Spoilers Star Trek: Lower Decks 4x07 - "A Few Badgeys More"

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Commander Richard

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"Three computerized villains return to cause problems for the Cerritos crew." - TrekMovie.com

If the mystery ship is simply Badgey's ship they've spoiled it with the title. I still think it's a whale probe ;)
So Badgey is not behind the ship thefts (as expected, the destruction of the ships was a ruse). At this point I'm guessing the crews are being held in stasis, and such will happen to Cerritos.

Do you think it's comfortable to hug a Badgey? At first glance, I'd think his edges would be hard and sharp. But he also seems kind of elastic.
Crying shame Peanut Hamper has been redeemed.

Rutherford seemed comfortable with the hug. I suppose Badgey is as thin as an iPad.

I wonder what Pike's crew would have made of Badgey had he gone into the portal instead of Boimler and Mariner.
Hi TrekBBS friends,

Thanks for all your help last week, it was very useful. If I could ask again: Spoiling as little as possible, could someone give me a heads up if this week's episode contains any gratuitous sex or violence?

Thank you!
I definitely didn't think AI could ascend to a plane of higher being.

That's definitely something I thought was reserved for "Organic Beings".

Hm... that might be too 'biologically - istical'?
After all, we have no real basis for comparison to think that biology is the only prerequisite for evolution (from real life we only have biology for observation - well, and emerging technology).

Even technology evolves... and can do so on its own.
Plus, humans are essentially biological machines. UFP technology (when you think about it) can mimick biology to a really exquisite (practically indistinguishable) detail - its ridiculously capable (that's for sure), but its full capabilities are seldom (if ever) used.

It was a good episode though. Nice to see some closure on Badgey and other megalomaniac AI's.
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