RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comments

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    I have never seen this series and don't know who is who, but I would say, yes, the one character absolutely did check out the other.

    I would also say that was a deliberate choice of the director and the actress for that reaction shot. In other words, that wasn't an accident or subtext. It's text.
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Dr. Maura Isles, the one who is doing the cruising, is the lady in the youtube screen capture.

    Detective Jane Rizzoli, ("You do know I carry a gun.") the tall brunette with the deep voice and the cheap foam stuffing on her coat, she is also the lady with the mother in the same scene.

    I don't think you can proclaim it as "text" until they go for the lip lock. ;)

    Jane makes a scientific observation of her own.


    Maura isn't human. :p


    Jane challenging Maura to state the obvious.


    Maura trumps her in the game of "obvious". :lol:


    Looks like some websites are really gearing up for next week's episode, "Nice to meet you, Dr. Isles".



    I think we can rest assured the R&I writers are NOT going to turn adoptive Daddy into a child molester. If they did, then once Jane found out she'd shoot the man. :klingon:

    And unlike with Maura's biological father...


    ... she wouldn't merely wound the guy this time.


    Once the old man is dead, Jane would be tried, convicted and sent to Walpole Prison, making her unavailable to solve crimes with Maura in season 7.

    I guess they COULD continue in season 7 with Frankie Rizzoli stepping up to the plate.


    I'd rather have Angela Rizzoli. :rommie:

    If there is a big bad secret that hangs between Maura and her adoptive Dad, that might explain why she never talks about him.
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    I have a question, understanding that I do not fly in the same economic stratosphere that this week's victim, "Ten Mohs" flew in... do rich people really put diamond shards in their drink?

    I found THIS http://video.gq.com/watch/most-expensivest-shit-big-sean-2-chainz-drink-diamond-infused-vodka but this is just a drink that was shaken with a diamond. (If you are spending 10 grand on such a drink, you've just proven PT Barnum's contention that "one is born every minute... and 2 to take him". :p )

    Speaking of suckers, if you thought last week's fire would segue into Jane sharing an address with Maura, you were sadly disappointed this week cuz "that" only lasted 4 days. :lol:


    It was Angela's turn to state the obvious this time. "I don't understand you two!" :techman:


    "And you call him ARTHUR." :eek:

    Maura was certainly very un-Maura like this week, and we thought season 2's visit from her adoptive Mom was stressful! :vulcan:

    First, she played a GUESSING game this week.

    Second, she's not concerned that her father is involved with a murder suspect.


    Third, she's not afraid to avoid her father even when others in her "family by choice" are watching.


    This week's B story was trying to move Jane out of a hotel before she turned stooped and grumpy.

    Loved how Angela maneuvered Frankie into letting "mom" move in with him, and how happy Maura looked when Angela suggested Jane take the guest house during their secret family meeting. :lol:

    Loved how Jane was ready to move into the guest house when Frankie told her of their secret meeting/plans and how Frankie was ready to set himself on fire to avoid it. :rommie:

    Loved how Jane capitulated to Frankie's whining to keep mom in the guest house and got the promise of Red Sox tickets, beer and a foam finger in the process. :bolian:

    The interweaving stories of family this week was interesting. Maura and Arthur, a colder relationship we have not seen in a long time. Maura and her family of choice, Angela, Frankie and Jane. We see the Rizzolies to go to such lengths to avoid staying with mom, but they also go to great lengths to prevent that knowledge from hurting Angela.

    Maura, on the other hand; ignores her dad's phone calls, doesn't ask what he's doing with a murder suspect, tries to walk out of the bar to avoid talking to him, and points out his vast knowledge on the murder weapon (puffer fish poison) to the detective on the case.

    We even see the effect of family on the murder suspect and his daughter, yet another murder suspect.

    Finally, we see the siblings...


    Frankie and Jane. :beer:


    Jane and Maura. :brickwall:


    "Do you want me to shoot him?"

    "I do. I really do."


    The one liners this week were very good from all quarters.

    The mystery itself was ok, but I still don't understand why the dude from the Amazon was suing the murder victim if he never had the 200,000 dollar diamond in the first place. :vulcan:

    Not to mention the victim's desire to have diamond flakes in his drinks. :wtf:

    Next week's ep...


    "I have science on my side." :bolian:

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Its hard to find music vids of the newer shows, what with hundreds of fake vids out there to lure you to another website to watch something off line. :brickwall:

    I just ran across a few for the recent eps and thought I should share them. :)

    They are all from the same vidder.


