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    Alpha Fleet began in January of 2380 (Jan, 2003) when the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were rather peaceful parts of space; where hope lived and prosperous societies flourished. But as the future catches up to us, the galaxy is not as peaceful as it seems; just as the Federation is beginning to form unbreakable alliances with new Alpha and Beta Quadrant species, the hidden evils that have laid dormant for so many years are beginning to wreak havoc on the safety and security of the United Federation of Planets.

    A new species know as the Larekan Emperium (who use sound waves as a weapon, and as part of their propulsion) has forged an uneasy Treaty with the Federation, yet their presence can be felt still. The Romulans try to recover from the exploits of their 'fallen son' Shinzon. Species 8472 enters our region of space as a civil war breaks out within their society. The Gorn and Tholians make it known they still have a place in our lives. A dangerous new threat, reminiscent of the Maquis, has surfaced: the Liberation Consortium. And as for the Borg...they are never far behind.

    Closer to home a rogue 'Admiral' by the name of Adam Harker and his Deathbringer Fleet have become a very immediate concern, their every activity seemingly designed to oppose the aims and principles of the Federation especially in the person of Admiral Carter for whom the Renegade exile holds a very personal enmity.

    The entire galaxy could be thrown into turmoil and disarray if these new threats manage to defeat the Federation peace that is where Alpha Fleet comes in....

    == '''Fleet Mission News''' ==

    Response has been good after the proposal of a fleet mission so we have decided to go ahead with this idea. Captain Will Fearow, Fleet Intelligence will be co-ordinating the mission as a whole and is currently in the planning phases. Anyone who wishes to help with the organisation of this mission please contact [mailto:will_fearow@hotmail.com Captain Will Fearow].


    == Featured Simm ==

    ===Serenity Base===
    '''Task Force Commanders Flagship''

    *'''Current Mission''' : ''Episode 1.3: Recon Team Six''


    '''Commanding Officer'''
    RAdm. Scott Mackie

    '''Executive Officer'''Cdr. John Ross

    Serenity Base Main Website

    Serenity Base Crew Manifest

    Serenity Forums
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    Re: Recruiting

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    Re: Recruiting

    Id be up for it
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    Players seeking quality sim game

    Two experienced players (possibly more) seeking a high-quality Trek sim, PBEM or mailing list. Looking for a game set in 2385 or close to it, with focus on character development, story-telling, quality writing, and exploration. Not interested in any sims with marines, intelligence operatives, war, or focused on battle and fighting. Looking for a sim with believable characters, with an experienced GM. Prefer a sim with longevity, but will consider new sims if quality is good. Characters in question are seeking Ops Manager and Chief of Science positions on a starship. If you have a high-quality sim with these openings, PM or email me ASAP.
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    Still looking for a Chief Engineer


    Six seasons have passed since the Enterprise first began her mission of exploration and defense of the Alpha Quadrant, and now we're looking for someone like to help continue our adventures.

    Originally established in conjunction with the television series Enterprise, Continuing Voyages was originally the flagship of the TrekBBS Simulation Group. While the days of the Trekbbs RPG Group may have passed, Enterprise has continued strongly. With over 9,000 posts, Enterprise is still active and waiting to go.


    They are the ultimate defense, or the ultimate weapon. A relic from a species long since dead, the infamous Doomsday Machine is something few Captains have ever seen and each dreads. Designed as a weapon against the Borg, One strike can destroy the most powerful of vessels, or even obliterate planet.

    And now another one has been found...

    The only ship well enough equipped to take on such a craft, the Starship Enterprise has been deployed in the hopes of stopping the dangerous planet killer before it can claim its next victim. Their orders are simple: Destroy the device; however, all isn't what it seems. The crew of the Starship Enterprise will now face it's greatest of challenges, but the challenge may reside inside.

    Enterprise Website
    Enterprise RPG Group

    Currently list of open positions:

    CHIEF ENGINEERING OFFICER - Lieutenant J.G. Minimum
    ASST CHIEF OF SECURITY - Lieutenant J.G. Minimum
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    Star Trek Starbase RPG Seeks Writers


    If you are the type of person who likes being apart of a starbase located in uncharted territory surrounded by hostile powers that want to do harm to you, then Starbase New Hope is the place for you. Starbase 75 is expanding and we need people who are interested in joining starbase 75 continuing the journey we started.

    Starbase 75 is about to start her sixth mission under a new commanding officer. The game has been active for some time but needs strong and dedicated posters to keep the game flowing. This is a sim for those who love play by forum simulations. We're a close knit group that is very welcoming of new members to our group - regardless of their personal experience level in RPGs. We also are very open to suggestions from our players on how to improve the game and are always willing to listen to what people have to say. In fact we also commonly allow our players to design missions that they would like to see played out.

