Star Trek Picard is not Star Trek

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    The interesting part of that phenomena is that these people who continue to watch something they dislike will boost the viewership numbers through CBS All Access, (yes, they are for sure monitoring those views) or whatever channel they see it in outside of the US.
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    This. I came into the fandom when ENT was on and that "wasn't Star Trek" either. Then Abrams Trek "wasn't Star Trek". Then Discovery "wasn't Star Trek". And now Picard "isn't Star Trek". (And, from what I've seen and read and heard as blasts from the past, none of the other shows were ever Star Trek either.)

    So... nothing is Star Trek. And if nothing is Star Trek, there is no actual Star Trek. Food for thought? ;)
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    Yes, cuz god forbid we should update our filming techniques, set design and FX to match current broadcast standards.

    Actually, it was the second episode and one could argue that it was because of those various (and quite recent) wars and conflicts (one of which was rather instigated by the Romulans) that the Federation has taken this more insular turn. I mean, after having lived through a full out enemy occupation (which I really wish we’d seen on screen) you can’t really blame the Betazoids for being a tad bit skittish these days. And the Andorians, well, they certainly have reason to be holding a grudge against the Romulans, I mean with that whole Kumari and Aenar abduction...thing.

    No we don’t. We do see Raffi living off the grid in the 24th century equivalent of a space trailer, albeit a space trailer with a sonic shower, fully functional replicator, super fast WiFi and free computer access to the entire Federation database. Plus, living in an utterly scenic location with no noisy neighbors to worry about while only a quick (free) flying taxi away from the nearest Transporter Hub. Not to mention all that advanced (and free) Trek quality healthcare and free travel privileges across the entire Federation. Not a bad situation overall if you ask me.

    Yet, in that very same episode, Tasha Yar goes on to tell Wesley how on her own planet (a former Federation colony no less) drug addiction was a common place means of escape from the horrific life the residents had to endure there, part of which involved roving rape gangs.

    Someone murdered her kid...

    Not really. The Romulans were using swords. Elves OTOH use Bow and Arrows. Which as we all learned in TOS is more a Vulcan thing really...

    He could have, but as has been pointed out to him, several times now actually, he gave up.

    That didn’t happen. Once Sisko convinced Commander Benten that he wasn’t a changeling and that Leyton has been lying to her and Leyton lost most of his support he voluntary resigned before being thrown into prison. Of course this was not before Section 31 managed to infect Odo which a virus that nearly genocided his entire species...
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    Another Bingo! Seriously these posts pop up faster than I can fill out my card ;)
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    I've been a Star Trek fan ever since Kirk was the only captain. I've seen every single Star Trek movie in the movie theater first run. I've read countless comics and novels. You don't get to tell me what is or isn't Star Trek.

    There were people in 1979 who said that TMP wasn't Star Trek because they changed the Klingons. They were wrong.

    There were people in 1986 who said The Next Generation wasn't Star Trek because you couldn't have Star Trek without Kirk, Spock and McCoy. They were wrong.

    There were people in 1992 who said Deep Space Nine wasn't Star Trek because you couldn't have Star Trek without a starship. They were wrong.

    There were people in 1994 who said that Voyager wasn't Star Trek because you couldn't do Star Trek without the Federation. They were wrong.

    There were people in 2001 who said that Enterprise wasn't Star Trek because there couldn't be an Enterprise before Kirk's Enterprise. They were wrong.

    There were people in 2009 who said the JJ movies weren't Star Trek because you couldn't recast Kirk Spock and McCoy. They were wrong.

    Finally, we have the people in 2017 and 2020 saying that Discovery and Picard aren't Star Trek and they, like you, are wrong.

    All of this has happened before and all this will happen again.
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    "Now GET OFF MY LAWN!"
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    At least Short Treks is safe!
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    It is nothing, as it is everything.
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    Funny thing is....feels like season 8 to me!! If season 8 were 14 years after Nemesis.

    Everything so far is completely plausible. Now the gore...and cursing. Yeah I can't speak for others. If its a turn-off, then sorry. Hope you can get past it. With Icheb, I feel like it was nessecery to explain the mercy killing and the depth of 9's rage.

    As for the cursing. Its in the background when i feel its required and as for Admiral Hubris, I feel it was right on the nose.
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    I think I have to sort of agree. Since Enterprise, the new ST’s have a very tenuous link to Roddenberry’s original concept although even Enterprise began deviating from the idea of a series of vignettes with the Xindi storyline. SciFi has had this type of template for some overarching conspiracy story with hidden enemies with a secret agenda and confusing storylines that have to be viewed from afar to make any sense. I first became aware of this with ‘Buffy...’ when she left for University and it all went to sh*t! The other thing about ST is the first few series (seasons) tend to be very ropey at the very least. TNG was cringe-worthy until about series 3-4 and Enterprise took time to ‘bed-in’. I have no doubt Picard will mature in time, too.

    Picard is driven by Patrick Stewart. Without him, his history and acting, Picard would be pretty average, but that’s like saying pizza without any flavour would be pretty average: a meaningless idea.
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    Star Trek needed to evolve & I think it has. It's interesting to see things from outside of the perspective of the Federation & the wider galaxy has in my opinion always been portrayed as a bit of a darker a place. and Some of those darker episodes where we see some of that tend to be some of the best.

    Picard isn't a perfect show in my opinion but it's pretty good & the inconsistencies that crop up in my view are not major or jarring as they have been in the past, if anything I appreciate the attention to detail like Icheb's missing cortical node in the last episode. I'm not a fan of the holographic interfaces but we've seen standard type LCARS too so that I can live with.

    They can't just keep doing the same thing over & over, TNG ran it's course. It needs to be different or it'll die.
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    How is Admiral Clancy worse than Admiral Cartwright, who participated in a cabal coup to assassinate the Federation President and the Klingon chancellor and end any chance for peace? Or Admiral Leyton who conspired to overthrow the Federation Govt and install a military dictatorship? We've seen organized crime, human trafficking, arms dealers, piracy, fraud, and slavery from TOS thru ENT. Some of it from Earth and other Federation citizens and members of Starfleet. Outside the Federation it was always true that these things were going on.

    The vision for a better future is aspirational. That work is never done, even if more progress has been made by their time than in our own.
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    If you don't want to start a discussion why exactly did you post this diatribe? I've liked Star Trek a hell of a lot longer than you and I think Discovery and Picard are worthy additions to the franchise. Discovery actually made me enjoy Star Trek again. You don't get to decide for me or anyone else what it is and what isn't Star Trek. You're so blatantly ignorant to the history of the franchise, that history being, that every spin off including TNG, wasn't Star Trek at some point or another.
    I despise fans with attitudes like yours. You make being a trekkie absolutely fucking miserable.
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    I think STTUC might have won the award for showing future humans at their filthiest.

    Murder, racism from the heroes, conspiracy to frame innocent people, and then more murder and then conspiracy to commit more murder.

    Ironically pretty much right in the middle of the "golden era" of TNG.

    I think part of the blame to this type of backlash can be placed on TNG itself. It was just so idealistic and perfect, its hard looking this new style of Trek.
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    These kinds of threads are reaching the point where I'm actually struggling to write something other than what I've already replied with to other threads, be it "all of this has been a part of Star Trek before", "24th century complacency needed a reality check", "just because utopia wavered it's not a dystopia", and "as long as the heroes stand up for what they believe in and fight to preserve an optimistic future, the message is positive."

    Alright, now that I've put all my canned panels out, I will say this: I've been a Star Trek fan for 18 years, ever since cable was first installed on our TV, I stumbled upon a rerun of Our Man Bashir and I've been in love with the franchise ever since. However, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise have always felt clean, sterile and formulaic, and increasingly so as I slowly grew up, never really challenging utopia or our character's convictions. Discovery and Picard are the first Trek productions since the Berman era ended that bring back that same childlike excitement and wonder I felt when I first encountered the franchise, and now, as an adult, I'm actually glad we're getting something continuing what DS9 had started, and get to see a more in-depth examination of how this optimistic future works and how it withstands various challenges to it.
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    The next series will take the shite baton leaving the show to be discussed without the drama. Patience, Grasshopper.
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    Not as long as they're all made by the same management. This thread is full of 'Picard AND Discovery suck'. Add another show to the franchise, they'll just add that show to their list of complaints. It'll take a few years at least before the 'this isn't Star Trek' factor finally starts to rub off, just as it always has in the past.
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    Plus Roddenberry is decades dead and Berman retired many, many years ago, and television Trek was dormant for a very long time, so of course the tone and style was going change (and be informed by the tone of the solid success of the Kelvin films).

    For a franchise about tolerance and change, a subsection of the fandom sure seem curiously reactionary...
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    I really have to update this...
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