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    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Please post all RPG recruitment threads into this post ONLY!

    Any seperate posts will be closed and a link will be placed to this thread.

    Thanks for your co-operation
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    Does Anyone Remember When We Used To Be Explorers?

    That’s a good question, isn’t it? Does anyone remember when we used to be explorers? Do you remember when you lay out beneath a blanket of stars and dreamed about what they held? Can you remember a time when you wanted to seek out new life and new civilizations, not be caught in a fire fight every other minute? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then Alpha Fleet Simulations may be for you.

    Alpha Fleet Simulations is a collection of Star Trek Role Playing Games set 35 years after the Shinzon Incident. The United Federation has just overcome a very bloody war with a new neighboring enemy race (the T’Saz Imperium), and now the Federation is returning to it’s roots of exploration and discovery. Composed of four Task Forces composed of three ships each, Alpha Fleet has been selected to lead the exploration initiative that Starfleet has proposed.

    In Alpha Fleet our players are truly sovereign and we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. We have a very family based attitude toward our players, and we try to help us much as we possibly can. Member simulations govern their own actions, all game masters are a part of our executive senate, and all players are invited to make their opinions known to us. So if you’re looking for a group that genuinely cares about it’s members and wants to help them, then we hope to hear from you.

    Right now we are open to anyone who is interested in joining us in our adventures. Also we’d like to announce that our fleet has recently expanded to include non-Trek RPG games. So if you’d like to join a group where you can have fun, live out an adventure, and make long lasting friendships then we hope you’ll consider us.

    Alpha Fleet Webpage

    On behalf of Alpha Fleet I thank you for reading this message. If you are uninterested I apologize for having bothered you and wish you a very happy and enjoyable day.


    William Teagarden
    Alpha Fleet Simulations Group
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    Hi everyone. I am Commander of the USS Altor, an Insignia class Vessel in Delta Fleet. Delta Fleet is a brand new fleet, set in the Delta Quadrant after Voyager's return to Earth, sent there to gain a foothold for the Federation.
    Each ship runs basically independent of the fleet, but with the added bonus that Joint Missions are available.
    Please check out my ship's website (http://ussaltor.deltafleet.co.uk).
    If you are interested, or have any questions, email me at jason.slowe@gnail.com

    Thank you for your time

    Captain Jason Slowe
    Commanding Officer
    USS Altor and Task Force 57-B
    Delta Fleet
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    U.S.S. Republic, awaiting launch

    The U.S.S. Rpeubic, a glaxy class vessel assigned to Galaxy Exploration Command is now accepting applicants at http://www.ussrepublic.org Feel free to stop by, browse and apply for any of our open crew positions. We are currently looking for a Chief Science Officer and Chief Tactical Officer.

    All are welcome-

    John Carter
    XO, U.S.S. Republic
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    Think you’ve got what it takes to join Starfleet?

    Then HEED THE CALL with Star Trek: A Call To Duty, the only online role-playing game ever endorsed by Paramount Digital Entertainment!

    Played by hundreds of people worldwide, you start in the role of a Starfleet Cadet, graduate from the three-week Academy Training missions as an Ensign, and join the crew of any of our starships or stations in the ACTD Fleet. Your mission - to explore the far reaches of the galaxy, seek out new life and civilizations, and go where no one has gone before. But beware, danger and excitement is waiting for you at every turn!

    Choose from any of the major departmental positions – Science, Tactical, Medical, Engineering, Flight Control, Operations, Counselor – and develop your character through chat-based, email-based or newsgroup-based role-playing. Each week you encounter a new challenge as you explore the universe and protect the Federation. As you progress through the Game, you may receive commendations for your actions, or perhaps even a promotion. Who knows, one day you might even make Captain…
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    Far Point is an interactive, play-by-email fiction writing club set in the year 2382 and based on the Star Trek Universe. Far Point is headquartered at the new Star Base 25, located in the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant between known space and the Delta Quadrant.

    This is considered the most dangerous and exciting assignment that Starfleet has to offer, because only one known Federation vessel has ever traversed this region of space.

    The potential for excitement is greater here than anywhere else in the known universe.

    Do you have what it takes to explore the great unknown? Do you have what it takes to work so far from support and protection? If you do, then come and join FAR POINT FLEET.

    Join the fleet at : Far Point Fleet
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    The year is 2381, the ship is the USS Devestator. A Nebula Refit Class based out of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 58, in the Reayan Sector. Also know as "the triangle".

    In this region of space, the C'hakilians look to disrupt the peace. Starfleet's mission has always been one of exploration and discovery, but Starfleet does not idly sit by when friendly species are attacked, or when they themselves are attacked. The Devestator, armed with 700 Photon Torpeadoes and the deadly Ventral Phaser Cannon is able to defend its self and others.

    Join our crew, as we start out, as we trek through the stars.

    Remeber this, those who attack this ship, surely will never be the same again. The will be DEVESTATED....

    Click Here to go to the USS Devestator Site!

    To view the Devestator's Movie Click Below
    Devestator Movie

    Movie Made Possible by MCpt Tom Bertlos, USS Devestator, MCO
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    Re: Does Anyone Remember When We Used To Be Explorers?


    I'm looking for someone interested in flying one of these craft. PM me for details if you're interested!
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    Be one of 6000 humans left in the galaxy.....

    Enterprise: Federation is an Alternate Universe Star Trek: Enterprise RPG based on the events of the episode Twilight, where Earth has been destroyed and humanity is being hunted by the Xindi. When Jonathan Archer awakens to find the human race driven to the distant world of Ceti Alpha Five, eluding the relentless pursuit of Xindi forces, he is visited by Daniels who tells him that billions will die who did not die before. Join Archer and his crew as they embark upon the mission to rebuild humanity's place in the stars and set the foundation for something Daniel's will only call - Federation.

    The storylines will involve the quest to rebuild humanity's place in the stars and the Xindi threat. Also, the survivors of Earth will try to rebuild their lives on the distant colony of Ceti Alpha Five, renamed Gaia, to create a new future for themselves. Amidst these events, a secret organisations rears its head with an agenda of its own to ensure the survival of humanity at all costs, even if it means acting beyond Starfleet Code of Conduct.

    We are currently seeking players for the following canon characters:

    * Malcolm Reed
    * Hoshi Sato

    We also need vacancies for the following department positions.

    NX01 Enterprise:

    Specific positions–
    * Operations Officer
    * Asst. Chief Engineer
    * Medical Officer
    * Nurse
    * Intelligence Officer
    * Flight officers (to pilot small fighters)

    * Security Officers
    * Engineering Officers
    * Science officers

    Colony of Gaia
    * Chief of Security (Colony)
    * Chief Administrator of Gaia Colony Hospital
    * Chief Medical Officer (Colony)
    * Flight officers

    Positions are also needed to be filled on the SS Excelsior/Intrepid
    * Bridge Officers
    * Security Officers
    * Engineering Officers
    * Science officers

    Players joining can have the option of being Section 31 agents who work behind the scene furthering humanity's cause no matter what the ends.

    Those who are interested please note that this is a serious RPG dedicated to complex storylines and furthering character development. Applicants will have to submit audition posts and detailed bios that give us a good idea of the character you wish to play. This is an ADULT game.

    If interested, you can visit our main website

    or our Yahoo site

    This a link of the story to date:
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    Join the U.S.S. Illuminati

    Contact the CO: Anasya@gmail.com

    They are looking for primarily a medical crew.

    Thank you,

    Freedom Fleet
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    Greeting, I am Farein Tierceilus, the Chief Engineering Officer of the RIS Aylhr. The Aylhr is my ship, a cruiser in the Romulan Imperial Navy. Commanded by Senior Centurion Jaeih t'Khellian, the Aylhr is on a mission to investigate the rebellious outer system Lords. With the Federation looking to regain lost territory and the Klingons forever out for blood, the fate of the Empire is grim.

    The Aylhr is a play by email roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe. We explore the Romulan Empire as a ship in its proud navy. Part of the UCIP Internet group of Role Playing Games, with Federation & Klingon Games (To name a few!) The fate of the Aylhr and the Empire itself is in the hands of its crew. Each decides what happens to his or her character.

    Do you have what it takes to role play with the Best?

    The Aylhr is always on the look out for other roleplayers to join their adventures. To view the positions available, and much more information, please visit our Website at http://www.ucip.org/Aylhr

    Or email our captain chiang_donna@iprimus.com.au
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    Your link doesn't work
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    Jun 26, 2001
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    Re: Does Anyone Remember When We Used To Be Explorers?

    I'm afraid the link to my RPG website is also down. If anyone is interested in Alpha Fleet we can, temporarily, be found at:

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    "Star Trek: Enterprise" Will Continue Her Voyages

    The voyages of the first Enterprise continue within the world of the NX-01 Enterprise RPG. No executives to cancel us. No Berman and Braga to agitate us. Only the limits of our own imaginations and the talents of our writers. Created before the series ever aired, with enthusiasm based solely on spoilers, this free form email-based RP has endured for three and a half years. Characters have come and gone, but our small group of core players are dedicated to the continuing voyages of the very first starship "Enterprise." We have maintained a quality of writing and characterization that rivals the best games out there.

    To maintain that level of quality, we need your help.

    A permanent player for Ensign Hoshi Sato is needed. A brief history of her friendships with established original characters will be provided. An audition post is necessary.

    We are also seeking original characters. If you liked the TNG ep "Lower Decks," then you'll fit right in. Our originals are just as important to the plots as the canons. We are seeking crew members in all departments, from Security to Engineering to Sciences. A more detailed summary will be sent upon membership. Aliens, alien-hybrids, androids, telepaths, cat-suit-clad officers, or red-haired/green-eyed female martial arts experts (you'd be amazed how many we get!) will be rejected outright. The moderators and I will gladly work with you to develop a character suitable for this period of Trek history.

    Obvious Mary Sues will be killed on sight. This is not a wish-fulfillment game where the players run amok with the canon characters. This is not a way to Mary Sue yourself into the Enterprise universe. Intelligent, mature *writers* are wanted.

    We run all-original plots, but do reference episodes when it becomes necessary to maintain a continuity to the show. We do *not* RP the episodes themselves (how boring is that?). Our current plotline is set during the Xindi arc of season three.

    Once we wrap that up (mid-June is our target), we'll be fast-forwarding to the end of the Expanse and the beginning of the fourth season (around the ep "Home."). All new characters will come on board at that time (with the exception of Hoshi's player).

    So if you were upset over the cancellation of "Enterprise," and wish to see the adventures continue, join us! You won't be disappointed.


    -Kelly, List Owner
    "Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker"
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    New Sim Starting

    The USS Neptune NCC 79005 is now recruiting. All postions are open but for Commanding Officer. If you want to Role play in a relaxed envioment then please enter our site and fill in the form. The site's URL is:


    Our rules are simple and easy to follow and we can safely say you and others will enjoy yourselfs.

    The sim is set in 2382. There are many positions available onboard the Dallas, and she is always looking for new crew. Please submit all applications to the E-mail below and go to the crew application link. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact mirax@hotmail.co.uk
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    May 22, 2005
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    Frontier Fleet

    (USS Odyssey - Bridge - 2391.03.28, 1122)

    Edward was simply sitting in the chair. *his* chair.. the Captain's Chair. From this chair, he could see everything that was happening. Even if he had to turn this chair a bit... He could see the OPS, working hard to make sure power was running where it was supposed to be running. He could see the STC working on a way to improve the shields. The CONN was here too, making sure they stayed on their course. And of course, there was the CSO, working on a way to enhance the sensors. The CMO and the COUNS weren't here... they were doing their jobs in Sickbay, and the counselling office.

    Right next to Edward, sat the First Officer. "I would have expected more from this trip.." he said to Edward.

    The CO smiled. "Well, we know for a fact of course, that..."

    Edward couldn't finish his sentence. He was interrupted... by all the lights on the bridge diminishing, and eventually, the bridge was dark. Totally dark. "Emergency lights!" Edward shouted.

    He didn't have to wait long for those lights to come online. When everything could finally be seen again, Edward turned towards the viewscreen... and was surprised by what he saw there. The screen was filled with what seemed like a nebula. "Science?" Edward asked immediately. "What is that on screen?"

    (Reply YOU!)

    "I see." Edward said, scratching his head. "OPS, where are we, actually? What happened? The last thing I know, we weren't going towards a nebula, were we?"

    (Reply YOU!)

    "Helm, get us out of here." Edward now said, sitting back in the Captain's chair. "Maximum warp... Tactical, see if you can get the shields up..."

    (Reply YOU!)

