Star Trek: A Rendezvous With Destiny--A Tale of Captain Ezri Dax

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    This is still going very strong. Good work, Rush! :)
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    Thank you all! :)

    NOW...we turn to Ezri's story.

    Since there is practically nothing on her life, except what we saw in "Protigal Daughter", I felt kinda safe fleshing it out on my own. Most of this is based on a "character synopsis" I did for her recently--such as Ezri's father's name, her early hobbies, the exchanges, etc. Maybe I'll post it some time. ;)

    Anyway...I also referred to her tale in Lives of Dax, "Second Star To The Right...And Straight On 'Till Morning". I haven't actually read the tale (I got the info from the boys as Memory Beta--kudos to ya, mates! :techman:), I deliberately kept her time on the Destiny as vauge as possibe. Still, if I got anything from that wrong...please accept my apologies.

    Okay. Now, with that out of the way:

    Star Trek: Aventine
    A Rendezvous With Destiny
    Scene 13 & 14

    Spock finished the journey though his memories, and waited for Ezri’s response. It came, after a time of silence, as the girl contemplated all she had learned.

    Spock… thank you. I think I…understand you a lot better, now.


    It seems so…complete. It’s like I’ve live your life with you.

    In a sense…you did.

    Well…I guess I’d better return the favor.

    Of course, Ezri….

    And so, as Spock encouraged her, she led him back to the memories of her life.

    He saw an edifice, overlooking a vast quarry—the Tigan home, he knew, and the headquarters of one of the largest, most successful mining empires in known space.

    He saw her family—her two brothers, Janel and Norvo…the former large and full-bodied, the latter small and gangly…one boisterous and confident, the other quiet and timid.

    …her mother, Yanas—tall, imposing, her every movement implying her power and strength…and her desire to retain those qualities above all else.

    her father, Nalron, a man of an imposing inner power of his own, the ambitious air of an entrepreneur always about his person.

    He saw Ezri, as a small child, always looking around her with an inherent sense of wonder…and a desire for knowledge, an innocent yearning for life—and all its possibilities.

    He saw her, as she grew, often silent, watching her family conduct their daily affairs—and many times, pacing through the house, a pad of paper—(I…didn’t like using padds then, Ezri explained. Too distracting….)—in her hand, with a pencil, as she jotted down her reflections on them all.

    You know…I didn’t realize it then, but…it was like…I was preparing myself to be a counselor.

    Your notes were…psychological evaluations, then?

    I guess—but I was a bit of an amateur. I hadn’t taken any of those kinds of classes in school. Still…when I finally showed some of them to my father—he was impressed, to say the least….

    Spock saw her sitting on the ledge of a rock face, overlooking the sea. She was eagerly watching Nalron, her father, who sat beside her as he read the notes she had given him. “You…figured all of this out…just by watching me, around the house…?” “Is…that all right?” “Why—yes! It’s just…” he chuckled, “I wouldn’t want that much of this to get out.” “That’s all right. I won’t show anyone, if you don’t want me to.”

    You had…a connection with your father?

    Yes…you could say he was a hero to me. I felt safe around him—not afraid to talk with him about…everything. And…I knew he could do anything….

    And…what of your mother?

    Well…it was Mother that I was having a problem with—or…she had a problem with me, I don’t know….

    He saw her, as Yanas tried to lecture her on how to be a member of the family. He saw Ezri try to live up to what she perceived as her mother’s expectations of her—but always end up confused…uncertain of what Yanas really wanted of her, as her mother kept finding different things to criticize.

    He saw her brothers, as they grew up with her. Janel became a rugged, muscular youth, filled with a desire to dig, to build—to lead. Norvo remained a quiet, shy soul, who had within him a matchless talent in the arts—poetry…music…painting. His work impressed them all—except for Yanas, who simply looked at her son’s work with a severe demeanor, and an expressionless face.

    He saw Ezri’s relationship with each of her brothers—she had a great admiration for the strong, confident Janel—and always kept something of a wall between them. As for Norvo…Ezri often sat with him, as they looked over each other’s latest creations, laughing together, encouraging each other.

    And yet…there was, indeed, trouble brewing in this home. Nalron and Yanas often clashed with strongly differing opinions on how to run the company—and the family. Finally…Yanas won, and effectively drove her husband out of the home.

