Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voices!

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    Re: Robert Englan'ds STAR TREK: YEAR FIVE CGI with original cast voice

    With no disrespect to the project of course, one does wonder how it would sound if produced simply as an audio drama, complete with sound effects, musical score, etc. I think it could be pretty fabulous if done properly.
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    Ouch!! I am the Creator of Beyond Antares (Though I'm loath to admit it Here - I really wish I hadn't ever seen this thread!) ----- Beyond Antares was intended as a 'Proof of Concept' so people (that tend to imagine...) could IMAGINE what is possible with Professional Tools and Time and ANY Level of Funding.
    As to your many MANY collective 'concerns' about the visual quality; the first segment (The Original Part One with the BIG shoulders) Was Literally created on a Notebook Computer in a Hospital bed - as I was dying from un-diagnosed ultra-rare cancer, it was never intended to be released (or even finished specifically), unfortunately I survived to assault your eyes with my Art.
    Part 2 (and Part 1 Completely redone incorporating Hundreds of 'Suggestions' from Viewers ) - were created only in Spare time on a Single Desktop Computer. !!! I would have thought people would be more appreciative to find what will be no less than 19 45-minute long adventures with All the Voices of the Originals in what are essentially Lost Episodes!!! I don't understand. At any rate: I have big plans -please tune into week one of this article about what's next - if you like:
    Thanks for watching (I guess...)
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    Robert: very sorry to hear about your health struggles. I hope you're doing better now.

    I wouldn't take offense to doubleoh's suggestion or to feedback more broadly. I've always believed that art is to be critiqued. As long as opinions are given respectfully, I think they're an important part of the creative process. That said, you should do whatever you find fulfilling, taking the suggestions you believe have merit and setting aside the others.

    Good luck with your upcoming projects. I'll check them out, as I remember the old games very fondly.
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    I really would rather see this audio get into the hands of CBS and have them do something similar but with higher production values. Robert has alluded to having reams of unreleased material so this is also of historic interest if it's just not game rips. I'm shocked that this kind of thing would just fall through the cracks and wind up exclusively in the hands of a fan.
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    Robert's alluded to having a huge data base of lines - I have no technical knowledge on this whatsoever but I feel, wether it be someone in the fanfilm community or not, he should have a 'third party' to share it with, maybe even train them on how to use it.

    neo f/x know how to make TAS style episodes as does Curt Danhauser. And 40 years on I'm sure people would love to se a TAS Chekov!
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    "Train them how to use it" .. Use what? My 25 years of skill and talent at making NEW AUDIO from OLD? Perhaps you could clone my brain and put it into a body you have 'heard of', throw away MY body... then be happy? Not sure what you think I was doing, but I clearly said it is a Visual PROOF of CONCEPT created on a single desktop computer, to show the possibilities with the AUDIO, With funding and proper equipment this could look better than ANYTHING CBS would do. (and you know it). TREKBBS: 'Taking the Fan out of Fan FIlm for 25 years!' ugh. Every time I come to a place like this I am 100% over the whole idea and it takes forever to get back into it. Why are people such **** and *** ** and also ** ** * ** * ****!?!?
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    I loved those two games. I absolutely think you should keep working on this. As a proof of concept, I think it's interesting, and I'd certainly watch it.
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    3rd party to 'share' ??? I feel like I woke up in crazy land today... I do not Ask to SHARE Axanars Art or Danhausers' resources, why should I be Asked to SHARE what I have spent 10 years putting together? You want a database of every word spoken by the actors, you make one too. HINT: Start with the MOUNTAIN of AUDIO BOOKS read by the authors. Other than be clever with Computer Programming and breaking the encryption on Judgement Rites, I do't have anything that isn't in the public domain, I'm just clever at using it to make a new Teleplay. If you have seen Beyond Antares you KNOW I have done many extreme 'somethings' to the audio, why do you think I could just 'hand that over' to another person or 'share'? I MADE WHAT YOU HEAR, so sorry I didn't have funding in my Hospital Bed to make the visual higher quality. No offense to Danhauser but his relative work takes days where my take MONTHS. I do not REUSE ANY Visuals like he does First of All. I would LOVE to have an CGI Animated Show form the 70's to pull all my GRAPHICS from and only have to create 5-10% of what I need. I created a WORLD for this project. The entire Interior of the Ship, AN ALIEN Dimension. You look but do not SEE.
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    Thank you! The ratio of Compliments to devastating Comments here is kinda out of kilter. LOL But makes your interest all the more appreciated. :)
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    Hello and welcome, Mr. England.

    First of all, I want to congratulate you on the work you have done. And from what I've read here, you created it literally on your deathbed.
    But... please understand, no one here had any clue, from where you came, when you did this. It means the whole world to you, while for outsiders like us, it's a beautiful creation that somehow craves for more. Especially with all the audio work you have sampled, enhanced, coded and put together. Please don't misunderstand that as downsizing your labour of love.

    No one wanted to attack your work, no one thought it missed the mark by a mile or thousand - to the contrary. Even doubleohfive's remark, to which you responded so fiercely, hinted at a wonderful possibilty to rework the audio into audio dramas, that would provide a special magic to listeners all around the world.
    So I'd ask you not to view the comments as downplays, but as incentives to build a legacy.

    I hope, your medical condition is now in a much better state - and that you could try to read the posts regarding your "baby" as constructive critique, not as something dismissive.

    And I hope, you understood, what people here were trying to tell you. I hope, I could make that clear.

    Greetings from Platjenwerbe, Germany
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    Hey Robert. Welcome. :)

    To those who feel/felt like Robert should share the audio he extracted with the current owners of Star Trek or other fans, that's ridiculous. So he should put tons of work into extracting the audio and then just hand it over?

    The ownership of the game audio stems belong to whoever inherited the Copyright of the games or the licensor (full rights for licensed IP materials often lapse back to the licensor after the contract expires or is breached), or whatever else the contracts specified (for instance, Nintendo doesn't own the Popeye arcade game they developed: the rights lapses back to Hearst). So, legally, the only entity which could use these stems are those who hold said Copyrights, but they don't own the work Robert put in, albeit they could sue for Copyright infringement.
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    Robert this was great, and hope to see more of it.

    Thank you
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