    Nice to meet you, Dr Isles. Season 6 ep 8


    A Bad Seed Grows, Season 6 ep 7


    Jane has times when her glare can come close to Janeway's in intensity. :mallory:


    Face Value, season 6 ep 6


    FINALLY, something with "Dr. Rizzoli" in it! :guffaw:


    Misconduct. season 6 ep 5




    Imitation Game Season 6 ep 4


    I love Maura's head shake (at Jane for dissing Frankie) near the end of this ep/video. :lol:


    Deadly Harvest Season 6 ep 3


    I guess I was wrong, Maura HAS worn more slacks this season. :alienblush:


    Bassholes, season 6 ep 2


    I still think the amorous fisherman will come back in the last half of the year as a serial killer. :vulcan:


    The Platform, season 6 premiere


    Jane has issues with the new medical examiner, but still saves her brother from a murder charge.

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Love Taps episode 9, season 6.

    Not sure this week what the title refers to, thought perhaps its a slang for texting but google didn't agree.



    A Virtual Boyfriend? :confused:


    What could possibly go wrong with that app on your phone?

    The murder mystery had its moments.

    A dead young nerd initially seems like an unlikely lothario with 32 girl fiends texting him daily and a 2000 dollar 1st edition copy on Don Juan in his college dorm. In actuality, he works for a startup company on the side that runs an app that allows you to choose the perfect boyfriend / girlfriend who, for a "small fee", will text you every day.

    Eventually, after chasing a few red herrings that include a angry husband of a VB user, a burglarizing computer technician and a skateboarding opportunist, Jane and company find the real killer and once again are reminded of the old saying.

    But simpletons, mockers, and fools are so dumb that they reject wisdom’ offer of love. And as we all know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
    Okay, now onto the important "B" story, aka, the ongoing trials and tribulations of the R&I (and Korsak) families ...


    and how the continuing story of HOW will we replace Jane's wardrobe after her apartment burned?


    Jane: Maura Isles, you are BRILLIANT!
    Maura: I like the sound of that.

    (Dear mods, Weirdness is happening again with the board. Whenever I go to "advance" or "preview", the preview message appears in the blue field but its disappeared from the white posting box, so I'm cutting and pasting each time I switch pages. For this reason I'm doing a piecemeal posting t make sure I don't lose anything like a couple nights ago.)
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Make that 32 girl FRIENDS... not girl fiends! (Here's when I could use a reliable edit function!)

    Crimeny, NOW its working? :rolleyes:
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    The B story.

    One thing I like about TV shows that isn't done enough, is to watch the characters grow and to have TPTB follow up on story points mentioned in earlier shows.

    Like how Jane is still reluctantly living at her brother's apartment.

    Like the one with Maura's adoptive father.

    Do you realize Maura saw her biological gangster father IN PRISON more often than she saw "Arthur" in the last 6 years?

    This week's show had Maura once again ignoring AI's phone calls. Jane finally encourages her to meet him on "neutral" ground to transact family business before he must leave town in 3 days.


    But daddy admits to a simple, stunning mistake.

    All these years he thought his affair ONLY involved him and Maura's mother. He forgot his role in pulling Maura into the "secret", or the worry Maura carried how Mother would react if she knew Maura lied to her on the Father's command. He's shocked Maura never told his wife.

    I wonder if HE ever told his wife that part of the story?


    He's trying, but Maura refuses to give in.


    Which piques Angela's interest.


    Fringe is NOT the new black in Maura's estimation, but she can't come right out and tell her best friend that little fact.

    Of course, the woman who can never lie, doesn't find out till half way through the show that the fringe jacket was just Jane's way of "messing" with her head.


    Jane: "LIE TO ME!"


    I do like how they are starting to bring Nina Holiday into the series this week. She and Jane are bonding over a virtual cowboy boyfriend on the suspect company's app, and here she's offering to hike with Maura when Jane refuses.


    What we see only in the music vid at the start of the first post, is how Nina Holiday, former Chicago PD police officer and current Boston PD computer geek, IS a bad a$$ as she takes down the escaping cell phone stealing skateboarder.


    All's well that ends well, except there is a recurrence of the swirling fringe at the end of the ep. We also see Korsak's new girlfriend this week and in fact so does the rest of the gang as she's feted at the bar.


    Oh and Maura learns the importance of letting go of old traumas.

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Promo for next week's ep, "Sister, sister."


    I hope that doesn't mean Maura's half sister is coming back.

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Nina taking the skateboarder down was one of the highlights of the season. I had to watch it several times.
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    I have been having internet connectivity issues this week, so my lack of discussion of the recent episode should not be taken as a sign that I didn't like it.


    Well, I didn't like it. :vulcan:

    I loved it! :bolian:

    "Where do you keep your gun?"

    "Don't ask." :rommie:


    I just have one question, Jane... if the new condo is "miles from mom", does that mean you won't be stopping by Maura's daily to chat up your gal pal?

    The B story this week was a competition between two different issues.

    B-1 was Jane trying to impress a condo board enough to let them buy into their building... hence the "Dress for success" video seen above.

    And of course Jane didn't put her best foot forward when the condo board asked about her private life and online dating habits in an attempt to weed out any loud "party girls".

    B-2 has to do with Kent kissing Maura in the elevator lobby.


    Yep... that's what I said... weird Medical Examiner Kent, kissed Maura at work during a discussion that had precious little to do with romance.


    If this was a high school in Kentucky, the principal would have blamed the encounter on Maura's enticing collar bones.


    This isn't a real high school, its a fake police station, so naturally Maura seeks out her LLBF (Life Long Best Friend) in the ELEVATOR and tells her what just transpired.


    "On the LIPS?" :eek:


    Jane: "You're changing the subject."

    Head tilt as a light bulb goes off in Maura's brain.

    Maura: "Yes I am."

    Remember earlier this season when Kent kept popping up and scaring Jane? Well, she gets him back this week.


    The initial part of Maura's encounter in her office looks like something from her other TV series last year... "Shameless". ;)


    I suspect all the Rizzles hearts went a flutter when Kent asked Maura...

    "Is there any rule against someone (Rizzles insert "Maura" ) from the ME's office dating someone (Rizzles insert "Jane") from the police department?"

    If the Rizzles are right... would that make Maura's question at the end come from a concerned friend of Jane, or a rival for her? ;)

    If a rival, worry not Maura, its still YOUR house she comes to at the end of the show to celebrate the new condo she's bought.


    Maura: Did Kent call you?
    Jane: Why would Kent be calling me? :confused:
    Maura: Oh, I think he's interested in you.
    Jane: Yesterday he was kissing YOU.


    Maura: He's handsome, he's funny, he has a great job.
    Jane: He has all of his teeth.
    Maura: he hasn't committed a major crime.
    Jane: That we know of.
    Maura: Which just meets your standards.
    Jane: That's why its important to keep the bar low. :lol:

    THIS is why I love these two, they make me laugh so much and make me think of my friends when I watch it.

    Especially the last line.

    Maura: What about the couch?
    Jane: I burned it.

    That part definitely makes me think of my friends when we are together.

    Apologies to the Rizzles on the board, but I watch this show because it shows two great women who are best friends. Women who are not above teasing each other and challenging each other and consoling each other.

    It makes me think of a birthday card I received last year.

    "Psychologist, 150 dollars."
    "Black forest chocolate cake, 15 dollars."
    "Girlfriend with two forks... PRICELESS."

    These two are priceless, in my opinion. :cool:

    Oh, there was a murder this week and they solved it. :techman:
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Mid season finale next week already. Wow. Angie Harmon rocked the yellow dress last week.
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Korsak: Sophistication with just a touch of VaVoom!
    Jane: She texted you, didn't she.

    I loved Jane's comment earlier when Maura first used the "Vavoom" description. Pointing to her chest Jane deadpanned, "Just a little too MUCH Vavoom." :lol:
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Yes, she rocked that dress. :)
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Sasha laughs at how Angie gets "upset" because her character gets all the cool clothes and Jane gets the blazer, shirt, slacks outfit day in and day out.

    In one interview IIRC Sasha tries to soothe Angie's sensibilities that everything in Angie's real closet is far superior to Maura's fictitious ensembles.

    I almost wonder if that dress was a wink at Angie's own clothes obsession. :)
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Speaking about clothes obsessions, its time for this week's ep.

    "Fake it 'Til you Make it."


    Frankie: "You ARE a public servant and that guy sounds like he's in need for some servicing." ;)

    Little brothers can be such a pain sometimes, am I right, Jane? :klingon:


    I want to say one thing about the opening this week, well actually many things but I'll start with one.

    When I rewatched last week's show, I wondered why Jane was always called first on the murder.

    I know, it's so she could say "Rizzoli" first and Maura could say "Isles" 2nd, just in case we forgot the name of the show. :rolleyes:

    "Just once" I said to myself, "it would be funny to hear them say it backwards, let MAURA answer the phone first." and VOILA, the very next week my wish came true. :bolian:

    I still have a problem with these two showing up in each other's apartment each morning. Are they car pooling? :confused:

    I know, I KNOW... its so they can say "Rizzoli" and "Isles"... but I'd still like a throwaway line like, "I need my car tomorrow night, so I'll drive myself in tomorrow morning."

    Hey... I got them to do the intro backwards this week without even uttering the wish out loud, so who knows what I'll get next week. if I "type it" out loud. :cool:

    Anyway, Jane's trouble with the guys calling her for "escort" services is only the tip of the iceberg.

    First, there's a dead guy in Boston and a crime that needs solving. I have to say, this is the first time the murder actually made me JUMP when it happened.

    Text message to victim: "You ain't alone, Bro."

    Next, Jane does NOT want to go to LA for a fact finding mission, a land where the state shoe is the FLIP FLOP.

    I KNOW! Is she crazy or what? Frankie is ticked off that she "gets" to go WITH Maura and he has to stay home. (His little brother pout is so not cute on this guy. :p)

    Jane goes to LA but has issues with the car BPD has rented for her just because it looks like "a toaster had sex with a clown car." :wtf: but her credit card is declined at the rental agency.


    Enter Wonder Woman Maura with a credit card no respecting agency would DARE turn down.

    Too bad Frankie isn't here to see his big sister pout about not getting to drive. :lol:


    Maura has caught the eye of the LA Medical Examiner... and THAT has caught the eye of Jane Rizzoli. :klingon:


    This clip has their first and if Jane has anything to say about it, their last interactions with the LA police dept.

    LA ME: Do you... ladies think you'll be back again soon?
    Jane: When Malibu freezes over.
    LA ME: Malibu received .3 inches of snow in 2007.
    Jane: Its not happening.

    I love the way Maura is smiling during this exchange.


    I don't remember Cagney ever having to warn Lacey about NOT blowing her cover during an undercover sting.


    Unfortunately, this clip cuts out too soon. We don't get to see Maura looking mysterious and Garbo-esque, standing next to the bar while reading her medical journals as Jane pretends Maura is a mysterious actress just out of rehab while working her mark on the other side of the room.


    Can I be shallow here? :alienblush:

    I really prefer Angie with what Korsak calls her "usual Rizzoli Mane" and not the straight hair prep school look in that last clip. :eek:

    Jane finishes her California experience on the beach with Maura...


    ...and a monkey wearing a bikini. :cardie:

    Jane: At least he's not wearing flip flops!

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Did you think I was done? :vulcan:

    I am SO not done with this ep.


    Do you recall how we met Kiki, Korsak's life coach and new girlfriend a few eps ago?

    And how Angela hasn't let anyone meet her new boyfriend Ron, yet?

    Well, with the girls in LA, Angela figures its safe to do that double date with Korsak and Kiki that she suggested weeks ago. :beer:
    Not only safe to double date, but safe to hold the double date AT Maura's house. :rolleyes:

    Unfortunately, Korsak and Angela didn't factor in the possibility that their new partners once dated each other! :eek:

    It took a couple of days of soul searching, but the 2 friends finally confronted their new partners and found out the sordid truth of Ron & Kiki's one disastrous date, ruined by an acute attack of gastroenteritis. :barf:



    Remember all the guys calling Jane to hire her as an escort at the start of the story?

    Remember Jane's credit card getting declined at the LA car rental agency?

    Well, Frankie and Nina find out that more is going on than just a telephone number mixup and Jane traveling without warning her bank. :eek:

    Heck, all her cards have been hacked and her accounts closed. :klingon:

    That's why Maura had to loan Jane money so she could pretend to be a high roller on their undercover foray into the bar.

    Well, it doesn't stop there.

    Nina works with 3 code breakers at Jane's bank to trace the computer that hacked her accounts.

    It leads to a encrypted site, the password is JANERIZZOLI.

    And at the site there's a videofile.

    The video is the front of Jane's old apartment building, from BEFORE her recent fire.

    Nina shows it to Jane, Frankie and Korsak as soon as Jane walks into the police dept.

    As we stare at the night shot of her building, a gloved hand comes into view, holding a lighter.

    In case Jane doesn't get the significance, the gloved hand lights the lighter and the vidder focuses on the flame.

    Jane: The fire wasn't an accident.

    Which leads us directly to the preview for next week's summer finale.


    Jane: He's taken everything, there's nothing left to take.

    Oh Jane, don't you know by now NOT to tempt fate? :scream:

    That's Korsak stalking through Maura's home with gun drawn. :eek:

    There's just one question we really need answered.


    Who did "he" take... Angela or Maura?

    My bet is on Angela. :vulcan:

    And I think, with NO evidence whatsoever, that the "he" in question is the bass fisherman from ep 2.
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    Okay, I've given you 72 hour to catch the summer finale... can I assume we are all on the same page?


    That's right, no more new R&I until sometime in mid/late winter. :wtf:

    Yeah, bummer.


    For those not keeping track, last week we discovered Jane's apartment was a victim of arson. Quite personal arson since the same person also hacked her bank accounts and screwed over her credit cards.

    Nina the cyber sleuth discovered this and informed Jane in the final scene of the penultimate summer ep.


    Jane shared Nina's discovery with Maura at the beginning of this ep. I don't know what upset Maura more, knowing that Jane was being targeted, or that Maura had to keep it from Angela.

    Maura: I can't lie!
    Jane: "Yes you can! That's the beauty of the new you."


    Did you like how Jane stared at and then shook her phone, trying to make it call her to the homicide scene? She tried to catch Korsak's coat tails as he left for the scene, but he commanded her to stay home and copy/print up all the threatening letter/emails she's received over the years.

    The dead woman at the center of this week's mystery is a recovering addict who recently came into a bunch of money. Unfortunately within moments of receiving an envelope full of 5 grand she began to foam at the mouth, stagger and fall to the floor.

    While Korsak, Frankie Rizzoli and Maura Isles investigate the murder scene, Nina has been busy going over the video-file left by the arsonist. :vulcan:

    Going back to the raw non-compressed data still available, Nina discovers she can see another couple inches around the picture as originally depicted. A couple of inches doesn't sound like much until you realize you can see some bare skin at the wrist of the arsonist and that the wrist is covered with a butterfly tattoo.

    Jane was giving Nina a list of places to check out the tattoo but they are interrupted by Frankie's arrival and his insightful comment when he saw the tattoo's wrist on the computer screen.

    Frankie: Hey, what are you doing with my murder victim?
    (Jane is looking quite resigned as she too looks at the screen.)
    Jane: That's not your murder victim... its mine.

    Everyone is starting to get really worried about Jane. Her Arsonist has just graduated to being a Murderer.

    Maura and Frankie are having a contest this week about which one of them can worry more about Jane.


    Needless to say, even the baby brother is out worried by the best friend who is ready, willing and able to hire a bodyguard for Jane.


    As you can see above, initially Korsak is unwilling to consider the bodyguard but once Jane identifies the watch IN THE STOMACH of the murder victim as her own, even he can't deny Maura's conclusion much less her solution.

    Watching Jane deal with the bodyguard is one of the fun times in this tense show. Its nice to see Boris already has Jane's number... feed her and she will "come around". :drool:

    Angela has been on the sidelines trying to find out what's going on. Jane hides all, Maura merely hides but Frankie eventually caves and tells her someone is "after" Jane but thankfully avoids specifics.

    When Angela finds Frankie working late and Jane MIA, she puts 2 & 2 together and cooks a lasagna for her daughter. :drool:

    The funniest part of this next scene was just before this clip begins. Boris and Jane hear someone pounding on the apartment door. Jane immediately tells the bodyguard not to let the very dangerous woman in, all the while hiding the delicious meal he just cooked for her. Boris pulls his gun as he presses her for specifics...

    Jane: It's my mother!

    Silly man, he looks through the peephole as we hear a voice ask...

    Angela: Who are YOU?


    The 2nd funniest part is at the end of the clip as Angela stands at the door to say goodbye to Boris.

    Angela: Boris, work "friend" of Jane's, if anything happens to my daughter I'll kill you dead. :klingon:


    Jane is stuck at the apartment she shares with Frankie as everyone tries to discover the murderer before he can carry out his nefarious plan that they think will take pace at 5:26 (the time set on the watch in the murder victim's stomach.)


    That's why Nina isn't going to rest until 5:27.