    Next Mission – Episode 6 - Fixation

    Since the dawning of the Federation humanity and it's allies have worked together to better the quality of life throughout the galaxy. To do this the Federation and it's member worlds have always convened every 50 years to conduct an informal conference (code named Babel ) on a neutral planet to help settle disputes and set the Federation on it's course for the future. The Babel Conference has always been an essential component of the Federation's future, and that remains true today.

    However, that may all change. As the Babel Conference loomed ever closer, a terrorist attack has called into question the future of this once proud assembly. With the threat of the conference being cancelled, the Federation has selected the newly reassigned Starbase 75 to host the conference and, hopefully, keep things on track. Providing security for the guests is no easy feat, especially when several of the delegates are mysetiously dying.

    Plus an old enemy has reemerged intent on feeding it's ever lasting hunger...

    Are you curious as to what happens next, so are we and that’s where you come in. You can take key post and help us solve this mystery by assuming the following critical positions needed in the game


    CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER Lieutenant JG rank minimum
    COMMANDING OFFICER - USS SAREK Captain’s Rank minimum
    STATION'S COUNSELOR Lieutenant JG minimum


    For the first time in the game’s history, starbase 75 is seeking people who know the Klingons left and right. Do you live, breathe and eat Klingon? Can you write believable characters? Can you recruit people to play Klingons? If so I need you, we all need you, New Hope Station needs you. You can play the leader of a Klingon house who will be our alley and pledge to protect New Hope. In turn, you will sit as a member of the senior staff of Starbase 75 helping to determine station policy and helping to protect our area, does that not sound exciting?

    PM me for more details or visit New Hope :thumbsup:
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    Re: USS Endeavour is looking to recruit

    Hi all, the USS Endeavour is an email based RPG and is currently
    open for new recruits. Our Quest for the Unknown.

    We have been around now since 1997 so we are fast approaching our 10 year anniversary. A new website has just been created for everyone, the public and a new members area, where crew can log in and post messages to other crew member, create logs on line, to find out more you'll need to join.

    The site also has a database, which is always growing and full specifications about the ship and its Endurance shuttle.

    The Endeavour is currently the second ship in the SIM. The Endeavour-C was a Galaxy class ship that had to be set adrift after a collection of life forms embedded themselves in the ship. Starfleet Command ruled that the civilization life had a right to live and we had to give the ship up.

    The Endeavour-D was given to us as a Prometheus class, which is one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. We are capable of:
    multi-vector attack mode, which means we can split into three individual ships capable of warp,
    Holo-emitters on each deck for the IMH program
    Regenerative shielding.
    An advanced weapon called the Isokentic Cannon, but this can only be used when the ship is in one piece.
    Able to use the transporters while shields are up due to the unique design of the hull, limited range.
    Slipstream drive, which allows us to travel great distances in a fraction of the time.
    Warp is still the normal means of travelling though, this is just a few things our fine vessel can do.

    The missions vary from full blown battles, time travel to diplomatic and you get the chance to put forward your own ideas for missions. Our mission has always been the same, to seek out new live, new civilisations to boldly go where no-one has gone before and we've certainly seen some strange things in our time.

    The current Captain is Ariba Sultan.

    We have several positions available and are looking to add more departments such as a Marine department, but would like to fill the ones we currently have at the minute.

    So if you think you have what it takes to become a member of this fine crew then please visit our site at USS Endeavour and if you are not interested then still have a look at our site and maybe you could tell yours friends.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Join the journey of the USS Intervision and her crew!

    Are you ready to seek out the unknown? Having completed their first mission, the crew of the USS Intervision sets a course deeper into the vastness of space and ultimately beyond the Beta Quadrant boundries into unexplored space. However, unknown to Starfleet and the crew of the USS Intervision, a powerful enemy lurks in the blackness of space beyond charted Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Want to be the first to meet this new species that even the Iconians feared and had placed in stasis? Want to know what will happen when they awaken? The only way to find out is to join the adventure. Fill out the Crew Application on the Join Page at: http://ussintervision.bravehost.com/ The primary available positions are:

    * Chief Engineer
    * Chief Science Officer
    * Chief Flight Control Officer
    * Chief Counselor
    * Chief Diplomatic Officer.

    The USS Intervision focuses on character development and exploration missions as much as many other simms focus on just action missions. However, this does not mean the missions will be boring, but instead have plot twists at any given moment in order to challenge you as a writer! Apply today! I look forward to simming with you!

    In our current mission, the Intervision has been dragged into an evil Mirror version of the current Federation. This Mirror Universe is not like the DS-9 Universe. In this universe, Starfleet is just as strong and evil as it was in the TOS Series. Join in this exciting mission as the Intervision and its crew fights to survive...from themselves.
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    Escaping form Rura Penthe
    Starship Valorous Is Recruiting Now!

