Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 4x06 - "Stormy Weather"

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Again, another death of a random extra via means that shouldn't have been fatal if the AI / crew did their parts on trying to beam him back the moment that Vacuum was detected sucking the officer out of the ship.

Michael Burnham literally survived Vacuum a few episodes ago when the Helmet formed around her a few seconds after exposure.

She survived Vacuum by jumping between two sections of Discovery during Season 1 with the computer releasing the force field and opening it on the other end.

Jonathon Archer survived Vacuum and was beamed to safety.

This death of random extra felt cheap, unearned, and unwarranted.

All it tells me is that StarFleet OSHA protocols are WORSE than the Tal Shiar's OSHA protocols for their assassins in Star Trek: Picard Season 1.

Remember, those guys were going to fall and have their spinal columns crushed by impacting the ground head first.

They were beamed to safety.

Yet the AI / Zora or Discovery's computer couldn't be bothered to save that random crew man?

He didn't lose his combadge.

Talk about cheap danger / sympathy points out of negligence or gross incompetence.

This is what people talk about when there's "Plot Armor".

Instead of a well earned death for a "Extra", they go the cheap route that should be easily avoidable and where the main character, Michael Burnham, has survived on 2x occaisions.

They could've beamed back his corpse and resurrected him via Borg Nano Probes.

But nope, let's leave his body in the void and spend ZERO effort to beam it back and fix him.

Just declare random extra dead because you didn't bother trying to save him.
Yeah, it is odd. TNG, DS9 and VOY never once mentioned it nor even ENT, though that might be forgiven since humans had yet to reach that far towards the Galactic Barrier(save for the crew of the S.S. Valiant sometime after 2065) so may never have seen it.
Yeah, it is odd. TNG, DS9 and VOY never once mentioned it nor even ENT, though that might be forgiven since humans had yet to reach that far towards the Galactic Barrier(save for the crew of the S.S. Valiant sometime after 2065) so may never have seen it.

In this last episode of DSC, it’s mentioned pretty casually, but the crew of the Discovery would not have known of it, since they come from an era before Kirk discovered the barrier (and lived to tell about it, unlike the SS Valiant crew), which would seem to indicate that it was part of their “welcome to the 31st Century “ training.
Yep. "Did you know our galaxy is surrounded at the edge by a dense barrier of negative energy that was first accidentally encountered by the crew of one of Earth's first warp-capable exploratory vessels?"

Stamets: "Wait, what?"

[*Awkward silence*]

Stamets: "When was anyone going to tell me this?"
I had a huge smile on my face with the reference. Also makes me wonder if one of the characters is going to get Gary Mitchell-ed.
The great barrier affects Psionic creatures the most as is well known
The Galactic Barrier gets the first onscreen name drop in the franchise since 1968. Nice.
Book is an empath and is either going to have a massive headache like most telepaths did in Q Continuum novels or have godlike policies and possibly confront those behind the DMV possibly leading to narritive conflict with Michael.(the father image's manifestation being a precursor)
Trill Symbionts might be telepathic so the barrier is going to have some interesting effects on Adira. If Stametz's connection to the Mycelial realm is telephone this could effect the ability of Discovery to use the spore drive. If Sarek's katra is still in Michael then the barrier might have interesting effects on Sarek. (Though this isnt likely to be mentioned.) We don't know if the squid crewman is telepathic or not. But in line with the previous episodes with the traumatic backstory reveals the next episode might reveal a crewman to be telepathic and generate tension among the crew with the Psionic effects of the barrier.
The encounter with the barrier will break the novel Q Continuum if 0 isn't there. If that is the case it will prove that the Continuum didn't build the barrier. Future novelists of discovery might claim that 0 was killed or died however. Also if the Galactic barrier was repaired by Continuum are artificial wormholes used by Lem Faal in Q Continuum still going to work? Though the Mycelial network likely bypasses the barrier thus the claim that the barrier is repaired in beta Cannon is likely not effected. It is worth pointing out that both the Kelvins and Sphere builders breached the barrier without freeing 0.
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Book might be turning into another Gary Mitchell the closer Discovery gets to the Galactic Barrier. He'd most likely recover and be saved from Gary's fate but still, that wouldn't be a pleasant process for him to go through.
Why did Book have so much faith in the courier's information that his subconscious trusted it more then the UFP records? It might not have been rational and was probably just a voice of his subconscious. While both Aurelio and Parka are former emerald chain (which had powerful scientific establishments) and Couriers might have a tiny bit of information on the anomalys whereabouts how do we know the UFP isn't already in contact with courier sources? Does Books subconscious claim that the UFP is ignoring Couriers actually prove that the UFP isnt putting much stock in Courier information?