    Of course, as the appointed time passes by Jane realizes the message in the "5:26" isn't a time and she forces her way out of the police protected apartment building to demand Korsak let her back into the investigation and therefore back onto the case.

    While back on the case, she blows up at Frankie and banishes him from the room. Later she bonds with Maura over life choices and futures with/without the Boston Police Department.

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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    A despondent Frankie goes to the Dirty Robber to vent his frustration over the case and his sister. He runs into Angela who's been pulling extra shifts there to keep busy so she won't worry about Jane. She was finally leaving for the night when he walked in. Without a word she grabs a beer and opens it, sitting it in front of him.

    When he didn't take a sip, Mom worried even more before giving some of her own insightful observations about Frankie not knowing how to handle his worry over Jane and how Jane didn't know how to handle her worry over herself. :bolian:

    Frankie got her drift and pushed the beer away, asking for a cup of coffee before she left for home and he went back to work. :techman:

    Jane has left Maura's and is just staring at the evidence board in the detective's room. Suddenly she starts pulling everything down except her ID and the photo of her watch. Nina is intrigued and joins her as they stare at the watch.

    Finally, Jane gets an idea and asks Nina for the book in the bottom of her desk.

    Its a bible "like the one Nina's mom had given her" when Nina got into the Academy.

    Jane quickly reviews her options and goes to the New Testament... and starts at Matthew Chapter 5, verse 26.

    "Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid up the last cent..."

    Jane is disgusted, all this time and the 5:26 message is just about revenge, as if she hadn't figured THAT out already!

    That's when Jane has the meltdown seen in the promo about him already taking everything from her, there was nothing left to take.


    Jane looks at the watch and grabs her phone.

    Jane: The watch was a gift.

    She waits for the phone to be answered, but it goes straight to voicemail.

    Jane: On the back it says... "Love Mom."

    Nina runs for her office as Jane runs for the door.

    Nina: I'll call the Dirty Robber!

    Jane is on the phone again, as she runs for the elevator, this time calling her baby brother. He starts to apologize for walking out earlier but she cuts him off.

    Jane: MOM'S the TARGET! Get to the Dirty Robber! :scream:

    Frankie explains Mom's already left for home and Jane instructs him to follow, using the route she usually uses. If he finds her first, he's to stop her and keep her safe.

    In the lobby Jane runs into Korsak and tells him about the 5:26 bible verse and he points out backwards 26:5:26 is the criminal code for a kidnapping.

    Jane and Korsak get to Maura's home before Frankie.


    Jane goes through the house, then next courtyard and finally into Angela's home where she nearly shoots Angela as she exits her bath.


    I love how Angela calms her grown policewoman down.

    Angela: "You're alright. Breathe."

    So by now you've realized my prediction last week and Jane's assumption this week were dead wrong. :alienblush:

    It wasn't "mom" that he was after... after all. :scream:

    Angela went into Maura's to make Jane some tea and ran into another policeman on the prowl.

    I like what she screamed at Korsak when he aimed his gun at her as she entered Maura's kitchen.


    Angela: AAHHH. So what, your new motto now is to 'Protect and Scare'?

    As Korsak and Jane artfully manipulate Angela's planned chamomile tea into scotch, neat... another Rizzoli comes up to the house to bang on the door. After hugging Mom, he too gets a scotch as Jane looks around and realizes something.

    Where's Maura? :confused:


    Of course... I should have remembered 2 things before making such an off base prediction last week.

    In a Xena Warrior Princess podcast, the writer said they always tried to arrange a cliff hanger or a scene break with the 2 main stars being separated from one another.

    If you remember last summer's R&I finale/cliffhanger, TPTB had Jane jumping off the bridge trying to save the prosecutor as Maura was left behind.

    This time its Jane who's left behind and to paraphrase what Jane said earlier in this ep about the person who "bumped her lock"...

    I'd worry about the person who "took" Maura when Jane finds him. :klingon:
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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    For some reason the TNT channel isn't carrying the promo for next winter's following ep, but other people are carrying it.


    This is the one shown after the ep was broadcasted last Tuesday.


    I forgot to add the "Valentina" music vids for the last few eps.

    Here's the one for this week




    and previous weeks...

    The "Fake til you make it" vid includes the clip from the selfie with the murderer scene.



    Sister Sister.


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    Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

    ARGHHH. :klingon:


    I missed a forward slash on the promo for this winter. :alienblush: