series 6,, what will it be like

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    a new terk series will come out one day manybe in a few years. what will it be like ?
    i figure it will be set in the 25th century... all my currents trek dvds have been retired.
    how ever i'll pick up the tos Rm dvds later in the year,...
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    Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

    Not long ago there was a thread in this forum which discussed this very topic. There were some nice ideas in it (I even posted one myself). Sadly it seems to have vanished. :(
  3. Temis the Vorta

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    A new series will come out if and when Trek is a success on the big screen. However, I don't know if the TOS-recast actors would be willing to do TV, so I'd expect a 23rd C era show with occasional cameos by Kirk, Spock, et al.
  4. Kaziarl

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    Well, as much as I'd hate to say it, other then fan produced movies and stories, I'm thinking trek is going to be dead for a while. We might get a show that is similar to it, but not quite the same.
  5. Broccoli

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    May 3, 2001

    1) Pocket Books is still going strong with no signs of slowing.

    2) New comics being produced. Trek comics always seem to be going on. Granted, they have changed hands a number of times over many years, but there is usually not more than a year lull between new ones.

    3) New movie coming out. If anything that doesn't suggest "dead" to me. And that movie also has had some pretty good internet buzz/anticipation. Granted, the movie might be bad. However, I get the feeling that it'll sell enough tickets to warrant a sequel (I could be wrong about ticket sales, but I think it is more likely it'll do financially well than not).

    There will always be a new desire for more Trek. Even if Trek '08 bombs, TPTB will try to find a new way to market it.
  6. Jack Bauer

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    Jack Bauer
    If the movie is a success I suspect that a tv series would be set around the time of TOS or perhaps slightly before.
  7. theARE

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    I really hope not, it's been done to death by now.

    If they have to have a prequel to anything, how about setting between ST6:TUC and TNG. Ent-C era or there abouts.

    There's a lot we don't know about that era, its a big gap which could easily accommodate a series.

    Wouldn't be able to set it on the Ent-C as we know the fate of that ship. So it would have to be another ship.

    If you really wanted you could even have it on the Stargazer, with a young lieutenant Picard coming aboard towards the end of the series.
  8. Kegek

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    I don't think it'll be set around the time of TOS at all. I think it will be set in the 23rd century, around the time of the movie. I expect the movie will be a rather different look at TOS to the point we're used to and the new show would reflect this.

    Of course, two companies own the TV and film rights seperately, and Abrams has shown no interest in this as a TV venture... frankly, I think the likelihood the success of this film means a TV show is about as true as the success of Casino Royale means a TV show. The success of this film means more films, and, IMHO, nothing more. Not for a long while anyway.
  9. General_Phoenix

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    I would like a show in the far future. 26th or 27th century. I don't really like going back, I'd rather look forward.
  10. Cary L. Brown

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    Gen Pheonix...not to belabor a really bloodily-beaten dead horse, but... what do you consider "looking forward?" How do you see setting a show in one timeframe or in another time frame, NEITHER OF WHICH EXIST, and both of which are in our own hypothetical future, to be "looking back?"

    We're not talking about how we currently "really" live in the 24th Century after all, are we?

    The period in which a Star Trek show is set has little, if any, bearing on how it's going to tell stories. You can tell great stories,or horrific ones, in ANY era.

    Why? Because the stories are about PEOPLE, ultimately... not about "the newest, kewlest uber-ship." Besides... no matter what era you set a series in, the ship will move at the same speed (ie, exactly as fast as the scriptwriter needs it to move from one scene to another). It will have exactly the same combat capabilities (ie, it will be just strong enough to win, but not so strong that there's no drama that comes out of any potential conflict).

    The ship is always exactly as strong as the PLOT requires. The stage is exactly as big as the plot requires.

    You can tell the exact same story in any era. The era is just set-dressing.

    The main issue with the 24th century as "set dressing" is that it's been used so much that audiences find visually and contextually boring now. The audience needs some variety.

    So, you have three choices. Change the "ambiance" of the 24th century, return to the familiar (but long since underused) ambiance of the 23rd century, or set it in a new timeframe with a different feel.

    That's ALL the timeframe really does for you. It doesn't make things "move forward" or "move back" at all. Because it's ENTERTAINMENT, not REALITY. And the story will be written not to appeal to people in the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th or 27th centuries. It will be written to appeal to people in the early 21st century.

    See the point?
  11. cardinal biggles

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    ^That's the problem with certain elements of the current fanbase, though -- they become so focused on the technology and the idea that the technology needs to "move forward" (when all it really does is become more technobabbly, e.g. Voyager and some latter-day TNG) that they forget the show is supposed to be about the stories and the characters. Trek could just as easily be set on a sailing ship like the one in the Horatio Hornblower novels Roddenberry used for inspiration when developing the original show.

    Of course, then we'd have complaints that the new Enterprize only has two masts, whereas the previous one had three, so obviously we're backsliding technologically... :p
  12. All Seeing Eye

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    Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

    The next Trek Series should be set in the early 25th Century and here's a list showing different ideas of what i'd like the series to be about, I hope one of them comes true:

    1) A series set on a new class of Starship exploring the other side of the Alpha Quadrant well beyond Cardassian Space and exploring new civilisations and introducing new advanced races both friendly and aggressive.

    2) A series set on a new class of starship exploring the Gamma Quadrant and exploring the new relationship between the Federation and the Dominion.

