Spock/McCoy in Quentin Tarantino's film

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    I was thinking about that and even sort of had a scene in mind Scotty,Bones Chekov,Uhura and Sulu are eating at a Ferengi resturant on a starbase. They are about to go aboard the Enterprise for the first time and they are talking about Vulcans because they know the new first officer is going to be Vulcan.

    Scotty: You know what I always wondered about laddies is Pon Far. It doesn't make any sense. How can you have a species that only fucks once ever 7 years.

    Chekov: You know Russia invented the 7 year fuck cycle.. Shit you think we had alot of fucking go on in those miserable cold nights? We wore so many layers of clothes you couldn't keep the mood by the time you could get stripped down.

    Sulu" Oh My

    Uhura;Guys I can tell you for a fact that the ole 7 year thing is more myth than actual truth. Not only that but they enjoy it. I know I once dated a Vulcan at the Academy and he might have played the cool logic guy but he was just another horndog trying to get into my skirt.

    Sulu: Did it work?

    Uhura: Shit ya! The whole Vulcan endurance thing. I wasn't about to give that up though I kicked his needy pointy eared, ass out soon after.

    Bones: Okay guys we need to go. Pony up on the tip.

    Scotty: Why? The Ferengi server barely came by. Besides this is a Ferengi joint. Half of the tip goes to the owner anyways. I don't feel like paying double for what I ordered.

    Bones: It doesn't matter. The waiter needs all he can get,having to deal with a Ferengi boss

    Uhura:Besides it fucking rude not to.

    Sulu: Can't we hurray. I overate and I need to get to the shitter.

    Chekov"Thanks for the visual

    Scotty: I don't see people tip me everytime I perform a miracle. It's my job. I don't expect to get paid extra for it.

    Kirk walks in;

    KIrk: What's taking you guys so long. We got to get to the ship for the offical transfer of command cermony.

    Chekov:Scotty doesn't believe in tipping!\

    KIrk: What to hell are you all talking about. We don't even use money anymore. We don't have anything to tip if we wanted to. Get your lazy asses up and lets go!

    Insert slow walk to the transporter room to a cool 70's song.

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    ....................marry me?
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    Thanks for the compliment. :) It's amazing how much fun it is to write Tarantino Trekverse type of stuff. His movie is going to be a joy for Trek fun threads for decades I predict.