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    It would've been probably best for Rick Berman and Brannon Braga to actually do their homework before making a useless prequel to Star Trek. XCV-330 is far better looking design than NX-01 and could've solve some problems in relating to canon.
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    I really Enjoyed the mentions of Enterprise history like the Xindi attack and the Romulan wars the.I like the Franklin NX class space ship and the Enterprise era uniforms that was one of my favorite parts of Star Trek Beyond.
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    Is it really a stretch that the Franklin was named something else prior to the launch of Enterprise (like NX-Freedom or NX-Pioneer), and when Edison was given command in the 2160s, it was just rechristened the USS Franklin? The NX Program in ENT seems to be a lot different from the usage of NX by the time of DS9. And it makes sense that Starfleet would want test out important systems with that ship before the first deep space mission.
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    The whole scene with the captain's recordings was excellent had a real creepy vibe and nice call backs
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    I like the Franklin but I think it being the Warp 4 ship was even unnecessary. It could have just been some random ship that went missing and was otherwise unnoteworthy but that in itself made it noteworthy, like ships that crashed in TOS or TNG like Archon or Essex. I also didn't like it not being able to take off from the ground and the stunt to launch it off the cliff. If the ship had crashed in a flat field or a desert like the concept art everybody would have been screwed. Same if that cliff had been a little shorter. Statistically the odd that they'd have landed on that mountain were astronomical. I know, it's just a film and so they can have an action scene.
    I like to think that a few months or year after "These are the Voyages" that the NX-01 crew were wearing Franklin/Balthazar Edison type uniforms which is kinda neat.
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    Those were cool uniforms - I can see the progression from the ENT uniforms to the Franklin uniforms to the Disco uniforms.
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    Same. I really wish though that Disco would have used yellow, red and blue instead of all that gold and silver. I still struggle sometimes to make out who does what in that crew except for the excellent medics outfits
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    Feb 2, 2016
    In my opinion the entire TCW's real mission (one faction at least) was to nudge the timeline back on track after the mess that FC made and ensure the forming of the Federation. In my opinion, that movie severely messed up the timeline, but by the time (4d perspective) Picard returned, the TCW had happened, Enterprise had been saved from destruction and its crew repurposed to save the Federation, since the original path forward was corrupted by everything from FC and the Borg, including the drone being left behind. This leads to a vastly different TOS and 23rd century, which we are now seeing in Discovery, and an unknown 24th - all we know is that it is similar enough by the time Picard returns at the end of FC to not have too many major discrepancies. ymmv.
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    only the most hardcore of the hardcore fans care about timeline discrepancies, and few enough of them. FC was a successful film. They weren't needing to fix anything. Indeed Enterprise is tied to the apron strings of FC, outright using a scene from it in Mirror Darkley, and the entire bit with Zephram at the beginning, and the unfrozen borg later in the series.

    they were just trying to make a new star trek series interesting and a little different. it wasn't a terrific idea but wasn't there as some band-aid.