Quentin Tarantino confirms his Star Trek movie will be R-rated, full of profanity.

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by The Rock, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Mar 16, 2016
    Agree, he's reportedly a big TOS fan n episodes he mentioned are City on The Edge of For ever n Yesterday's Enterprise

    Classic great Trek. Think he wants the R rating for leeway n freedom, but don't feel (hope) he wouldn't have Jules in a Starfleet uni .......
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    Part of me just wants the Quentin Tarantino movie to be made up entirely of re-arranged TOS footage, to make up a funky, wacky, crazy narrative. Look at the trailer here. How can you not get a kick out of this? :devil:

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    Surely the 10th film by Tarantino? :D
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    Quentin Tarantino has said his favourtie episodes are “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “The City on The Edge of Forever” so his movie could Bring Back Shat in a timey-wimey way??

    I say just DO IT

    He’s been talking about it since Enterprise. Or make an animated show set between The Cage and Generations. Then he can just provide the voice.
  5. Cyrus

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    I just read the trekmovie.com article where George Takei says he would do the Tarantino movie if the script is good. This is laughable. First, if Tarantino is involved in writing of the script, the script will be great. And George will probably do a non-speaking cameo if he is asked to be in that movie.
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    I love Tarantino. Like many have said, he may not be the "ideal director" when you think of classic Trek, but I feel as though we need to go beyond the classic Star Trek to round things out a bit more. I'm very much in favor of something grittier.
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    The problem with that is it risks making it the Terminator franchise. "Wait, which films count? Which ones happened and which ones didn't?"
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    Dec 22, 2010
    Tarantino is also a big fan of Shatner's "lost years period" of the 70s. So I can see this dovetailing nicely, and very meta ala Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Not that our ideas have much of a chance of filtering into a story that has already been drafted. We can only hope that he had something like this in mind.
  9. Lord Garth

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    Quentin Tarantino is on the fence over whether his last movie should be Star Trek or Kill Bill, Volume 3. I'd love to see a Tarantino version of Star Trek but I'd much rather see a third Kill Bill.

    I thought Uma Thurman would never work with Tarantino again. But if there's a possibility of him being able to get her to change her mind and if they can finally work something out... then I'd rather see Kill Bill 3. If he only wants to do 10 movies ever.

    Kill Bill is at least his own creation. Star Trek is a franchise, even though I want to see a Star Trek movie made as if it were an independent film. But to me, no matter what else, the Star Trek movies are always the first six. The rest are just extra. And I want a third Kill Bill.
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    And yet he says he's a fan of Yesterday's Enterprise. The Abrams movies are the exact same concept. Something blew up and now the crew is in a different timeline where things are playing out in some strange new way. In YE, they fixed it by the end of the episode. The Kelvin timeline never got around to fixing it. What's so hard about that?
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    Oct 17, 2008

    I was ok with the Idea of a QT trek before, you know to do something drastic to save it from where it was heading.

    But with the Picard show I have new optimism and don't think they need to go scorched earth anymore.

    Kill Bill 3 would be a good send off for him, I feel it's his most personal series.