    3) A series set in the mid 2370's devoted entirely to a Sovereign Class Starship during the Dominion War.
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    Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

    I know, it pisses me off that threads on this particular board seem to be purged so quickly.

    It's important for any sci-fi to have issues that deal with current events. I think a cool idea would be a Trek set in the future beyond Nemesis (maybe 25-30 years ahead) that involves more exploration (beyond Cardassia into other parts of the Alpha quadrant, and perhaps more Gamma quadrant), set on the Enterprise-F. The Federation is aging a bit and resources like dilithium are starting to become more scarce.

    A terrorist event occurs on a planet that joined the Federation during the Dominion war. The planet, as well as a number of nearby related star systems, were swiftly accepted into the Federation so that they could contribute to the war effort (keeping in mind that, at times, victory looked nearly impossible, creating this urgency). 25+ years since then their differences become a major issue with this terrorist attack, and suddenly the Enterprise has to play a peacekeeping role (a diplomatic legacy left by Picard).

    Anyways, I've thought a lot about this idea and could type pages and pages (I have a crew, pilot outline, and series arc), but I'll leave it at that for now. Summary: 25+ years after Nemesis, Enterprise-F, exploration, civil unrest.
  14. C.E. Evans

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    Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

    All anyone can do at this point is speculate and toss in what they personally would like to see in a Series VI, so here I go...

    I think a Series VI will deal with a 25th-Century USS Enterprise, but it won't be what people will expect of such a series. It'll be much closer in tone with TOS than with TNG and will bring back some of the slightly campy elements (such as miniskirt uniforms, guys in monster suits, etc.,) that has been absent in Trek since Kirk's 5-year mission. It'll still depict the future as a place we all want to live in, but it won't be shown as Utopia and technology won't be the solution to every problem. The technology will be there, of course, but it was actually be used a lot like it was during TOS...

    It'll probably have a smaller cast of main characters (around 5), and the Enterprise itself will actually be only slightly larger than a Constitution-class vessel, but naturally considerably more advanced.
  15. USS KG5

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    Re: Series VI | What Will It Be Like?

    ANY new series would have new class of starship and feature new races, period.

    OK - we will never see any trek on television again referring as anything except trivia to Deep Space Nine. I love the show but pretty much everyone who watched it posts here and that colours the true public perception of the show, typical conversation: -

    Dude 1: "I like deep Space Nine"
    Dude 2: "That the cheesy one?"
    Dude 1: "No thats the original series"
    Dude 2: "Oh - is that the bald guy then?"
    Dude 1: "No, its the one with the arcs and the war, the Dominion etc"
    Dude 2: "..."
    Dude 1: "The black guy, its the one with the black guy.."
    Dude 2: "Oh I saw that once, I didnt like it.."
  16. Kaziarl

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    Dec 24, 2007
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    Ok, let me be more descriptive in my statements. Believe me, I love trek. I've watched it for as long as I can remember, and I don't want to see it go. But from my point of view trek is dwindling.

    1)The books are great, I read all the ones I can get my hands on, but there really aren't any original stories. And what used to be two, or even three new books a month, has slowed down quite considerably.

    2) The show. Granted, ENT wasn't the shortest, but it's a step down from how long TNG, DS9, and VOY lasted. I was hoping for more, even to the last couple of episodes I was thinking it still had a chance, but the one thing that could have saved it didn't happen. The one thing that saved TOS from being taken off the air after one season, didn't save ENT. No one seemed to care.

    3)The movie, I pray to the gods that its going to be better then nemesis. I had probably higher hopes for nemesis then most. I was thinking it would be a closer look into the romulan culture, instead we get an adolescent temper tantrum turned into an attempt to rebel against the man who was essentially his father. Now we have the possability of a young kirk telling his academy instructors where to stick it in a space aged Alpha Centari Hills-90210. If it goes that way, I dont see a lot in the way of tv or movie versions of star trek being made.

    Like I said, I really hope that doesn't happen. I myself have ideas on what I would like to see for season 6, as I've posted here. I just wish there was a way we could get paramount to come read the boards, cause there are a lot of great ideas. Here and in the fan fic, and fan production boards.
  17. Uptightgirl

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    Nov 25, 2007
    Enterprise-B would be the best era,striking the best balance between too advanced and not advanced enough.

    The ship itself looks magnificent,even though that idiot Carseon
    only gave us a few shots.
  18. JayTheTrekkie

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    And it'll just get cancelled again after 4 seasons like Enterprise did. Think about it first.

    Anyways...if the movie does succeeds and a new trek series comes a couple years after that, I hope the series takes place where it left on, about a few years after Star Trek Nemesis (I say start it around 2385 or 2386). It would be nice to have a few trek series to finish off the 24th century.

    Other than that, what we need is a few trek series based on the Enterprise B, Enterprise C and a series about Picard being the captian of the Stargazer (there is a big gap between 2293 and 2363 that would need a few trek series to fill in that gap). That is something we probably would like to see eh?
  19. Dayton3

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    I actually agree.

    There is at least a 20-30 year gap of time where the adventures of the Enterprise-B could take place.

    We have no idea of its history aside from that abortive shakedown mission.

    It could've been sent into deep space on an exploration mission for years.

    It could've been the flagship of an armada on a mission to deal with a new alien threat.

    Heck it could've made first contact with the Cardassians, Breen and alot of other races we saw later.

    It could've done all three.

    The choices are endless.
  20. cardinal biggles

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    I hear it would make a nice hotel, too. :rolleyes: