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    Apr 26, 2001
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    U.S.S Endeavour

    Are you looking for a simm about exploration and character driven stories?

    A ship who isn't overpowered and bristling with weapons, but instead a
    small Nova class science vessel, assigned to explore the far reaches
    of the galaxy.

    Then Perhaps the U.S.S Endeavour is for you!

    It's a new simm so all positions are available, and if you're up for a
    challenging and think you could bring a new an exciting dimension to
    this simm then drop me an e-mail (amc698@...) or even better
    fill out the application form on board.

    I'm not affiliated to any fleet but I've simmed for a while and hope I
    know what makes a good simm.

    So have a look, have a think, and then come and join.

    Capt Valentian Eram
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    A question...

    I'm sure this has been discussed at length somewhere on this forum. But I missed it somewhere. Does anyone know what happened to PBEM.com? One day it was there and POOF, it was gone.

    I figured this would be the place to ask. Forgive me if I'm rehashing old info.
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    Re: A question...

    PBEM.Com was closed by it's owner. There are many stories as to why it was closed down as well. What I heard was it was getting too difficult to maintain.
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    Star Trek: Foundations

    Star Trek Foundations is a little different than most of the games posted here. While we're an RPG in all senses of the word, and we do take our roleplaying seriously, we try to back that RP up with a coded world in simulated space. For those of you familiar with the genre, we're a MUSH, a multi user shared hallucination, much more RP-oriented than a MUD, and fully immersed in the Star Trek world.

    http://www.foundationsmush.com/ - Website
    telnet://bdv.gotdns.org:1701 - Connect via Telnet

    Set in the year 2164, we have been active for more than 4 years, open to the world for more than 3 years. When you get into space here, you really fly through space in real ship classes which require actual skill to learn how to use. You can learn how to fly in 10 minutes but being able to stand up against a Klingon D-5 in your NX class vessel can take quite a while to master.

    We have diverged from the Star Trek Enterprise timeline as the show started, choosing not to deal with some of the more controversial canon elements such as the temporal cold war and evil-acting Vulcans. We try to stick as closely to both reality and canon as possible. As you fly through space you will see real stars, around which might orbit planets such as Andoria, Tellar Prime, Vulcan, Romulus and Qo'noS.

    At the moment, four factions are open, with a fifth, independent worlds, open by application. Terrans, Vulcans, Andorians and Klingons are the current groupings, while Independent Worlds are those non-aligned worlds such as Axanar, Rigel V and others popular among those who like to make money without worrying about military and political conflicts popular among the major races. The Federation has never formed here, but that's not to say it never will. We leave it up to the players to determine what is happening in our world, if the leaders of the traditional worlds choose to found the Federation, they can roleplay it out over time and we will allow it. But thus far, groups as disparate as the Andorians and Vulcans have been unable to overcome their suspicion, while the Terrans still struggle to overcome being the new kids on the block, with worse technology but the can-do spirit that sometimes the other races lack.

    With our dynamic space system (Aspace), dozens of well-built planets, ships and bases, a functioning economy with a new one in the works, the ability to colonize planets and research new technologies, and to set the course for not just yourself and your vessel, but your entire faction, we're looking for new people to come and try out our game.

    I'm one of the wizards (administrators) on the game, my name there is Dal. I got into Trek roleplaying via a sim group and I see that many of these sim groups continue to flourish even today. Sims are great and a good one sets the tone for some really great RP. But we have a few advantages over a sim... number one is that we're on all of the time. If you are bored at 2 am like I just was, you can log into the world of Trek and explore, trade, research and fight off alien menaces.

    Come check us out! We're completely free and the worst that can happen is you don't like it and wasted five minutes of your time. Mention when you log on that you saw Dal's ad, because I'd like to know personally if anyone from here has any desire to check it out.

    Thanks a lot just for getting through all this.

    P.S. if you're new to MUSHing, and you don't like the telnet client, there are numerous clients available for connecting to the game which work much better. My personal choice is GMud - http://darkages.darkfantastic.net/pages/gmud.html - which is small and easy to configure.
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    Re: A question...

    It has since been reopened under new management. It's available at

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    Jul 19, 2005
    Starbase Indri RPG

    The Starbase Indri RPG-by-forum has been in existence since January 2004 and has since grown into what it is today. Currently, the RPG has one active ship, the Akira-class USS Nomad, and a partially active station, Indri, which, as it stands, is being used as a staging point in Nomad stories. The RPG will begin its eighth episode soon and is recruiting!