    That…was difficult for you to accept.

    Yes…. I was young enough to keep from feeling any real bitterness towards Mother…but still…it was hard for me to recover…and…I suddenly became filled with a desire to follow his lead, and get out….

    He also saw her develop a new pastime: the construction of miniatures of Starfleet vessels, which Norvo assisted her in building, under her direction.

    Interesting. You thus had desired to enter Starfleet since adolescence.

    Oh…I’d thought about it for a while, Spock, but…basically, yes.

    He saw her encourage Norvo to put his talents to work, and find some way to… shape and craft them into a great career. “Now, that’s what I like about you, Zee—you always know what to do.” “I wouldn’t say that.” “No, really—how can you decide for yourself like that?” “Norvo…how can you let Mother decide your life for you?”

    He saw Yanas try to make her stay, as Ezri finally announced that she was applying for Starfleet. “Ezri—you have no right to leave when the family needs you.” “For what, Mother?” He saw Yanas’s anger slowly change into a begrudging acceptance that her daughter was going to run her own life from then on….

    He saw Ezri enter the Academy—saw her stare in bewilderment at the blue oceans—saw her throw herself into her studies right away…and saw her meet Admiral Janice Rand for the first time.


    You know the Admiral, Spock? Oh, no, wait—that’s right. She served on the Enterprise under Kirk, too—and she told me that…you were good friends with her.

    We were. I must admit…I saw great potential in her, even then. In many respects…she was very much like you are, now.

    …I guess you could say that….

    Spock saw the admiral become a mentor to Ezri—a second mother, giving her guidance on life in Starfleet, and life in general…and helping her learn how to face the universe with optimism, and never give up hope…no matter what happens.

    He saw Ezri excel in her time at the Academy—and receive her first assignment: a position as an assistant counselor on the USS Destiny. He saw her meet a fellow ensign named Brinner Finok—a Trill, like her. He saw them take interest in the possibility of a relationship.

    But then, the Destiny had been summoned to Deep Space Nine. The eighth host to the Dax symbiont, Jadzia, had died, and the symbiont had to be brought to Trill immediately.

    Spock saw Ezri discover that Finok was not himself. He saw the changeling who had taken the man’s form, as it was defeated in its attempt to steal Dax. He saw a squadron of Jem’Hadar vessels attack the Destiny—and the symbiont as its condition weakened.

    He saw Ezri—who, as Finok was presumed dead, was believed to be the only Trill available—accept the symbiont…and become the ninth host to bear the name of Dax.

    You had not desired to be joined.

    Not really, Spock. I didn’t really feel the need. But…there I was, in the right place…at the right time….

    He saw her, as Finok was discovered not to have died. But Ezri resolved not to continue pursuing a relationship, as he had reminded her too much of the son of a previous host....

    He saw her seek out Captain Benjamin Sisko, who had been a dear friend to the two hosts who had immediately preceded her. “Hello, Benjamin.” “Do I know you?” “It’s me…Dax….”

    He saw her in her first week on Deep Space Nine—running into Commander Worf, who had been the husband of Jadzia. “I was…your wife.” “I do not know you! …Nor do I wish to know you….

    He saw her, as Sisko offered her a position as station counselor—which she had initially refused, on the grounds that she didn’t want to increase Worf’s heartache….

    He saw her first meeting with Doctor Julian Bashir—and what she had said to him, as they discussed Jadzia. “You can be very charming. You want to know something? If Worf hadn’t come along, it would’ve been you.”

    Spock felt Ezri’s presence mentally stiffen—as if the memory disturbed her.

    He saw her struggle to help the Cardassian named Garak in his claustrophobia. He saw the man, out of stress and agony, lash out at her. “Look at you—you’re pathetic…a confused child trying to live up to a legacy left by her predecessors. You’re not worthy of the name ‘Dax’. I knew Jadzia—she was vital—alive—she owned herself—and you…you don’t even know who you are….

    Spock saw Ezri find a place of solitude, where she broke down in tears of despair—because she feared he was right. He saw her request to resign from Starfleet….

    Interesting. It was out of fear?

    In a way…. I thought my life was over—ruined. I hadn’t gone through the long process of preparing to join—and…I was afraid that this was a gift I didn’t deserve—a gift that would destroy any hope I had for a meaningful career….

