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    Apr 22, 2007
    Star Trek: Gemini

    “Crew of the USS Gemini, we are going into harm’s way, but she is one of us and we don’t leave our own behind. All hands, battle stations.”

    “Captain, we’ve lost the starboard nacelle, main power is down and the hull is buckling, what are your orders? “

    “We hold.”

    Star Trek: Gemini

    The crew of the USS Gemini, Intrepid class, are exploring worlds of the unknown, meeting races never heard of by human ear. Exploring the vastness of space and telling stories together in the greatest tradition of Star Trek.

    Join the crew,

    Experience the Excitement,

    Create the adventure.

    Right now there are spots all throughout of the ship waiting for you to experience your first best destiny.

    USS Gemini

    Become the hero, realize the dream.

    A proud member of Bravo Fleet
    Task Group Beta Flagship
    Voted best Sim of the Month, Bravo fleet
    Join us at www.freewebs.com/ussgemini
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    Star Trek: Sojourner

    Looking for a Star Trek Sim that has high-quality storyline and a structured Forum? Are you tired of constantly finding sims with non-canon species that people make so they can have an excuse to make anime-style furre characters? Are you tired of constantly finding sims that always seem to have only the most powerful, largest, most state-of-the-art ships?

    Yeah, so was I. That's why I decided to start my own Sim, and it's called Star Trek: Sojourner.

    Come join us upon the Intrepid Class U.S.S. Sojourner NCC-82356, a small ship with a simple mission and a big heart. Look at our homepage to read about, and look at pictures and diagrams of our graceful starship, or visit our forums to see where all the action will be taking place.
    Sojourner is in need of crew members! Several key and high-ranking positions are still open on this nearly brand-new ship. Come and join our family. Wander with us as we explore the galaxy and seek out new life, for not all who wander are lost.
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    Re: Star Trek: Sojourner

    Ah the joys of RPG'ing, I suggest people sign upto at least one.

    The I'm currently on is USS Phantom.

    Note however it isn't my sim but I have known the GM for at least a decade. Yikes has it really been that long.

    Like others it does have a few positions still vaccant.
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    Sep 13, 2006
    =^= The USS Endeavour is now recruiting =^=

    Hi all, the USS Endeavour is an email based RPG and is currently open for new recruits. Our Quest for the Unknown.

    We have been around now since 1997 so we are fast approaching our 10 year anniversary. A new website has just been created for everyone, the public and a new members area, where crew can log in and post messages to other crew member, create logs on line, to find out more you'll need to join.

    The site also has a database, which is always growing and full specifications about the ship and its Endurance shuttle.

    The Endeavour is currently the second ship in the SIM. The Endeavour-C was a Galaxy class ship that had to be set adrift after a collection of life forms embedded themselves in the ship. Starfleet Command ruled that the civilization life had a right to live and we had to give the ship up.

    The Endeavour-D was given to us as a Prometheus class, which is one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. We are capable of:
    multi-vector attack mode, which means we can split into three individual ships capable of warp,
    Holo-emitters on each deck for the IMH program
    Regenerative shielding.
    An advanced weapon called the Isokentic Cannon, but this can only be used when the ship is in one piece. W
    Able to use the transporters while shields are up due to the unique design of the hull, limited range.
    Slipstream drive, which allows us to travel great distances in a fraction of the time.
    Warp is still the normal means of travelling though, this is just a few things our fine vessel can do.

    The missions vary from full blown battles, time travel to diplomatic and you get the chance to put forward your own ideas for missions. Our mission has always been the same, to seek out new live, new civilisations to boldly go where no-one has gone before and we've certainly seen some strange things in our time.

    The current Captain is Ariba Sultan.

    We have several positions available and are looking to add more departments such as a Marine department, but would like to fill the ones we currently have at the minute.

    So if you think you have what it takes to become and member of this fine crew then please visit our site at http://sim.ussendeavour.co.uk and if you are not interested then still have a look at our site and maybe you could tell yours friends.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Jul 5, 2006
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    Akira Class USS Tomcat, NCC 62114

    With the sudden death of their Captain and the transfer of their Executive Officer, the USS Tomcat was left under the command of the inexperienced Second Officer/Chief Counselor. Lt. Commander Lynn Stryker was only supposed to be filling in until a new captain could be found.

    That was months ago.

    Does she have what it takes to be the Commanding Officer of a Starship? Can a counselor really command the Akira class Starship known as the USS Tomcat?

    In the wake of her appointment to the position of Commanding Officer, her crew has rallied behind her and together, they forge into the unknown.

    Their primary mission, to explore the region. Their secondary mission, to patrol the Outer Rim and keep it's travelers safe from the not so new threat of the Orion Syndicate and other threats that surface.

    Come be a part of the fun today!



    Open Positions:

    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief of Security/Tactical
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief of Engineering

    All Secondary positions are open.

    email: USSTomcatTGBeta@gmail.com
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    Oct 18, 2001
    Out there, thataway
    U.S.S. Yorktown

    Space, the final frontier . . .

    Those famous words first uttered all those years ago still ring true today. The U.S.S. Yorktown, NCC-2097 is about to embark on the last frontier to the Federation, the Gamma Quadrant.

    The Yorktown is set in the year 2418 and is an upgraded Constitution-class ship. She was built for exploration and will now get that chance again.

    Many postions are available including Executive Officer.

    To apply please visit our website: Yorktown site

    Join the U.S.S. Yorktown where adventure awaits for those who show up.

    Captain Adam Moore
    Commanding Officer
    U.S.S. Yorktown NCC-2097
    Alpha Fleet Simulations Group
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    Feb 2, 2007
    Theta Fleet

    Theta Fleet - www.thetafleet.com

    Starfleet throughout history has paved the way for advances in technology through research & exploration. No war has ever taken the Federation aback as the Dominion War.
    Research-- Exploration and Diplomacy all took a back seat as the battle for the Alpha Quadrant raged.
    2383, the war has been over for years-- Starfleet has finally managed to rebuild its forces and manpower. Exploration and more so secret Research has been placed back at the top of the "to do list"

    Part of this new strategy, Starfleet Command has assembled a Fleet-- Later named Theta Fleet and assigned them permanently to the Gamma Quadrant.
  9. Daedelus

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    May 31, 2007
    Greetings all,
    I am Admiral Daedelus of Omega Fleet
    The purpose of this post is to advertise my new fleet and the current vacancies we have available.
    Omega Fleet consists of 2 ships the Prometheus class USS Icarus and the Galaxy class USS Cale.
    Also in our possesion is Starbase Techyon which housesour Academy,A Diplomatic Embassy and various specialist departments such as MACOs, a flight squadron and much more.

    Positions are open in many departments and additional ship commands will be available as we grow so drop by and put in an application.

    Join Omega Fleet Today
    Omega Fleet

    Admiral Daedelus
    Commanding Officer
    Omega Fleet
  10. AjaxTorbin

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    Jun 1, 2007
    Brand new ship and brand new fleet looking for good RPG'ers

    Hey there bored with your old SIM? looking to get in on the ground floor of a new ship and new fleet?

    Well heres a chance to help shape the story and advancement of this new ship, the USS Newman, part of the rapidly growing Night Fall Fleet.
    We have many slots open and much room for advacement.


    still looking for:

    ((( Executive Officer )))

    Second Officer
    Chief of the Boat

    Chief Flight Control Officer

    Chief Strategic Operations Officer

    Chief Security officer

    Chief Operations Officer

    Chief Engineering Officer
    Transporter Chief
    Chief Science Officer

    Chief Medical Officer
    Chief Counselor

    Chief Intelligence Officer

    Marine Commanding Officer
    Marine Executive Officer

    Wing Commander


    And these are just some of the possitions now open on this ship, we also have many slots still open on other ships in the fleet, even COMMANDING OFFICERS, if thats your intrest.

    The Newman is an Akira class vessel constructed at the Utopia Planitia yards in Mars orbit.