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    Surlak stood outside of his office, as he deactivated the locking mechanism, and stepped inside. Something did not seem right.
    A mysterious voice called out. "Computer, engage locking mechanism on door. Disengage any sensors or surveilence devices in this room."
    Surlak saw someone sitting in the shadows, standing behind his desk. "Good Evening, Mr. Surlak," the voice called out. "Activate lighting, 30% illumination." Surlak's eyes slowly adjusted to the lighting. Behind his desk stood Captain Quandrome, of Indri Starbase.
    "I know, Mr. Surlak."
    "About what," Surlak enquired. He had been trained for this, he knew 48 ways to kill a humanoid using his fingers, should he know too much.
    "About the Ka'Vient, about the Transwarp Core, about your Mother. Probably more than you yourself."
    The last revelation caused Surlak to freeze in his place. How did he know, how had the leak occured, how could he have known. "How...?"
    "I'm El-Aurian, I listen... closely..." (fragment from Episode 1: Transwarp)

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    When Blake arrived at the holodeck, there already was a program running. Hmmm... what's she up to? He entered the room, and immediatly some strange smell poured into his nose...
    "Audzen... what IS this?"
    Tobe turned around and smiled. "Mike, believe me, this really is heaven. Even Wallace finds it relaxing!" Wallace, who sat across Tobe, nodded.
    "Get dressed and join us! The changing room is over there." WIth that said, Tobe sat back and continued relaxing. Oh well... In a few minutes, he was dressed, and walked toward the bath. It was filled with... "Yeah Blake, that's mud. Now don't stare like that, come in!"
    "Euh... yeah... sure..." Well, it was nicely warm... Well... it's even nice!
    Blake sat back and relaxed. This was really what I needed... He heard a giggle from his left. "I told you you would like it..." (fragment from Episode 3: Echos)

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "We entered visual range and we saw three massive ships on screen... they appeared to be basic geometric shapes but the power out put was tremendous." Courtney and Blake visually paled when they heard this, was it who they thought it was... Deneblave noticed this response. "I see that you have heard of this species before?"

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "Cap, I'm picking up the planet. There's some interference, maybe some radiation from the sun, which blocks my attempts at scanning the backside of the planet. The planet seems post warp, I'm detecting several artificial satelites in low orbit. I can't access the communications network yet because of that same radiation, but when we are approx. 1 hour away from the planet I should be able to make contact." Blake was typing furiously, trying to tap into the network. Courtney looked up. "Alright, but just keep scanning, if there's anything wrong I want to know it immediately..."

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "Colonel Tobe, you have permission to continue with your away mission." Tobe got up and headed for the turbolift "Good Luck" Courtney finished.

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    There was a few moments of silence on the bridge before Tobe checked in.
    "Tobe to Nomad, transport complete.... the whole teams here but according our tricorders thats about all thats here... it shouldn't take us more than an hour down here."
    "Thats Good Colonel, just check in from time to time so we know your..."
    Courtney was cut off by a shout from Blake. "Incoming weapons fire, brace for impact!!!"

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "MIST teams, we've got a Borg infection on Deck 4. There are 4 confirmed drones there, another 4 have been taken care off. Don't mind the casualties; my scan indicate that they're already dead... including one of your marines.... I'm sorry..."
    It was Toral himself who answered. =/\= Confirmed bridge, we're on our way. Anything else? =/\=
    Blake taught for a second. "Yes, I'll take a team into the area myself. We'll meet at sickbay and set up a base there, Dr. Valorak has evacuated everyone to Ten Forward so after we're done I suggest we make our way to there. Good idea?"
    =/\= Affirmative Blake, copy that. We'll meet up in ten minutes or so. Toral out. =/\=

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "Listen up, Counselor.." Tobe held the woman by the arm.
    "Unhand me you brute..!" Zenni's voice sounded pompous and debonair.
    "Who do you think you are, Lt.?" Tobe was mocking her rank.
    "I think I'm a SF officer who deserves a little respect for my efforts." Zenni yanked her arm away from Tobe.
    "What you deserve is a one-way ticket to Rura Pente..."

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    Not three feet away from McCormick was a row of head high cylinders half a metre across, each filled with a thick gel, but it was the contents that made his skin crawl. Each cylinder had a small fetus suspended deep in the gel, each one suspended by a series of metallic spindles and cybernetic cords dropping from the machinery above and extended deep into the barely formed skin of the fetuses and into their insides like black spider webs, as he walked closer he say that they were breathing, slowly expanding and contracting, every now and then one would give a small kick...

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "Coliss, plant those pattern enhancers NOW! We'll cover you!"
    The Marine stepped out of the middle of the group, planted the pattern enhancers, but was almost surprised while planting the last one when a drone tried to smash his tubules into her back. It didn't get that far, as Blake had grabbed Toral's phaser and already had shot the drone.
    "Nomad, this is Blake! GET US OUT OF HERE NOW!"
    Ten seconds after the away team was beamed up, the surroundings of the former Borg building was transformed into a sea of flames when the away team's *presents* did their job... (fragments from Episode 4: Shadows and Darkness)

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    "Let me get you something to drink," Quandrome offered and walked over to the replicator to return with a cup of tea and a steamed Raktajino.
    "I don't recall telling you of my favourite drink," she remarked as he sat down the two cups on the table and took a seat. "It's our job to know everything, isn't it?" answered Quandrome.
    "So why are you here?" she asked, taking a nap of her coffee. "Well, there is a matter I wanted to discuss with you," answered Quandrome, holding his hands warm around his cup of tea. "There are... things you learned... you weren't supposed to, but now that you do, it suits me to... well, to clear some things up for you." Quandrome recalled their latest meeting. He wasn't completely sure what she knew, and what she didn't, but he had considered it for the best not to reveal that detail to her. "Of course, I need not remind you this discussion will remain between you and I." She nodded. "Well then... You must have heard of Admiral Perez' sudden death, only mere days upon his arrival at Indri?" Again, she nodded. "One of my officers was responsible for this tragic event. I have worked with him ever since the Cavalier-incident -- surely you read of it before your commission aboard the Nomad -- and I trusted him. But for reasons unknown, he is now onboard the ship we are chasing." (fragment from Episode 6: The Gathering Storm)

    ~ * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ~

    We will start Episode 8 shortly. This episode will feature the beginning of a new storyline, so that knowledge of previous story arcs is not required of new members. If you plan on joining Indri, this is your chance!

    Due to the departure of some members, several department head position may come available, including Chief Science Officer, C.M.O and Chief Engineering of the Nomad, while most positions on board Indri Starbase are still open.

    See our website: http://www.nov-net.com/indri/

    and our forums: http://www.nov-net.com/forum/
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    Jun 26, 2001
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    Alpha Fleet

    Alpha Fleet!

    5 years, multiple ships, the adventure continues!
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    Jun 13, 2006
    Star Trek: Foundations


    Star Trek: Foundations (STF) is not a sim, it is a completely different roleplaying experience, though it still maintains much of what makes a sim great, roleplay, action and a lot of great people having fun together. STF is a MUSH, a genre of text-based games that works according to code. What we've done is actually build the Star Trek world, with dozens of planets, governments, ships, alien races, with rules to govern their interaction, and then we simply allow players to run (mostly) free in this world.

    When you join the game, you pick the sort of character you'd like to be, the faction you would like to join, then you merely exist in the world, akin to an MMORPG like the upcoming Star Trek: Online, and in fact, MUSHes and the many similar genres of game were the original precursors to graphical MMORPGs.

    Our game is set in the year 2164, approximately 10 years after the end of Enterprise. When we started the game, we determined that we would allow the players to bring about the progression of the universe from that point on. We maintained the canon races, worlds and layout of the Star Trek universe, but we allow the players to determine where things go from there to a large extent. An example is that the Federation never formed in our world, because the various factions are still so caught up in their petty disputes that they can rarely agree.

    The Vulcans and Andorians still maintain a cold war mentality that occasionally flares up into a hot war, while the Terrans attempt to play peacemaker for both sides and maintain their alliances. The Klingons are the other major player-based power, acting to a large extent the way Klingons do, violent and short-tempered, they feel little compunction firing on any Terran ships that get in their way. Many other races exist in the game for independent trader types, Tellarites, Rigelians, Malurians, Orions, Denobulans, Nausicaans, Axanar and many other races seen in the Enterprise series. Some of these organizations may eventually be opened to becoming full player empires as our playerbase increases. The Romulans exist in the game as a major power, yet they are an NPC race simply due to the fact that no one can know they are related to the Vulcans, though we do allow applications for Romulan NPCs for those who prove themselves trustworthy.

    Our game is very different from a sim, it runs 24 hours a day, and there are always players connected. We do have our busy times, but they tend to vary as we have players from all six habitable continents, but there are always people on. Our administration is dedicated and looks towards building the depth of the world up towards making it a fun, interactive environment where people can explore hundreds of stars and dozens of planets, utilize the in-game economy, engage in diplomacy, space battles, away missions and most important, quality RP.

    If you think this might be a fun place to try, I'd love to give you a tour of the game, though of course anyone can try it out themselves at any time, all it requires is an interest in Trek and a desire to learn the few simple commands that will get you around the world. Everyone on the game is extremely helpful and though it may seem a tad daunting at first to get involved in a world so intricately complex with so many features to it, we would really love to have you. My desire is to get us from the point where we go from having a few dozen players online at any time to a hundred or more online at peak hours. I know that there are plenty of people out there who would love to play a game like this if they only knew about it, so I invite everyone who has had their interest piqued to stop by and try us out.

    Levinski, Lieutenant Kel
    Medical Officer, UES Discovery
    Starfleet, Terran Confederation


    Connecting from any MU* client:
    If you find telnet a limiting client for connecting to the game (very few people who MU* use it, since it's not very versatile) one can download a MU* client. I use GMud as it's simple and easy to download and install. The following webpage has instructions for downloading and setting up a connection to our world. Our address for use with a MU* client is:
    Host Name: bdv.foundationsmush.com
    Port: 1701

    Join today, and help shape the fate of the galaxy.
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    Jun 16, 2006
    Star Trek RPG: The Adventure Continues..

    Please come and take a look at my Star Trek RPG Site!

    Star Trek RPG: The Adventure Continues..

    The Story:

    The Year 2379 is almost at an end, The Dominion War is over, The Borg have stopped their attacks for now and The U.S.S. Enterprise is still under repair and is undergoing a major refit, after it's battle with The Reman Ship 'Scimitar' and all is right in The Universe.. or is it ?

    Starfleet has just Received New Intelligence, that Legate Lasrin of The Cardassian Military and Commander Embore of The Romulan Tal Shiar have both gone Rogue and joined forces. Their plans are to do what The Dominion could not.. Destroy The Federation!

    The Federation had high hopes that Peace would last.. but Legate Lasrin and Commander Embore, are not men of Peace.. they are men of War!

    Perhaps we are not meant to have Peace in our time.. who knows.. but once again, we are at War!

    Legate Lasrin and Commander Embore have secretly constructed a massive fleet! We don't know how they kept it secret, but what's done is done, and now they have over 500 Ships at the ready and more on the way.

    Stardate: 56915.8 - The Pearl Nebular, Alpha Quadrant: Home to Starfleet's Reserve Fleet.

    As Starfleet's Reserve Fleet lay docked in the Pearl Nebular, Lasrin and Embore's forces launched a surprise attack! They laid waste to the unsuspecting Starfleet Cruisers, Battleships, Destroyers and Starbases... few ships survived... fewer still ready for combat. Perhaps they died a warriors death as a Klingon would say... but to be caught sleeping!? That is Inexcusable!

    To make matters worse, other Starfleet Ships have been attacked and either destroyed or badly damaged along the Cardassian & Romulan Borders and even more Federation Starbases and Ship Yards have been destroyed or badly damaged as well.

    After Starfleet's loss's in The Dominion War and Borg Attacks, it is taking Starfleet far longer to rebuild their forces then they thought. Starfleet does not have enough ships at this time to wage a war with Lasrin and Embore..

    That is why Starfleet Command has decided to set up a Base of Operations to combat these attacks along the Cardassian & Romulan Borders, with what ships they can spear and to ready a Staging Ground to begin to fight back at Legate Jazin and Commander Embor, once Starfleet's Main Fleet is back up to full strength.

    Thus, Starfleet has upgraded an old vital outpost.. This is The Federation Station.. Starbase 29!

    Starbase 29 is a Space Dock Class Starbase, it is a vital Space Dock & defense outpost, it is a gigantic facility orbiting the Uninhabited Planet ''Frelljin V'' along the Romulan/Federation Border, it is able to harbor numerous Starships inside its upper, mushroom-formed, section; Starbase 29 also includes a drydock, a large orbital facility for the construction or repair of Starships.

    Starfleet has also taken control of a new outpost vital.. Once known as Limpok Nor.. This is The Federation Station.. Deep Space 4!

    Deep Space 4 is an Orbital Docking Station constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of The Opal Nebular, along the Cardassian/Federation Border, now under Federation Administration following The Cardassian withdrawal, after The Dominion War; DS4 has been transformed into a vital commercial port and Space Dock, it has a number of Docking Ring Ports, Upper Docking Pylons, Lower Docking Pylons and Landing Pads, 10-15 Starships can be docked at any one time.

    Starbase 29 and Deep Space 4 have been chosen, Starbase 29 because it's location to the Romulan/Federation Border and DS4 because it's location to the Cardassian/Federation Border.

    DS4 has been chosen as a Base of Operations and Starbase 29 has been chosen as a Staging Ground.. only there is one problem.

    Almost six days ago, Starfleet lost contact with Deep Space 4 and Starbase 29, Starfleet has been unable to regain contact with either Station. So Starfleet Command have sent orders for The U.S.S. Phoenix to investigate.

    The Year is now 2380, (January 1st) - Stardate: 57001.1.

    So if you like Scifi or Star Trek or Both! Come on down!

    Link: Click Here!

    Thanks Guys!
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    Re: Star Trek RPG: The Adventure Continues..

    The Time: 25th Century
    The Place: Federation Space
    Almost half a century has passed since the Dominion and Cardassians were defeated. The Federation has grown even stronger with the new alliances between the Klingon and Romulan Empires stronger than ever. Cardassia Prime has been rebuiilt and the new government is finally able to put the brutal war behind them. Then things begin to go bad as the Dominion begins sending more ships to patrol thier border in the gamma quadrant. After peace talks fail, the Dominion and Federation enter a state of Cold War. Nobody knows how long the fragile peace will last. Making matters even worse, Borg vessels have been spotted moving closer to Federation space from the Delta Quadrant. To combat this, Starfleet creates the ADWAR, or Advanced Warfare Division, a fleet of the strongest ships to protect the Federation should either of these two powers attempt to attack.

    To assist, the USS Minerva, a Galaxy Refit Class, has been modified to serve as a heavy assault carrier, carrying two wings of starfighters into battle. The old but massive starship will soon be deployed onto the front line to protect the Federation.

    I am Lieutenant Commander James Sharpp, Commanding Officer of the Minerva, a play by forum rgp simulation. We have several positions open and specialize in starfighter positions. I am easy to get along with and am grateful to reward good simming with promotions and awards. We would love to have you simming with us!

    Here is a link to the website, USS Minerva

    Here is a link to the ADWAR website in case you would like to check it out:

    Please check us out. Thank you for your time.
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    Jul 13, 2006
    Re: Star Trek RPG: The Adventure Continues..

    Its mission: To explore past charted space in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and to defend the Federation and her allies against all enemies; foreign and domestic. The USS Intervision is a Sovereign Class Starship based in Bravofleet's Taskforce 44. The simm is just starting out, butdon't let that scare you away. Join today and grab the position that you want. The Intervision is a simm that focuses as much on exploration and character development than most simms do with action missions. Does that mean this will be a boring simm? Far from it. Expect plot twists at any given moment. Want a simm where your creative talents will be putto the test? Can you work well with other writers? If so, then join the USS Intervision today! http://ussintervision.bravehost.com/ Simply click on the Join link and fill out the Crew Application. I look forward to simming with you!
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    Starfleet Intelligence: Special Operations

    I've been through too many Star Trek rpg's to count. They're either shoot 'em ups with no plot, or the plot drags on and on until people get bored and quit. Are you tired of Star Trek simms with the same old premise? Are you tired of getting lost and not having your character recognized? Sick of the lack of creativity, or worse, the complete lack of anything canon?! Are you tired of going from rpg to rpg and never finding your home?!

    Starfleet Intelligence wants YOU to come and help us create the best Star Trek rpg on the web! Based in the early 25th century, our Special Operations Headquarters are located in London, England. It is here we are prepared to track down and defeat Section 31, who has finally crossed the line and gained far too much power. Are you a newly graduated Starfleet Cadet looking to be trained in the field of intelligence? Are you an undercover agent who has to infiltrate a terrorist organization? Or are you working Section 31 and trying to keep us from destroying the organization for good?

    We offer suspense, drama, comedy, romance, and most of all, good writing! This is a yahoo group pbem with a high quality writing standard and an emphasis on character development. There will be no one liners here. Best of all, we offer a friendly atmosphere where new players will be encouraged and where everyone will get a chance to have an 'episode' focus on them! Check us out and join the family!

    Website/Homepage: www.geocities.com/starfleetintelligencerpg

    Email: gaelicgirl23@hotmail.com or starfleetintelligencerpg@yahoo.com
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    U.S.S. Alliance, Star Trek Based RPG

    Is anyone here interested in joining a Star Trek base play by email RPG? It is set in the year 2383, which updates at the end of each year. We are a Galaxy-X class vessel, and are always looking for new players.

    Here are the positions that are currently open;

    Chief Engineering Officer
    Chief Operation Officer
    Chief Intelligence Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Medical Officer

    Once these positions are filled I hope to open up the assistant positions.

    Here is a link to the Alliance's main site, U.S.S. Alliance, if anyone wishes to join or has any questions contact me;

    Email: SupremeLegate@hotmail.com
    MSN Messenger: SupremeLegate@hotmail.com
    AIM: Supreme Legate
    Yahoo IM: Andromedaacendant9973
  14. Jen_McTaggert

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    Jul 13, 2006
    Join the crew of the U.S.S. Intervision!

    Are you ready to seek out the unknown? Will the new Commanding Officer of the USS Intervision, a Sovereign Class vessel be able to step up to the challenge of commanding a starship? However, unknown to Starfleet and the crew of the USS Intervision, a powerful enemy lurks in the blackness of space beyond charted Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Want to be the first to meet this new species that even the Iconians feared and had placed in stasis? Want to know what will happen when they awaken? The only way to find out is to join the adventure. The USS Intervision is 10 members strong with 50-Plus posts in only half a month! Fill out the Crew Application on the Join Page at: http://ussintervision.bravehost.com/ The primary available positions are:

    * Chief Engineer
    * Chief Science Officer
    * Chief Medical Officer
    * Chief Flight Control Officer
    * Chief Counselor
    * Chief Diplomatic Officer

    We focus as much on character development as on exploration and action missions. Plot twists are thrown in at anythime to challenge your creative writing skills. If you are up for the challenge, I look forward to simming with you!
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    Guest Guest

    USS Vanquish - Recruiting for creative and dedicated players


    I am Captain Will Logan of the soveriegn class USS Vanquish. We are assigned to TF137 on Alpha Fleet and are looking for talented simmers to join our rank's.

    Do you have what it takes to play a vital role on one of Starfleet's most advanced ship's? Do you enjoy the responsibility of running your own department like Operation's or Science? Do you want to help shape the storyline of a mission?

    If you answered yes to most of these then you should be applying for a positon with us today.

    Currently open position's are:

    Chief Helmsman
    Chief Operation's Officer
    Chief Science Officer
    Chief Counsellor
    Marine Commanding Officer

    Plus many junior position's if you prefer less responsibilty.

    Just contact me on MSN or via E-Mail on millersv2000@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested,

    Don't forget to visit the board's where all the action takes place. USS Vanquish
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    Re: USS Endurance !!!!Go wear no one has been before!!!!

    Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. -Confucius.

    The USS Endurance is a simm which is part of tack force 47 task group C (Kensai). She is under the command of Lieutenant Commander Tom Darke, with Lieutenant Dorian Pursey as his Executive Officer.

    The Endurance is currently on a shakedown cruise, and is sceduled to go on a mission to somewhere no other Federation ship has been and come back from. The TYPHOON EXPANSE, (for more info click on the link http://www.ussendurance.com/index.php?pageref=database&entry=3 ), is where she is scheduled to go, will she make it?, will she be destoyed?, will Commander Darke succeed?

    There are several positions available on the USS Endurance.

    a couple of which are:

    Captains Yeoman
    Chief Intellingence Officer
    Chief Counsellor
    Chief Science Officer
    Strategic Operation Officer

    and many other Department head positions,as well as all asst. Department head and enlisted positions

    come and have a look at our website

    Go where other ships haven't, have a whole new adventure!!!!!

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    New Fleet ST: GEF recruiting NOW!

    That's right. G.E.F. (Gamma Expeditionary Force) is just starting up and is recruiting right NOW!.

    Don't miss out on all the best position's. All are open.

    GEF is set in 2383. Under new order's from Starfleet, a select few of officer's have been given the chance to build a starbase and colony in the Gamma Quadrant in the hope to build new realitionship's and allies as the Federation struggles to rebuild itself after the aftermath of the war.

    Do you have what it takes to be an officer on a station in a mostly uknown quadrant?

    We are currently looking for officer's for the station but will soon be opening up ship's.

    Interested? Then take a look at our FORUM'S

    Contact Rear Admiral Gabrielle Foster on kazjack@yahoo.co.uk or
    myself millersv2000@yahoo.co.uk
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    You think you have what it takes to be a Starfleet Marine?

    "The year is 2388. USS Melstone, a Sovereign-Class Starship, is on a routine patrol when an unidentified ship opens fire, destroying her shields, and shutting down her engines. Her communications are jammed, and boarding parties transport onboard, at least 100 hostiles. If she was just your run of the line ship, Melstone?s security teams would have attempted to fight off the intruders, and probably failed. However, she just happens to have the 7th Battalion of Marines detached to her, and with the help of the 1st Platoon of Light Infantry (The Centurions), and the Powered Infantry of the 3rd Platoon (The Robots), as well as a few members of her SpecOps team (equivalent to the S.A.S. or Delta Team), Melstone fights off the hostiles. The unidentified ship quickly goes to warp, and is lost."

    Recruits have over 600 positions to choose from, with the 7th Battalion taking up 470 of them, ranging from jobs in the Light and Powered Infantry to jobs in the Aeromobile Squadron, The SpecOps team, the Quartermaster Department (which includes musicians, JAG officers, R&D and a helluva lot more), the Combat Engineers, the Medical Corps, the Armoured Vehicle Company or the Mecha Battalion. Of course, there are positions in Starfleet as well, with many positions still open.

    The USS Melstone is an informal, play-by-forum RPG, with a quite a few committed simmers. Have fun (yeah I know that sounds lame) in a friendly (sometimes) and safe (errr) forum, where all people are accepted (except for non-Trekkies). The USS Melstone has also recently had international fame in the International Star Trek Magazine, when one of her members wrote in and mentioned the USS Melstone. (ok so that was me)Below are pictures done by one of her members (okay so it was me again).

    Web address: http://s15.invisionfree.com/USS_MELSTONE/index.php?act=idx

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    2001 - 2016
    The Starship Enterprise - Former Flagship of the TrekBBS RPG


    Six seasons have passed since the Enterprise first began her mission of exploration and defense of the Alpha Quadrant, and now we're looking for someone like to help continue our adventures.

    Originally established in conjunction with the television series Enterprise, Continuing Voyages was originally the flagship of the TrekBBS Simulation Group. While the days of the Trekbbs RPG Group may have passed, Enterprise has continued strongly. With over 9,000 posts, Enterprise is still active and waiting to go.


    They are the ultimate defense, or the ultimate weapon. A relic from a species long since dead, the infamous Doomsday Machine is something few Captains have ever seen and each dreads. Designed as a weapon against the Borg, One strike can destroy the most powerful of vessels, or even obliterate planet.

    And now another one has been found...

    The only ship well enough equipped to take on such a craft, the Starship Enterprise has been deployed in the hopes of stopping the dangerous planet killer before it can claim its next victim. Their orders are simple: Destroy the device; however, all isn't what it seems. The crew of the Starship Enterprise will now face it's greatest of challenges, but the challenge may reside inside.

    Enterprise Website
    Enterprise RPG Group

    Currently list of open positions:

    CHIEF ENGINEERING OFFICER - Lieutenant J.G. Minimum
    MARINE EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Marine Captain Minimum
    ASST CHIEF OF SECURITY - Lieutenant J.G. Minimum
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    Free Email Gaming

    I am making a free email gaming it has no website to get information about this game you will have to email me at
    Once you have requested to join, requested a character to play as in the game. If this character is avialable you will get a special email account made for this game.All the characters email addresses will be on easy.com so email will be sent and recieved quicker. Once agian if you are interested please email me at