    Do you really know your Trek? Are you intrigued by Romulans? Do you like to write about characters caught up in quadrant-wide upheavals? Then the U.S.S. Valorous is the ship for you!

    The Valorous is a Sovereign-class starship from the year 2380 (one year after Nemesis) that is currently under repairs after she was severely damaged by a Borg cube on her maiden voyage. The captain is an Andorian named Hishom Gellora, who was just promoted from his position as operations officer and questions his own ability to command.
    The Chief Medical is a Betazed named Yoshiya Xavier, who is looking to further his career.
    The Chief Engineering Officer is a young Bajoran man named Iandugan Crais, who is busy with repairing the ship and dealing with the skeleton crew. ALL OTHER POSITIONS ARE OPEN!
    Once she's ready to get underway again, the Valorous will be sent into Romulan Territory, during a time when diplomatic relations between the Federation and the Romulans are shaky at best. The Valorous' mission will be to facilitate the efforts of the diplomats and to be prepared to evacuate all Federation citizens should the Star Empire desintigrate into civil war.

    We are a forum-based roleplay site (with an area for fanfic if you're so inclined) who are looking to fill all positions!! Stop by and fill-out a character application today, it is the logical thing to do!
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    Hello. I am starting a new RPG Group. are first ship is the uss galaxy. we are looking for department heads and fleet command staff. experenced simmers will be given higher ranked positions. all simers new and experenced welcome. so come join up at http://www.freewebs.com/starbase245
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    Join the crew of the USS Intervision...

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. This is the motto of the USS Intervision assigned to Task Force 44. We are looking for new writers to fill in key positions. If you planning on joining and only posting once, you need NOT apply. This simm is only for dedicated simmers who are serious about simming. The USS Intervision is a Play by Forum RPG. We are in need of the following primary positions:

    * Chief Operations Officer
    * Chief Science Officer
    * Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    * Chief Flight Control Officer
    * Marine CO
    * Head Counselor
    * Chief of Strategic Operations
    We are also in need of ALL Assistant Positions except Fighter Wing XO, which is currently filled.

    If you feel that you want to join a serious simm with serious players, then I invite you to join the USS Intervision! http://ussintervision.bravehost.com/
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    USS Destiny: Looking for Chief Security!

    USS Destiny... Out on the farthest reaches of the Federation, the USS Destiny continues her mission of exploration. Discover strange new worlds and uphold the finest traditions of Starfleet - against all odds.

    If you like your Trek simming to be exciting, traditional and intriguing, then step aboard the USS Destiny! Set some thirty years after the Nemesis era; the boundaries of the chartered universe are being pushed further back, and the Destiny is right at the cutting edge of the action.

    No uber technology, no hybrid Star Wars characters popping out of the woodwork, no secret shadowy covert groups. This is PBeM Trek in the truest and most enjoyable traditional style - with plenty of original missions in a
    fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Our plots are open for the crew's ingenuity and creativity and all departments are encouraged to add to it.

    If great character development and the chance to be part of a really talented group of writers is what you're after, then check us out and sign up today! No prior experience is needed, just a wish to live the world of Star Trek. You're assured of a really warm welcome.

    Urgently Needed: Chief Security Officer
    Can you pack a phaser with the best of 'em and be ready to face whatever unknown dangers come your way, to protect your ship and crew?

    Also needed:

    Science Officer - When you're on the frontier, the unknown is just the beginning.

    Medical officer - Being on the frontier you will be practicing outback medicine, with little more then your medical database and mainly your own skill to depend on!
    Is it a new strain of bacteria that can be treated with anti-biotics? Is it a mutating virus? The safety of the crew rests on you!

    Feel free to mail with any questions about the positions open, or any other position that you might be interested in destiny-command@gammafleet.net

    Check out our website:

    Or dive right to the Join Page:

    Enjoy our promotional music vids on YouTube
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    USS Excalibur: Bringing Peace by the Sword

    November 2381--Five years after the Dominion War

    In an effort to foster mutuality between the three major powers of the Alpha Quadrant and the Dominion, Camelot Station has been constructed in the Gamma Quadrant. Operated by the Federation with the blessing of the Dominion the station orbits in a system called Avalon and is protected by fleets from all three major powers, led by the USS Excalibur.

    But in the depths of the Gamma Quadrant, an ancient evil, lurking for ten thousand years has once again reared its head, bringing chaos and disorder to the Dominion.

    With the wormhole in operable, and the Dominion falling apart, the crew of the USS Excalibur stand in the eye of the storm.


    USS Excalibur is an advanced simulation of the Star Trek Simulation Forum. It is a real-time chat-based simulation played on Sunday nights at 10PM EST in the "Excalibur" chat room at STSF.net.

    Everyone is welcome to watch our simulation in progress, however, play is restricted to regular assigned crewmembers. Crew assignments are open to all graduates of the STSF Academy.

    An academy game that is open to all players with no membership requirements runs at 9PM EST in the "Holodeck" chat room prior to Excalibur's sim. Please see our complete schedule for other times.

    We currently have open positions in engineering, medical, science, and security. If you are interested, please visit the sim's website or STSF.net.
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    Re: U.S.S Alliance

    Greetings. This is Captain Ryelle Saraneth of the Starship Avalon. At the moment we have need simmers!

    We having openings in every department. You can find us at www.ussavalon.com
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    Re: U.S.S. NEMESIS - Currently Accepting Crew

    Hello, after a full revamping of my RPG game, it is now open and accepting New Crew.

    The Following Positions are “OPEN”:
    - XO [Executive Officer]
    - CEO [Chief Engineer Officer]
    - CIO [Chief Intelligence Officer]
    - COO [Chief Operations Officer]
    - CSO [Chief Science Officer]
    - CMO [Chief Medical Officer]
    - CSO [Chief Security Officer]

    On this ship, she also has an Advance Squadron, here are the Available Positions:

    The Following Positions are “OPEN”:
    - Wing Commander / OP’s
    - Weapons Specialist
    - Technical Specialist
    - Medical Specialist
    - Tactical Profiler

    The new name that has been given to this ship is the USS Goliath - A, and here is the premise of the game.

    Strange events have occurred in the Beta Quadrant.
    All communications, probes and colonies have been reported as missing.
    All ships sent in to investigate the disturbance have been reported as missing in action.

    The Federation was able to retrieve a single surviving probe.
    But to the Federations dismay the probe had not recorded anything but a black void in the Beta Quadrant. No stars no planets, nothing but black.

    Section 31 has been reported to intervene and solve this dead zone mystery.

    A new ship named, The USS Goliath Titan class has been sent to retrieve any and all information on this new dilemma.

    The first Goliath under the command of Darren Murphy was lost just like the others ships. All hands reported as missing in action including her Captain.

    In a last ditch effort, the New Goliath with Present Commanding Officer Capt. Lee Jacob [U.S.S. Nemesis - A] have been sent to finally end this mystery and possibly bring closure to all the family’s of the lost officers and colonist.

    The Goliath was mainly built for defeating the Borg, but soon after she was built, Starfleet lost all contact with everything in the Beta Quadrant, so the only ship that might be powerful enough to find out what happen in the quadrant, was the goliath.

    Although Section 31 runs the Goliath, the Goliath is not a Section 31 creation, but since she was so powerful and highly important, Starfleet turned the project over to them. They feel that S31 could protect the project better.
    S31 deemed the ship file as NEMESIS.

    RPG - USS Goliath Web Site

    Goliath RPG Forum
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    UES Challenger: Reaching for the Stars

    It is the dawn of a new age for humanity, as we take our first steps into the strange unknowns that lie beyond our home solar system. Set aboard one of the first Warp-5 vessels, the Challenger mission is the peaceful exploration of the unknown. In some way, we hope that by learning about others, we will learn something about ourselves.

    With the out break of the Earth-Romulan War, the future remains uncertain for the crew of the Challenger.


    The UES Challenger is an advanced simulation of the Star Trek Simulation Forum taking place during the Enterprise-era; currently at the outset of the Earth-Romulan War.

    The Challenger meets every Sunday night at 11 pm Eastern in the STSF chatrooms.

    Everyone is welcome to watch our simulation in progress, however, play is restricted to regular assigned crewmembers. Crew assignments are open to all graduates of the STSF Academy.

    Starfleet Academy games open to all are held nightly in the Holodeck chat room. See our complete schedule for details.

    We currently have open positions in science, medical, and security and engineering. For more information on the Challenger, visit STSF or the Challenger webpage.

    For more information on STSF, see other posts on this message board, or visit our website. Happy simming!
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    2001 - 2016
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    Uss Thall RPG.

    The Uss Thall is looking to further augment her with new crew members. Thsi Pathfinder class vessel is currently serving in the Beta quadrant to further the UFP alliances.

    For information on the game, please go to the game site at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ussthall or you can contact myself to ask any questions you have regarding the game and what positions are open at AndrwKetc@aol.com

    Thank you.
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    Re: U.S.S Alliance

    Are there any RPG's that someone like me can jump into? I'm not very knowledgable of all the technology of ST, I'm pretty new to the specs of it all.

    I like softcore RP'ing though ;)
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    New R.P.G. Group / Fleet -- "Star Trek: Hell's-Gate"

    I'm inviting everyone to participate in a roleplaying concordium - respectively creating and participating in a series of their own Trek (IRC or PBEM) RPGs based on or around Starbase 666 (a.k.a. "Hell's-Gate Station".)