    The Akira class is one of Starfleet’s post Wolf 359 ship designs that were designed to combat the Borg and Dominion in any future encounter.
    Toward ths end the Akira class is heavily armed with as many as three to fifteen torpedo launchers, and as many as four squadrons of fighters and a large number of support craft.
    It was this ‘battle carrier’ function that made this class such a popular design during the Dominion war. The primary function of the ship could be changed as easily as switching out her auxiliary craft.
    Extra fighters for a more combat support role, more Alpha class scouts for a patrol mission, or, even a special ‘gun boat’ modification where the rear shuttle bays are filled with torpedoes and an auxiliary magazine feed to supplement the ships’ already large store of torpedoes.

    Night Fall Fleet has decided to use some of the room from the photon torpedoes compliment, and tri-cobal devices, and use that space for extra quantum torpedo's. This ship has a thru-deck shuttlebay configuration. The arrangement of torpedo launchers is 4 forward in the rollbar, 3 aft in the rollbar, 3 forward above the deflector, 1 forward below the deflector, 2 to port in the saucer and 2 to starboard in the saucer. The deck listing below includes the weapons pod. As such, the first four "decks" are essentially sub-decks while the ship proper begins on what would customarily be deck 5 but is, in this instance, deck 1. The sub-decks comprise the pod.
    (^^taken from Nigtfall fleet main^^)

    The Newman herself is a type IV model; one of the latest types built after Starfleet started to move back towards its primary role of exploration.
    As such the Newman has slightly reduced fighter compliment and reduced numbers of torpedo launchers in exchange for a more agressive exploration role. This includes: an enhanced astrometric sensor array, extra energy storage, more redundant back up systems, two extra phaser arrays, and more powerful impulse engines.


    Night Fall fleet is an up and coming, rapidly growing fleet, which prides itself on staying true to the heart of Star Trek; the exploration of space and the further understanding of one's self it brings.

    Don't forget to check us out http://nightfallfleet.net/index.php
  11. Brozan_Jal

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Come be part of the the Adventure that is USS Andromeda

    The outer rim...
    ...a place of wonders and terrors where anything can and does happen.

    Here, one ship, one crew travel alone among the stars, meeting new civilizations and braving the dangers of the unknown. The year is 2383, and the name of hte ship is the USS Andromeda.

    I am Captain Brozan Jal and it is my honor to command this valliant intrpid class starship as we travel deep into the unknown where the only ones we have to rely on are each other. We are the shining beacon of civilization and cooperation in places where no one has gone before. I invite you to come join us as we ride the wings of space into all those undiscovered countries.

    The Andromeda is a play by forum SIM and a member of Bravo fleet's Task Force 17 starfleets primary exploration and research operations or S.P.E.A.R. Operations. We are a fast paced SIM averaging well over a hundred posts a month in character.

    Some of the positions currently available are:

    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Chief Operations Officer
    Chief Science Officer

  12. glitchman87

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    Jun 13, 2007
    The USS Wellington wants YOU!

    Greetings fellow star trek fans!

    I am the executive officer of the USS Wellington, a brand new, independent play by email roleplaying sim that will be starting very soon.

    If you're interested in a position, odds are we have it available. The sim takes place in the mid 2380's, and we have lots of great adventures lined up and ready to roll. All we need is a crew, so this is your prime opportunity to pick your position and become a part of the action!

    If you're curious at all about the USS Wellington, please don't hesitate to visit at http://www.usswellington.com

    Thanks for your attention, and I hope to be simming with you soon!
  13. CaptainLyra

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Attention Role-Players, Simmers, and anyone who ever had even a passing interest in online role-playing! It’s time for a brand new online RP experience!

    Welcome to Verak Nor – a brand new Star Trek sim/rp that is putting a spin on the traditional simming experience! We’re now able to bring sound and video to the simming experience. Gone are the days of strictly online, chat room, text based role-playing!

    It’s not just the technology that makes Verak Nor different, it’s the concept. Set in the Post-DS9 Universe (as laid out by the DS9 Relaunch novels), Verak Nor offers a chance to explore the rebuilding of the quadrant in the wake of Dominion War. There are opportunities to role-play as a Cardassian, a Starfleet officer, or as civilian. Using a combination of a weekly Live sim, and message boards for story writing, Verak Nor offers role-players a chance at in depth character building.

    We’re currently recruiting, with the intent to formally begin Live sims at the end of summer. The weekly live sim will occur every Tuesday, at 10:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (US). There are plenty of positions available!

    Come check us out!

  14. CooperWilliams

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    Jun 21, 2007
    The Atlantia Wants You!!!

    Do you want to see exotic worlds? Do you want to kick but and take names? Do you want to use weapons that most starfleet officers only dream of? Then the MCS Atlantia-A is the ship for you!

    The Atlantia is a PBeM sim. for more information contact Colonel Cooper Williams @ dkinght81@gmail.com
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    Jun 26, 2001
    2001 - 2016
    Re: The Atlantia Wants You!!!

    ^ A link may help.
  16. Rayek

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Star Trek U.S.S Wright

    Looking for adventure and a fun family orientated game? Then look no further because here at the USS Wright the staff aim to create adventurous and fun missions designed for all playing on board, and not just for the minority.

    At current the USS Wright has left SB 375, under objection from Captain Jaros to track down a privateer vessel thought to be taking part in pirate operations. The crew have been taken aboard for questioning but nothing is as it seems when it turns out one of the Federations most secretive organisations, Section 31 is involved..

    Check Us Out...

    or email

  17. Thalov

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    Jun 22, 2007
    USS Ethos - A new idea for simming


    To sum it up most simply, the Ethos Concept is about returning to some of the cannonicity of story telling that Star Trek executed. It's just that we want something different where our ship isn't torn asunder every other mission. This is more a return to that day when you first
    turned on TNG and was amazed by it. Not only did they show cool technology and take you to far away planets, but they had plots for the shows that were relevant to today and made you think - what would I do in their shoes?

    With well thought out mission writing we believe that it is quite possible to missions of this style. To insure we don't run out of ideas, or start getting stale plotlines, there's even a specific thread devoted to entertaining new mission ideas from the crew. The missions that are ready to be used involve ethical topics that are at the center of the mission, with other things like the who the ship encounters, what they're motives are, and what they're attempting to
    do fleshing out and broadening the idea of the topic of the mission.

    Furthermore to assist fleshing out such a unique universe we will be keeping extensive records of our past missions, species we've encountered, worlds we've visited, as well as how the ship works and what will be possible to do when systems are offline.

    Then there's a great amount of emphasis on character development. It is really what we believe to be at the heart of creating a dynamic and interesting story that people will want to read. The purpose of the mission is to point out an ethical argument and amplify the normal reactions/responses of characters as they react try to engender their point of view on the course of action. For example, lets look at the
    idea of rules and ethics behind them.

    What happens if you bend a rule once? Are there absolutely no excepetions? No room but to be confined by your own stubborness?

    What if you bend the rules only when it's for a deemed good cause. Something that is believed to be the right way to do things - and the rules are just getting in your way of accomplishing them.

    At what point of bending the rule does the imaginary line of your ethics of what is good and bad become grayed and dull and undefined? Are you really qualified to make the decisions on where the imaginary line should be bent? If you're not who is?

    As you can see in this quick example, that's there different view points on the same topic. There could easily be two different missions to explore the extremes of this debate. By having a character put in to a situation where he/she must make choices of ethics is what will really define a character. Maybe you play your character as chivalrous
    as possible a real Sir :Lancelot - yet would you give it all up just for a short time with the woman of your dreams? These are the things that really set everyone apart and characterizes each individual for who we are.

    =The Story Arc of the USS Ethos=

    The story arc of the USS Ethos is about a ship that starts off by exploring a method of extra-galactic travel. In this new galaxy, the ship will begin to explore the reaches of its stars to find new life and discover the unknown. At the end of this exploratory mission, and assuming they can return back to the Milky Way galaxy, they'll make their report to Alpha Fleet, who will make decisions on how to proceed from there.

    Being so far away from any governing body, captained by a man that has ties to the Orion Syndicate - how does the Prime Directive hold up that far away? Will "aliens" whose nature is quite contradictory to the Prime Directive still want to follow out it's mandate? How will these new species and life forms affect the crew?

