Spock and Uhura [SPOILERS]

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    I loved it. Very sweet, very intense. Best Trek romance so far. And the look on Jim's face was priceless.
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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I'll pretty much agree that it isn't a choice I would have made if I were writing it, but it seems to work pretty well. Pretty in character for both of them, according to the rules of this movie.
  4. Brent

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    That scene kind of bothered me, cause as officers, especially Spock since he was a graduate, they shouldn't be doing stuff like that in front of everyone right, not very professional, maybe against some kind of regulation?
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    Considering that he very well might not come back alive, I don't think anyone would have minded it.
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    I'm not too sure how this would all go down with Christine, or maybe I am.

    Spock / Uhura is the hottest pairing the Trek has seen in a long, very long time and, in terms of Spock, even better than the quickie with Saavik.

    And, Nyota! The oh so long long wait for the acolytes of the Uhura faith to see her name confirmed and formalized was the treat of treats. Please, bigger coif next time.

    The turbolift scene = to DIE for.

    All in all, the next Pon Farr can't come soon enough with these two.

    From the Delta Quadrant with Love,
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    I'm sorry, the scene in the Transporter Room where Uhura establishes ownership rights right in front of Cocky Jim had the theater in a tizzy. Very well done.
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    when i first slipped over a spoiler about it i really didnt know how i felt.
    but over all it works far better on screen then i suspected it would.
  9. Capn Flukie

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    I thought it was great. I love NUhura.
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    I admit, the Spock-Uhura hookup was the only thing in the film I flat-out hated. A single dalliance, maybe driven by Spock's loss, that I could accept. But I saw no real logic (pun intended) in this romance -- what attracted Uhura to him, how the relationship addressed Spock's inner turmoil, none of that. It seemed like something the writers put in simply for the sake of change.
  11. Daneel

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    It was interesting... unexpected (I never would have thought to do it), but it actually worked fairly well. I am curious as to whether or not the Spock and Uhura in the original timeline ever considered a romantic relationship, or if this was purely an alternate-timeline development (it does seem to be an unlikely thing to have somehow been caused by the destruction of the Kelvin, but with the whole butterfly effect of changes in the timeline, one never knows...).

    Looking forward to seeing where it goes in the (potential) sequel.
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    So basically they took the legendary Kirk-Uhura kiss up a notch; Seems logical enough to me. Maybe in the sequel, She'll do a feather dance for him.
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    I'm gonna watch some good ol' Spock-Uhura flirtin' in 'Charlie X'. The Rec Room scene when Uhura sings Vulcan Love Slave. And Spock doesn't let just any crewmate play his instrument.

  14. Scribe34

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    I had no idea this was happening, never had an inkling of Spock/Uhura shipping ever in TOS, I do remember those little cute scenes they had together which might be where this came from so that does please me that the writers homaged that but I like what I saw. It wasn't overly sentimental, it was two people in what was clearly a caring if somewhat unusual relationship. I can see why he would love a human woman, why he wouldn't consider it unseemingly - the reaction to his mother being called a 'disadvantage' indicates his feelings for her. Besides, we're not in a weekly series where its necessary to shoe horn a token female of the week and Jim's the players, not to mention we have four other male characters for that. Spock never played the field really and if its because he's in a stable relationship with someone he cares for - why the hell not.

    Besides, without the relationship we would not get that awesome scene between Kirk and Spock on the pad after she leaves....too funny!

    One last thing - can we please have a first officer of the Enterprise who does not have a problem with wanting a career and a girlfriend like some big wuss...no we're not lookign at your Will. T. Riker ;) (Just joking I love Will in TNG :) )
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    When I heard Spock say he wanted to avoid an appearance of favoritism I was like.. what is going on here?! I am happy I never came across this spoiler. I had read somewhere that Kirk sleeps with Uhura in this film and I was like, whatever. So it was a fantastically interesting surprise for me.

    Now the Vulcan race.. 10,000 left. They had better start mating sooner than once ever 7 years if they want to repopulate. Remember the V'tosh Ka'tur, Vulcans Without Logic, group in Enterprise talked about trying to reduce the years between Pon Farrs.

    Of course you have that whole can they have sex outside of Pon Farr question blah blah..
  16. MoJo

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    I thought it worked brilliantly. I'm not ashamed to admit that their relationship moved me. Turbolift scene, especially.
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    A surprise that worked.
  18. Logical Leopard

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    If someone had told me before, I might have been doubtful, but the turbolift scene blew away any complaints I would or could have had about the whole Spock/Uhura relationship. It was an amazing bit of acting, and it truly highlights how gifted actors can transform what is written on a page into something that becomes perhaps greater than the writer's vision.

    I don't know how it hit the rest of you, but I saw myself and my wife in that turbolift. My mother (whose name is incidentally Amanda like Spock's, which I didn't think of before) died not too long ago, and I tried to be stoic about a lot of the responsibilities I had, but my wife was there to help me through, and grieved with me, sometimes more than I did. I like Trek, but never before have I identified with Trek to such an extent.

    As for as the canon feasability, I seem to remember Spock and Uhura having a shared love of music. It's totally logical to believe that if, say, Uhura joins the academy later than she did in the original timeline, and ends up meeting him earlier, that they wouldn't start a relationship. She's brilliant, has an inquisitive mind, is beautiful, and loves music. Which relationship makes more sense, this one or say....that cavewoman from TOS?
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    I was completely blindsided by that scene. I hadn't read any of the spoilers beforehand. Very, very interesting and so perfect when you think about it. J.J. Abrams just derailed Spock's entire romantic history and good for him. The Spock in this alternate universe won't have to put up with Nurse Chapel's moon eyes or be throwing plomeek soup at her or struggle to talk about sex with Kirk or the pon far ritual because his bitch of a fiance and her lover probably just went up in smoke with the rest of the planet and the whole damn ship now knows that he and Uhura are an item.

    Sarek obviously was capable of wooing a human woman, falling in love with her and being a satisfactory husband. Amanda loved him and her son, but I don't see her as a doormat who'd put up with years of emotional neglect in a foreign culture if she didn't KNOW her husband loved her too. What would be the point? Spock had his parents' example set before him to show him what was possible. And if it's at all true that boys fall in love with their mothers, Spock was destined to fall in love with a human woman. Uhura even acts with Spock the way that Amanda did with Sarek in the original series. "I love you anyway" and I'll kiss you and hug you when you need it, even if you're going to be all stoic and present the stiff upper lip.

    What thinking woman wouldn't fall for Spock? It's the whole idea of being the ONE woman who can get beneath that cool exterior and make him lose control, just a little bit, when everyone else can't. The scene where Uhura comforts Spock and he buries his face in her shoulder for just a few seconds was really telling. That romance looks very, very serious to me. I wouldn't be surprised if Spock and Uhura aren't engaged or close to it in this particular universe. Spock wouldn't let his guard down like that in front of the crew otherwise.

    Imagine how cute the offspring of Spock and Uhura would be, like a miniature Tuvok.
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    The turbolift scene sold it for me. I liked it that Uhura accepted Spock on his own terms, without pressing him to show more emotion than he was capable of. "What do you need?"

    It's almost a shame that Nichelle Nichols never got to play a scene like that . . . .