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    Feb 23, 2013
    Marsden is very sad.
    You keep saying that but I didn't get that at all, can you say what it was?

    Was it this part in the beginning?

    KIRK: For one thing it means we're stranded.
    SULU: The Enterprise must have blown up. That would explain the high radiation readings, wouldn't it, Captain? If the matter - antimatter engines
    KIRK: Shall we stop guessing, Mister Sulu, and try and establish a pattern? I get no readings of high energy concentration. If the Enterprise had blown up, it would have left a high residual radiation.
    MCCOY: Could it be the Enterprise hit the planet?
    SULU: Once in Siberia there was a meteor so great that it flattened whole forests and was felt as far away as
    KIRK: Mister Sulu, if I'd wanted a Russian history lesson, I'd have brought along Mister Chekov. This is a matter of survival, gentlemen. Without the Enterprise, we need food, and we need water, and we need them fast. I want a detailed analysis made of this planet, and I want it now.
    SULU: Aye, sir.

    That's my best guess of what you might be referring to and I don't find that to be a jerk or and idiot.

    It didn't reflect well for Sulu, either, just guessing things without analyzing the facts or prioritizing his duties.
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    Hey, Rahda didn't wear a wig.
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    It's very in character for Sulu. If you watch episodes where he features prominently, he's usually the one spitballing ideas. His speculation is usually wide of the mark so that Kirk or Spock can figure things out.
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    Yes, it's a narrative device.

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    He wasn't an idiot. You're calling him an idiot because you don't like him. Well yes, the occipital line, but that's cluelessness exaggerated for comedic purposes. It is, literally, what happened! We've had other such moments, though that's the most exaggerated. Spock speaks differently according to when you catch him, what the situation is. Spock's no people person. He's not warm and fuzzy.
    Galileo 7 sets all this up. Then, Spock was apparently callous and abrasive. The human resentment may seem correct. But wait, then the tables are turned, when we see the decent behavior coming from Spock, and the humans are callous.
    Being ultra practical, shunning emotion, in other words being himself, that will sometimes lead to friction. He's in command in an emergency. Not a time to hold anyone's hand. The crew already understands this about him. They're merely a bit irritated, much less so than you. They're okay.
    Still, Spock manages to get in a remark about no one being better suited for the job than Scott as I recall, after Scotty says he has to be the one in the Jeffries tube.
    If the occipital line had come from Data, we'd consider it understandable. Well, Data is a surrogate Spock. (Ducking thrown chair.) And Data's pretty smart!
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    Sep 7, 2014
    Data is not Spock, There's only one Spock! :vulcan:
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    I didn't see that Spock was callous in either Galileo or "That Which Survives". The crew in Galileo were acting like a bunch of high school kids going against the teacher (except for Scotty). For goodness sake Boma and McCoy are supposed to be in the military yet they were talking about voting. Thats not how the military works. McCoy should have been backing his senior officer even if he disagreed with his decision. If McCoy can't be trusted to support his commander than perhaps he should go into civilian practice.

    At least the crew didn't turn on Spock in "That Which Survives". But if I was Scotty I would have probably punched Spock in the mouth for being so irritating and disrespectful. There were plenty of other episodes in Season 3 where Spock took over and he didn't start telling everyone to tell him to give him figures to 20 decimal places (unnecessarily) and telling them off for saying Thank You
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