    (Reply YOU, any)
    (Posted by Rob Versteegt)

    Yes, we want you to reply! Does this seem interesting to you? Do you feel that you can add something to the story? If that's the case, then join ST Frontier Fleet! Go to www.frontierfleet.net, and have a look around!

    I hope to see you soon!
    Rob Versteegt, Chief of PR.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    ClassicTrek.com = original series RPG

    "It is illegal and extremely dangerous to take on board a Starfleet shuttlecraft, transporter beam or starship any hazardous materials or life-forms.

    Specific instructions for shipping these materials safely can be obtained from your regional cargo office.

    Samples of each of the main hazardous materials categories follow:

    Biological life-forms: tribbles, horta.

    Poisons and Etiological Agents: Scalosian water, tetralubisol.

    Corrosives: acids, cleaners, trimagnesite, diburinium.

    Radioactives: tritium, radiopharmaceuticals, or any delta ray emitting device.

    Each violation can result in a civil penalty or a criminal penalty and/or imprisonment for the individual.

    Starfleet is a division of the United Federation of Planets.

    A complete list of items may be obtained by contacting Starfleet Command."

    >>The notice accompanies your assignment as a crew member on board one of the ships of Classic Trek

    Classic Trek is your home for the finest 'Original Series' era role playing on the web. Our message boards chronicle the adventures of Starfleet's finest crews as they 'boldly go' during the heyday of manned space exploration. You'll seek out new life and visit all those strangenew worlds you've always dreamed about.

    Our adventures are played out on a message board based RPG. Set in the Star Trek original series (TOS) timeline, our main emphasis is on strong, well written character driven stories.

    If you have a new TOS era character in mind that you'd like to add to our forums or if you're ready to bring your character to the finest consortium of Trek Gamers in the galaxy, join today.

    If you've got the right stuff for a command post and are interested in launching a new ship within our stellar fleet; fill out our captain's aplication.

    We gladly accept any of the canon TOS ships of the line, the multitude of FASA ships as well as other variants. Help us form our fleet with finest ships and the best crews in TOS roleplay.

    We cordially invite you to join us at Classic Trek. Create a character so you can get in on the fun and contact one of our site administrators with questions or concerns. Feel free to send our link to anyone who you think might be interested in fine, free TOS role playing.
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    Under New Management! Everything must go!

    A New Command, Coming Soon! All empty positions MUST be filled!

    The USS Brisbane, a 14th Fleet pbem simulation will soon be receiving a new command team and with their arrival, every vacant position must be filled! If you enjoy Trek and you enjoy simming, then check out our website today!


    ALtCmdr Aaliyah James
    Executive Officer (newly appointed)
    USS Brisbane
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    USS Adriatic...Looking For Some Fresh Faces

    Have you ever had the desire to fly among the stars? Well I'm sure since you're in this thread you have. On board the USS Adriatic your dreams can become reality. http://www.uss-adriatic.org

    I'm Commander Kadilyn O'Compar, the Executive Officer of the Adriatic and I can tell you without pause that we have a crew of some of the best writers on our ship. We are a member of The 14th Fleet that operates out of Star Base 517.

    If you love SIMing, or for that matter just love writing check out our website then drop me a line, my email address can be found at our website. I'd love to chat with you about filling one of our vacancies. As well if you're interested we have a chat room on the Starchat server of IRC #uss-adriatic. Come join us there, we'd love to talk.

    (A)Commander Kadilyn O'Compar
    Executive Officer
    USS Adriatic NCC-75007
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    Apr 26, 2001
    South Coast UK
    U.S.S Alliance

    Greetings from the U.S.S Alliance

    The Alliance if a simmwhich has been around for just over a year and is currently looking for new players/writers to join the team.

    The format is a fairly liberal style PBEM where the story and characters evolve as the mission prgresses, and new ideas and twists are always welcome.

    The setting is the edge of federation space, where new friends, and enemies await to be discovered, and where nothing is taken for granted.

    The Alliance herself is an Akira class starship, and various positions are free at the moment

    We have positions available in


    as well as position in the ships Fighter Squadrons and Marine detachment.

    Though any other positions are also accepted (weapons specialist, strategic operations, barman,)

    So have a look and if you're interested let me know.

    CO of the Alliance

    U.S.S Alliance