    The captain did not take this lightly.


    Spock saw her in Sisko’s office, listening to him. The captain rebuked her, accusing her of being a waste. “Quite frankly, you don’t deserve to wear that uniform! I’ll pass this on to Starfleet Command—dismissed.”

    But then…Spock saw her return to Garak, and through one more exchange…discover the roots of his psychological problem. He was thus cured, and he thanked her, in a tone of apology.

    Spock saw Ezri request that Sisko reinstate her—only to find that he didn’t send in the resignation in the first place. “I…had a feeling you didn’t mean all those things you said to me. You were just trying to rattle my cage.” “You’ve done it to me often enough. I’m glad it worked.”

    He saw Ezri accept a transfer to the station—as well as a promotion—immediately after Worf came to accept her, as well. He then saw her grow, throughout the following year.

    He saw her befriend a young man named Kellin, an engineer stationed at AR-558, when she and the crew were struggling to help hold the line against the Jem’Hadar. He saw her…after a long, bloody siege…cradling the man’s lifeless body in her arms, after he had been shot in the back, while saving her own life….

    He saw her return home—and uncover a tragic web of treachery and deceit. Norvo was placed under arrest, and sentenced to thirty years in prison for murder. Janel left the home, on Ezri’s advice. And Yanas…her mother…at last had to face what she had done to her family. “This isn’t my fault…is it, Ezri? I didn’t do this…did I?”

    He saw her, having returned to the station, confiding in Chief O’Brien, explaining how she felt responsible for the destruction of the Tigan family…because she had focused too much on her desire to lead her own life…and not enough on what was happening around her.

    Ezri…it is illogical to blame yourself for your mother’s actions.

    Spock…you remember what I’d said about…my wishing there was more I could have done?

    I see….

    I…guess I blamed myself for…not trying hard enough to convince Norvo to set out on his own, all those years ago.

    Nonetheless…it seems unlikely that there was anything you could have done.

    Unlikely…maybe. But…I still can’t help but wonder…if it could have been different.

    He saw her, investigating a series of murders…as she confided in a past host—Joran, who was himself a murderer….

    Alone in a runabout, braving the Badlands, to rescue Worf

    On Goralis…their night of fiery passion, as the part of her that had been Jadzia drew her to Worf, and him to her

    On the Breen warship, where the two realized that her heart truly belonged to Julian Bashir….

    Spock felt Ezri’s consciousness stiffen in disturbance, once again.



    I do not—


    As…you wish….

    Spock saw her and Worf in a Cardassian prison, where they reconciled, and agreed to remain friends. He saw them released by Gul Damar, with the promise that they now had an ally on Cardassia….

    He saw them, back on the station, some time later, as Worf confessed his frustration with Klingon Chancellor Gowron. Ezri responded by pointing out the corruption of Klingon society in general. “The Klingon Empire is dying…and I think it deserves to die.” Thus, it had been she who had, indirectly, motivated Worf to kill Gowron in combat—and instill a new, better leader in his place.

    Fascinating. Perhaps, Ezri…you are even more notable that I had previously believed.

    Spock, please…none of that.

    Of course. My apologies….

    He saw her, trying time and again, to confess to Julian her feelings for him—only to result in an unfortunate interruption, by outside circumstances.

    Finally, though, he had come to her, and they discovered that their attraction was mutual. But… “You know…why we might be holding back. The friendship.” “You’re right...why jeopardize our friendship by…trying to turn this into something else?” “I’ve made that mistake before.” “Yes, and once you’ve crossed the line…” “…You can never go back.” “And…if it doesn’t work out—”

    * * *​

    Spock’s eyes shot open at the sudden change. It was as if Ezri’s consciousness had been ripped away from him.

    He looked…and saw her. He suddenly realized, from analyzing her position—she had jerked away, and had whirled to the side, but she had instinctively reached out her palms, and thus had stopped the fall—that she had forced herself away…and therefore…had shattered the meld.


    Ezri was catching her breath. She was staring down, as if at the ground…but it seemed to Spock…as if her gaze were directed inward….

    “Ezri…what is wrong?”

    “Spock, I…” Her voice trailed off, as she turned to him.

    Spock fought to keep his astonishment from showing. The slight hint of sadness he had seen in her eyes—the brief, occasional flicker of pain—now filled her entire expression. Gone was the confident, adventurous woman who commanded one of Starfleet’s finest vessels. Now…she seemed a small, scared child…vulnerable…shaking.

    Somehow…the meld had collided against a mental barrier—and…it had drained her.

    Their gaze locked for a moment longer. Finally, Ezri stood up, and Spock could see a great struggle to restore her dignity—to straighten her shoulders, and hide her emotions within. She swallowed, and spoke in a careful, measured tone. “Mr. Ambassador…I think it would be best if…we postpone this…until another time.”

    Spock stared at her for a few seconds longer. Finally…he nodded, and rose. “Of course, Captain.”

    They returned to their seats. Spock consulted his console for a minute or two…and then turned to Ezri.

    The girl was leaning forward, peering into her screen, obviously trying to distract herself.

    Spock felt a surge of compassion within him. So…this had been why she had asked him, during the meld, whether he had regretted leaving Leila. This was why she seemed…astonished at the memories of Saavik, and Spock’s feelings for his wife.

    She had been worried…that he would not understand her own loss…and that she would be laying an unnecessary burden on him—or worse, an embarrassment.

    But I do understand…in part. However…this…choice she made…it does not appear to sufficiently explain the violence of her reaction. Clearly, I do not have the complete answer. Perhaps…if I understood all the information…if we had finished the meld—

    No. Ezri would have to open up to him herself. Another meld, in all likelihood, would be dangerous for her, with the barrier she had unknowingly set up firmly entrenched in her mind.

    No. Logic demanded that he wait. For how long…he could not be certain. Nor could he be certain…that she would ever open up to him again.

    * * *​
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    This is just wonderful and I love it. I DO hope Ezri and Julian get back together. Julian needs someone and I've always thought Dax, the symbiont, loved Bashir. He's older now and no longer too young for Dax. A girl can dream, right?

    Can't wait for more.
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    Im in ur Tardis, violating ur canon.
    You continue to maintain the very high standard you started with.
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    Thank you both, very much--and welcome aboard, jonnycarnahan! :)

    Now...this next scene is a good stopping point for this week, I think. Here, we have Ezri's thoughts on what just happened....

    BTW, the paragraph mentioning Joran is a reference to my previous tale, "Of Power And Passion". Again, it isn't neccessary to have read it, but if you have, it does have some nice info, which should help deepen one's understanding of what Ezri's going through.

    Okay, here we go.

    Star Trek: Aventine
    A Rendezvous With Destiny
    Scene 15

    Ezri kept her eyes on the screen—even though there wasn’t really much to look at. Somehow…she could not bring herself to look at Spock again. She knew, from what had happened…that she had revealed too much. But…why was it too much? Why couldn’t she face those memories? Why had she…panicked?

    I’m a starship captain… I can’t allow myself to break down like that…I just can’t.

    But…she had. Despite herself, she remembered something Garak had said, when his claustrophobia had been cured—when they had both discovered it had been driven by guilt over having, in his mind, betrayed Cardassia—an intense guilt which had driven him mad….

    “I was…convinced it was the right thing to do. I didn’t allow myself to doubt it—even for an instant. I never realized…how much it was…gnawing at me.”

    That’s it, isn’t it? I knew Spock’s having me face those memories would hurt—but…I’d thought I had been prepared to face them…. After all, hadn’t it been just a month or so ago…that she had, subconsciously, conjured up Joran in her thoughts, without realizing it—and hadn’t that ordeal of his made her face her mistake, once and for all?

    But…I just didn’t realize how deep it went…did I? And now…heaven knows what I did to Spock’s mind. I hope I didn’t do anything to hurt him. I…what was I thinking?

    Unbidden, the inevitable response filled her mind: You’re a Dax. Sometimes, you don’t think. Sometimes….

    She forced it out of her mind. This is no time for self-pity. You have a job to do.

    But the question was…could she do it?

    Ezri’s inner struggle temporarily vanished, as the sudden feeling hit her…that Spock was staring at her.

    She stole a glance. Spock, to his credit, held his stare.

    Ezri’s gaze fell. “Spock…I’m sorry.”

