sent hundreds of notes to the guys developing the Darth Maul game.

    Lucas was said to be a fairly hands-on creator whenever it was something he could see.

    The one exception book-wise was Shadows of the Empire which he sketched out himself.
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    Played it a lot on a Windows 3.1 machine (DOS based) and had issues when we upgraded to Windows 95.

    I much preferred the X-wing series games over the Rogue Squadron or Rebel Assault games. Much greater freedom of movement in the entire battle areas allowing for 3D tactics....or just going AFK and cruising off into the distance.

    Spent many, many, many hours playing both X-wing and TIE Fighter. Slightly less hours playing X-wing Alliance, but only because the missions were not quite as hard as the earlier games (or I had enough experience to make it so hard). I recall that one X-wing mission was legendarily difficult too the point where it made it into the Rogue Squadron novels as a training mission for pilots.
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    Tactics for completing the difficult X-Wing/Tie Fighter missions:

    It's possible to learn from the experience of failed attempts where critical objects are located, such as which transports or containers contain items that need to retrieved. With this intel, you can focus on particular targets to inspect on retries. Often, their positions in the target list are not randomized, so you can count out which target each is supposed to be and beeline to each in turn, scan just them, and complete the mission without wasting time scanning all of the targets.

    It's also possible to accelerate disabling of objects by applying torpedoes (not enough to destroy, but enough to take the shields down) before applying ion shots to disable. This accelerates the disabling process.

    Used together, these tactics can shorten missions considerably, even though the first tactic especially is a more than a bit cheat-y. You can kinda rationalize it by imagining you had been part of a squadron instead of just one man against the whole enemy.

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    A sequel would have been interesting, but the Defender of an Empire expansion pretty much dealt with the ever growing rebel alliance, and the Battle of Endor, which Maarek Stele wasn't apart of.

    A sequel dealing with the aftermath of Endor would have been interesting, especially for people like Maarek who were apart of the Secret Order of the Emperor.

    From what I remember X-Wing Alliance left a few threads loose for a potential expansion pack, but never got one.
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    That's generally because the space flight sim genre bottomed out in 1999, following the flop of FreeSpace 2 (and Alliance didn't exactly set the world on fire, either). After that game bombed, pretty much every game in the genre that was in development was either heavily re-tooled or abandoned completely.
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