Rewatching Star Trek Enterprise

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Keith1701, Mar 17, 2013.

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    I'm not sure they took that into consideration.
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    Well, I finally finished watching Season 3 last night and I must say :)STAR TREK ENTERPRISE:) is still a very exciting and well written, acted, and produced. In fact, Enterprise had more battles that I have seen on any other TREK series. I really hate to NX-01 damaged so badly, in "Azati Prime". Also, I really enjoyed "E2" as well, it was cool to see to NX ships in battle and it was great story as well.

    Now, I'm onto Season 4 which of course was only made after the fans saved the show yet again. With :)"STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS":):bolian: BEING RELEASED ON MAY 15 AND MAY 17, 2013.:techman: , I'm running out of time. I'm still hoping to finish watching Season 4 of Enterprise, and then onto TOS, TNG but I don't think I will be able to reach DS9 before May 17, 2013 ~~~ but who knows...:)