    “There is no reason for you to apologize. It was I who clearly pushed you too far.”

    “But—if…if I hurt you…I-I mean…I heard that if a mindmeld goes wrong, it could—”

    Ezri…I assure you, there is nothing to warrant an apology. I am not injured in any way. I am…sufficiently adept at melding so that any possible injury from such instances would inflict no damage whatsoever.”

    Ezri looked up. Spock continued.

    “The question, however, is…are you injured?”

    She blinked. “You just said…”

    Spock’s features softened. “I was…referring to…any injuries you had already possessed.”

    Ezri hesitated for a moment…and sighed. “I don’t know.”

    But the counselor inside her told her…that her answer came too quick. Cut it out, Ezri…you do know…don’t you? This is an injury…and you have to treat it. Don’t you realize that?

    She quickly turned back to the screen, brushing the feeling aside. This was not the time to talk to him about this. It was a private matter. In fact, it was best that she broke off the meld, wasn’t it? So she wouldn’t have to—

    Another voice came to her thoughts. Of all things…it was the voice of her mother.

    “Ezri…you always were too proud for your own good….

    Stiffening at the memory, Ezri announced, “We’ll be crossing the border tomorrow…we’d better get ready for that.”

    Though she knew that Spock was still staring at her, she resolved not to return the look.

    Ezri…he can help you! How long do you expect to put off facing this?

    The worst part was…she had no answer.

    * * *​
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    Ouch...what a powerful encounter she's had.

    (I just wouldn't have mentioned the Garak episode, though...if you look on Memory Alpha, you'll see the feedback the writers got from the professionals on that one. :( )
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    ^:lol: Yes, I know all about that. But still...I was able to keep that part with a straight face, because 1) psycology is rather like all science--new discoveries could circumvent the old theories, and 2) the relevent part of the memory is how Garak, without realizing it, buried his true feelings deep down--too deep. That's good--regardless of whether claustraphobia is a legit "escape" or not....
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    Sorry I have not commented on the last three parts of the story sooner. It is interesting that Ezri is still having such a hard time with how her relationship with Julian Basher ended. I thought you had her come to terms with her choice in "Of Power and Passion." I also must say that this story is making more sense now that I read "A Singular Destiny" last week. Looking forward to more Spock and Ezri.

    I read your other Ezri story's and I have a question. What is it that makes you like Ezri more than Jadzia? To me the change from one to the other did not even jar me. It was like going from one Doctor to the next in Dr. Who. the character was still Dax.

    Finally does this board have a PM function? I could not find it in the FAQ.
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    ^^^ I think you get PM after 50 posts and two weeks, or something like that, IIRC.
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    So did she. ;)

    And frankly, I must did I. But when I wrote that tale...I actually hadn't read the relaunch. I had actually thought that Ezri was right--that there wasn't anything particularly "deep" about the break-up, and that it was something she could recover from quickly enough, once she realized her problem.

    When I took the time to look through the Julian/Ezri arc in the relaunch, though, it struck me that the Ezri's justification in "Power", and her assertion that she could move on, was not nearly as "resolving" as I thought it would be. There was too much...darkness, shall I say? how it dissolves, to simply have her brush it off.

    So...I reconciled this in that last scene, where Ezri is truly shocked at the fact that she hasn't recovered.

    (And...if you go back to the first scene in this tale, note the blue sculpture in her ready room.'s the same one.)

    Thanks. :)

    Well...a lot of things. It would take too long to explain here, but...there is an old "Jadzia vs. Ezri" thread in the DS9 forum, where I went into a lot of my reasons.

    Suffice it to say...Ezri has a gentler spirit--and there's an admittedly childlike enthusiasm about her that appeals to me a great deal....
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    Okay. Now--next scene. It takes place a few days later.

    Now, let me semi-apologize in advance for bringing up one of TOS's most maligned episodes. The truth is...I actually liked that ep--if only for the music. :(

    Star Trek: Aventine
    A Rendezvous With Destiny
    Scene 15

    “Captain’s Log, supplemental: It has been a day since we have crossed the border into the space claimed by the Imperial Romulan State. As of now, there are no signs of hostility. We are proceeding on schedule, at maximum warp.”

    * * *

    Ezri heared the music, as it filled the shuttle with a golden, flowing harmony. It reminded her of a harp—no, not quite. It took her a moment to recognize it as a Vulcan lyre.

    She turned to Spock. He was sitting down, strumming the instrument without any visible effort. He played as a master.

    She smiled. “Did you bring that along?”

    Spock nodded. “I did, Captain.”

    Ezri leaned back in her seat, closed her eyes, and listened some more. It was so…peaceful…so soothing. She felt as if her spirit were rising and gliding along with the notes he played. And as the song ran its course, she felt…like there wasn’t any pain in this life at all—or at least, none worth noticing.

    Spock paused, having apparently finished the tune.

    Ezri opened her eyes, and turned to Spock again, her smile growing. “That was…beautiful.”

    Spock nodded in acceptance. “Thank you, Captain.”

    Ezri paused for a moment, as a thought occurred to her. “You know…when the conference is over…you might want to consider playing for us.”


    She chuckled. “Something of a tradition on the Aventine. Every so often, the crew performs a…well, it’s called a ‘jam session’. You know what that is?”

    A smile played on Spock’s face. “I…have had some most…unique experiences regarding such matters of recreation. One particular incident involved a group of youths, led by one Dr. Serven, who was conducting a search for a…personal paradise of a sort. They had performed one such session for the crew of the Enterprise. The music was analogous to a human musical multi-genre known as…‘the oldies’.”

    Ezri burst out laughing. “And I’ll bet you played alongside them, too.”

    “I did. I must admit, I have a…distinct affinity for educating myself in various forms of musical composition. I found the experience most…”

    Ezri lowered an eyebrow with a grin. “…fascinating?”

    Spock nodded. “Yes.”

    Ezri shook her head, as the mental image came to her of Spock, sitting down with a group of “hippies”, playing his lyre like a… “You enjoyed every minute of it, didn’t you?”

    Enjoy, Captain? That would suggest…an emotion.”

    Ezri pointed a finger. “Spock…you can’t fool me. Especially not after…”

    She stopped, realizing that she had brought up the mindmeld. Her smile vanished.

    Spock frowned. “You are…still disturbed by the incident.”

    Ezri swallowed, and nodded. They hadn’t discussed the meld after that one exchange immediately afterwards—and, for those two days following, they had tried their best to put it behind them. Still…

    After a moment, she spoke. “Spock…can I ask you something?”

    Spock set the lyre down, beside his seat. “Of course.”

    She hesitated. Might as well. Now’s as good a time as any…. “I…guess I could answer this on my own, if…I looked at those memories long enough. But…Spock, have you ever…formed a bond with someone—a deep, maybe even spiritual bond…with someone you deeply cared for?”

    Spock leaned forward slightly, and his manner seemed to intensify. “Yes…I have.”

    Ezri leaned forward as well. “And…did you find yourself desiring to…end this bond, and set out to follow a new path—one that effectively…left that person behind?”

    Spock seemingly had to think for a moment, but he nodded. “I did.”

    “And…did you end it?”

    “Yes…for a time.”

    Ezri paused for a moment. Come on, Ezri. You’ve come this far. You can ask him.

    “And…during that time…how badly did you regret…ending that relationship?”

    Spock didn’t answer at first. But to Ezri, it seemed as if a light had gone on in the ambassador’s mind—as if he were beginning to find an answer to a question that had been bothering him.

    “I assume, Captain…that you are speaking from personal experience?”

    Ezri blinked. “Spock…I think…”

    “Forgive me. I have excessively pried into your personal affairs already.”

    “Oh, no, Spock—it’s quite all right.” She leaned back, and sighed. “And…it was the right question to ask.”

    “Perhaps—although you did not answer.”

    Ezri smirked. “I don’t recall your answering my question….”

    Spock nodded. “As you say, Captain. In any event…despite my desire at the time to maintain total emotional control…yes. I regretted my decision most deeply, despite the fact that I had considered my choice to have been the right one—at first.”

    “And…when you began to doubt…?”

    Spock stared at her, and slowly nodded. “My regret worsened…until it threatened to break my control.”

    Ezri nodded. So…you do understand, after all…don’t you, Spock?

    “Out of curiosity,” she asked, unable to resist, “may I ask you who that person was?”

    “You may. It was my mother.”

    Ezri flinched in disappointment. Right. Not quite what I was looking for, but…sure.

    “Captain…may I ask what you were referring to?”

    She froze. “No.”

    Oh, great answer, Ezri. It’s not like you have your pride to worry about…is it?

    Ezri sighed, and amended her answer. “…Not yet. When I have more time to…recover from…”

    Spock nodded. “I understand.”

    They stared at each other, silent. And for a brief moment, Ezri wondered if, somehow…she could truly allow herself to think of this man…as a friend.
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    Im in ur Tardis, violating ur canon.
    Wonderful characterization Rush!
  14. Rush Limborg

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    ^Thanks, Badger! :) I did once before, I'd split this scene in half, because of a big mood change. Now...

    Star Trek: Aventine
    A Rendezvous With Destiny
    Scene 15.5

    Suddenly, an alarm on Spock’s console sounded off. He turned, consulted the information, and turned to Ezri. “I am picking up a Romulan vessel…on an intercept course.”

    Ezri frowned. “Identification?”

    Spock glanced down at his screen—and looked up, concern on his face. “None, Captain.”

    A moment of silence followed, until Ezri spoke the thought that clearly ran through both of their minds.


    She whirled to her console. “Our shields are already at maximum—weapons fully charged.” She turned to him. “You sure they’re after us, Spock?”

    “Affirmative. They are charging weapons.”

    Ezri spun back to her console, hitting a control. “Taking evasive action!”

    The shuttle lurched to the right—missing a disruptor beam by a matter of meters.

    “Spock—transfer navigation to my console.”

    “One moment—done, Captain.”

    “Good.” Ezri hit a few more controls, thinking quickly. “Now—send a distress signal directly to Achernar Prime. Tell the empress our location. Explain the situation. Request assistance.”

    “Right away, Captain.”

    As Spock did so, Ezri struggled to keep the shuttle out of range of the disruptor fire. Under her control, the ship banked hard left—than right—than right again—and left.

    Despite her efforts, their attackers scored a hit. The ship rocked around them. Ezri willed herself to keep her focus on her job—and kept evading at random intervals.

    “I have sent the distress call,” Spock announced.

    “Good. Now—there’s a star system nearby. We’re going in.”

    “Of course, Captain.”

    “I’m transferring navigation back to your console. I need you to look for an asteroid field. If there isn’t one, I need a planet we can land on—you got that?”

    “Yes, Captain.”

    Another shot rocked the shuttle. Ezri hit the weapons controls, firing the aft phasers. Then, she banked the shuttle at random intervals once again—right, left-right, up-down, down, right…as they entered the system.

    Spock peered into his console. “No asteroid field on sensors. However…I am detecting an M-Class planet—the sixth planet in the system. It is uninhabited.”

    So much the better. “Set course!”

    “Aye, Captain.”

    Another shot rocked the ship. “We are losing power to the aft shields—now at sixty-two percent,” Spock announced.

    “Diverting power to compensate….” Ezri narrowed her eyes at the screen. Almost there…almost….

    They arrived at the planet—just as another shot hit them. “Thirty-seven percent,” Spock reported.

    “Spock, hold on to something—I’m bringing us in!”

    Spock did not protest.

    Ezri kept firing aft phasers, as the shuttle entered the atmosphere. Proper angle of entry…descent speed…and…

    Another shot. “Fourteen percent.”

    “I’m still going in,” Ezri announced over the strain of the engines, as they traversed the thermosphere. The ship rattled with what felt to her like the force and intensity of an earthquake.

    She tossed a glance to Spock, with a nervous smile. “Be glad I didn’t eat anything since this morning!”

    “Considerably, Captain!”

    Another shot. Spock turned to her. “Captain—that was directed at our engines.”

    “How bad?” Ezri shouted above the noise.

    “We are effectively disabled.”

    A memory filled her thoughts: The atmosphere of Goralis Three...evading a squadron of Jem'Hadar fighters...the last enemy shot causing a warp core breach. not let that happen to us....

    Brushing the fear from her mind, Ezri fired again. The pirates were moving out of range—clearly not in a suicidal state of mind---but she managed to score a few last hits.

    But this barely mattered, as she directed her focus towards their landing pattern. Without engines, it was going to be very difficult….