  18. Squiggy

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    Jul 5, 2006
    Left Bank
    USS Liberty

    This Star Trek based role playing game is open to anyone who has a commitment to good story telling, great characters, and having fun playing the game. Set in 2382, the USS Liberty is continuing the mission set forth by The United Federation of Planets; To Boldly go Where No One has Gone Before. We are looking for a diverse crew with a wide range of talents to further our explorations and seek the unknown. Join the adventure! If you are interested, contact me via email. If you are an experienced SIMMer or just starting out, your creativity and dedication are very welcome here. Applicants must be 18 years of age or over.

    We're currently looking a Security Chief, CMO, and Counselor. If you wanna test your writing skills without many limits. Check us out!

    Stop on by and join the excitement!


    Commander Eric Prescott
    Executive Officer
    USS Liberty
    Intrepid Class
  19. KathrynArcher

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    Jul 18, 2007
    Star Trek: Atlantis

    Star Trek Atlantis RPG is based on a crossover between Stargate Atlantis and Star Trek, but is played out in the Star Trek universe.

    In year 2377 Sovereign Class Starship USS Atlantis discover a stable artificial wormhole in the alpha quadrant into Andromeda Galaxy. On their mission they find a city/starship abandoned 10.000 years ago. This was the home to group of humanoids called the ancients, also the creators of the stable wormhole. Their reason for abandoning the city is still unknown. This city named Atlantis will become the first outpost in exploration of this new galaxy.

    What secrets and adventures the crew of USS Atlantis and outpost Atlantis will find will be up to the crew…join Star Trek Atlantis!!

    There are many exciting possibilities for new species and many interesting positions aboard Starship USS Atlantis and Outpost Atlantis.

    We are currently looking for:

    * Chief Medical Officer
    * Chief Engineering Officer
    * Chief Counselor
    * Chief Science Officer
    * Chief Intelligence Officer:

    any a few more positions is available.

    Star Trek: Atlantis Forum

    Commander Cassandra Williams
    Commanding Officer
    USS Atlantis
    Sovereign Class Starship
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    Jul 19, 2007
    Bravo Fleet - The Standard of Star Trek Simming!

    When you think of Star Trek, what do you think of?



    Ensign Vorik?... Well maybe not him.

    What you should be thinking of is you! If you're a fan of Star Trek, you can live out that little fantasy you have tucked away in the back of your brain. Become an officer aboard one of Bravo Fleet's starships!

    Here at Bravo Fleet, we strive to maintain Gene Roddenberry's vision of a better tomorrow. We come together as Star Trek fans to embrace that which Gene started and to take it forward, to expand upon his vision and ensure that Star Trek will always live on in the hearts of the fans.

    Since 1997 Bravo Fleet has brought together over one hundred simulations spread out over eight Task Forces. These Task Forces are spread throughout the Trek galaxy encountering many familiar Star Trek species and some new ones. From the Gamma Quadrant to the Delta Quadrant, you'll be able to find your niche! Heck, over 1000 other players already have!

    We invite you to visit the Member Starships and Member Starbases that have numerous interesting stories and crew. These simms are what make Bravo Fleet what it is. Without the dedication of these Commanding Officers, Star Trek would not be the force that it is today.

    Here are the links you've been waiting for!

    http://bfinfobase.org - BF Infobase
    http://bravofleet.com - BF Headquarters
    http://www.bfinfobase.org/index.php?title=Office_of_Fleet_Recruitment - Office of Fleet Recruitment
    http://forum.bravofleet.com - Relay Station Bravo

    Bravo Fleet is home to Play By Email Simms as well as the ever popular Play by Forum Simulations.

    Whether you want to join a ship or command a ship, Bravo Fleet has the Community, Resources, and Fun that you need!

    "Our goal, to help each member reach beyond, peering far into their imaginations, to unleash the passion and potential that lives deep within each of us. Striving for excellence in simulation gaming." ~ Bravo Fleet Mission Statement

    Join today!!!!

    Commodore Christopher Johnson
    Director of Bravo Fleet Recruitment