Star Trek: Continues? Wow..very sad..

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by Breadfan, Mar 17, 2013.

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    The first episode will be out next month. I think it would be better to make a judgement after you get to see it. I think it is going to be good.
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    How does it rate compared to Star Trek Phase II?
  3. R. Star

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    Jun 15, 2012
    Isn't all that true for NuTrek? ;)
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    I don't even like nuTrek and still don't feel that's fair.
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    Just watched a little bit of episode 2 on youtube (I closed it in disgust after 3 or 4 mins) ... Im sick of the braindead morons of today STEALING SOMEONE ELSES GOLD AND MAKING IT GARBAGE!!!!!! (They have nothing good to make on thier own so they ruin someone elses treasure)

    I just read a thread about this on another site and decided to have myself a laugh.... I SURE DID!!!!!!!!
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    I don't think you're really being fair to all the fan film folks that work really hard to make these. Do I wish they'd do their own take? Sure. But what a thrill it would be for me to make my own TOS adventure. I'm sure the thrill is the same for them.

    So why not lay off? There's no need to criticize people for having fun and sharing that fun.
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    Bill, that fellow bumped a topic from over two years ago with a post as over-the-top as that one. I've a sneaking suspicion it was in (odd) jest.
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    Could be. I'm sleepy. :lol:
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    Star Trek Continue or Phase II? I'm confused. They are the same production or made by different fan group?
    The "Kirk" is okay. I like him. He has the face, the acting, and the charm of a starship captain. I think they need a new "Spock". He's simply bad. I won't say about the acting, but he doesn't has the figure / posture of a "Spock". And the way he talk is too feminim. And McCoy, I feel that he's too fat for the doctor. But it still okay, sometime, people can become overweight.
    But overall, I enjoy some of their episodes. Specially the episode when the Enterprise fought against a hijacked Constitution class starship. Just change the Spock actor and it will become even better.
  10. Warped9

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    Star Trek Continues and Phase II are two separate productions.
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    Star Trek New Voyages/Phase II is based in upstate New York and has been making Star Trek fan films for a decade now and has nine episodes out. Star Trek Continues is based in Georgia and has been around for about half as long and has four episodes out. Yes they are two different unrelated productions with separate production teams.
  12. Brainsucker

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    Oh, thanks.
    Btw, I enjoyed one of your episode "Enemy, Starfleet". It's a good Star Trek episode. The screenplay is good. It just Mr. Spock's voice that's too feminim. He lack of... what can I say... the charisma of Spock. But who can beat Leonard Nimoy and Sylar? The doctor is fat, but his acting is okay.

    Overall the story is enjoyable. The fight scene is cool, and special effect is better than I have expected.
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