    She caught a glimpse on the screen of vast forests filling the surface. Well—something to slow our descent, anyway.

    The ground came closer…closer….

    “Brace for impact!” she called.

    Still closer…. Ezri felt a series of shudders, as the canopy of the forest brushed against the bottom of the craft.


    A clearing up ahead. Thank you, I’nora…now please let us reach it in time….


    And then…


    * * *​
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    Ooooooh. Me likey this latest installment - the pacing of the action was excellent.
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    Um, you're going to post the rest, now, too, right? Right? :eek:

  17. Rush Limborg

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    Thanks, tenmei!

    Do not fear, kes7--the next scene is now...UP!

    Star Trek: Aventine
    A Rendezvous With Destiny
    Scene 16

    Spock was one hundred fifty-one standard years of age. Though Vulcans tended to live for far longer, nonetheless, he had feared that his considerable age would not result in a painless recovery from this landing.

    Fortunately, he was physically undamaged—due, no doubt, to his many years of Starfleet training.

    He turned to Ezri. “Captain…are you injured?”

    She rose from her seat, and brushed herself off. “I’m okay….” She walked over to him. “How about you?”

    Spock rose—slowly. He stumbled, but he straightened without genuine difficulty. “Thankfully, I too am…all right.”

    Ezri looked around. She hit a few controls, and shook her head. “Computer’s out.”

    “Unsurprisingly. We must therefore make camp. We can sleep in the shuttlecraft if we wish; however, it is doubtful we will be able to sufficiently keep warm, without power.”

    “Right. I’ll scout the terrain, see if there’s anything we need to worry about.”

    Spock nodded. “I will bring out the emergency supplies.”

    Ezri paused, and let out a sigh. “I…guess I’d better apologize again.”


    “Now, I think we can safely assume that…you’ll be late.”

    “Not necessarily, Captain. The empress will doubtless divert a vessel to find us, and bring us to Achernar Prime—”

    “Spock…if her resources are as tied as she said…I still think we’ll have to wait for a while.” She shook her head. “I…I’m sorry.”

    “Even if that is true, that we will be late, nonetheless…it is not your fault.”

    Ezri spread out her hands. “I should have…pressed her harder, told her we didn’t want to take any risks, requested an escort—”

    “And that would have accomplished nothing.”


    “I do not doubt her honesty, Captain. She did not…have the resources…to escort us.”

    She sighed again, and began to walk around. “I know…I know…. But still…I’m responsible for having put you in a risky environment. I heard there were pirates, and what did I say? ‘Oh, don’t worry, we can handle it!’”

    “Captain, I requested a shuttle, despite your warning me of the risks—”

    Ezri raised her voice. “And I could have refused. But, oh no…here was my opportunity to be alone with a legend. The chance of a lifetime! What was I—?”

    She stopped, as if remembering something. But then…she shook her head, and Spock could see bitterness in her eyes—directed at herself.


    “No…that’s just self-pity.”

    She was not addressing him. Her gaze was lowered, as if directed inward…as if she were addressing something within her.

    Spock frowned. “I do not understand.”

    Ezri sighed. Her features softened, and she looked up at him.

    “Spock…” she said, “I just…”

    Spock nodded. “Go on.”

    Her gaze fell. “There’s…a saying…that’s been going around about me. I try my best to discourage it, but…”

    Spock waited.

    Ezri looked up, and her lip tightened. “I’m a Dax. Sometimes…I don’t think. Sometimes…I just…do.”

    And she stormed off, towards the hatch, leaving Spock alone, to consider what she had said.

    * * *​
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    Whew. Glad they're okay. (So far.)

    I do feel for Ezri with all the Dax baggage. I thought that was what made her character on DS9 endearing -- her complete inability to cope with the weirdness of it all. It was something we hadn't seen before from the Trill, and made her pretty interesting for a one-season character. You definitely write her well, and Spock, too -- I still hear Nimoy's voice as I read.
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    Another enjoyable installment of your story. Interesting to see where the stranding on the planet goes, whether Bowers will bring the Aventine to our heroines rescue or whether that honor will fall to Donatra.
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    Im in ur Tardis, violating ur canon.
    Ditto what tenmei and kes7 said!

    The pirate attack, whilst short, was well written. Good to see you can handle action scenes as well as character pieces.