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    Here's a new and longer trailer.

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    I'm not talking about innovation vs. formula. It's just that Power Rangers embodies a rather pure philosophy of good vs. evil with the Rangers as the archetypes of good. There's this youthful part of me that just has a visceral negative reaction to the idea of Power Rangers (or their Sentai equivalents) being criminals.
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    Something about the pirate ranger uniforms seems... unusually silly to me. :p Maybe because they decided to emulate 18th century sailing uniforms? :lol:
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    Gokaiger villain info


    The Zangyaku.

  5. Samurai8472

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    GokaiPink and GokaiGreen + All Forms


    GoukaiRed, and his fleet of heroes.


    GoukaiYellow and GoukaiBlue


    GoukaiPink and GoukaiGreen


    Gokaiblue and GokaiYellow + All Forms


    GokaiRed + All Forms


    The villains- The Zangyaku

    Episode one's story translated


    Team photos. What's interesting is that the some of the suits have added skirts because the Gokaiger girls will use those forms



    Tiger ranger was originally male in Zyuranger

    In MMPR it was a girl.

    So now Gokaiger has added a proper skirt.


    Lightspeed Rescue- Female in Power Rangers

    GoYellow- Male in Sentai

    There are at least a handful of modified suits.
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    Mar 15, 2001
    I don't know how Saban is going to adapt Gokaiger for Power Rangers, given that there are something like 15 Super Sentai teams with no Rangerverse counterparts. But then, given that PR is now two years behind SS, maybe they could just skip over Gokaiger and move on to the next one? Or maybe they'd do what MMPR did with Dairanger and Kakuranger, making minimal use of their Sentai-team footage and mainly combining original material with a limited use of kaiju/Megazord footage.
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    The fine line between continuity and fanwank.
    The amount of footage they have previously not used for a given season should allow them to take out the teams that weren't previously adapted without a serious detriment to their ability to make 40 eps.

    Even so, it will not be the easiest thing to adapt. I don't think they would actually meet the previous teams as the Gokaigers will... more like just channel past powers. The real problem for Saban would come if they start mixing and maxing unadapted teams/villains with adapted teams/villains. I could see Saban pulling a MMPR Season 2 and make a *ton* of new footage.
  8. Christopher

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    But will the past teams be appearing separately like that, or intermixed like in the publicity photos? In the latter case, it would be harder to weed them out.

    Well, they could go the "Alien Rangers" route -- identify some of the hitherto-unseen Sentai costumes as belonging to Ranger teams from other planets, or perhaps other times.
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    Don't forget the suits that lost skirts because they're now male. BlueDolphin, BlueSwallow, HurricaneBlue and MagiBlue.

    I hope we see more gender swapped suits down the line (male pink ranger ftw :bolian:), the team photos don't include all possible forms, because we've already seen female versions of MagiRed and GekiRed.

    There's NO WAY Saban will skip Gokaiger (if the show isn't cancelled again), that guy wants Power Rangers to be a hit again and you think he will pass on the chance to include MMPR and other old teams in new episodes?
    The "no PR counterpart" teams are not a problem at all, it's actually a good thing, just give the mentor a line about "past, future and alternate dimension teams" and you're free to throw every "new" suit at the audience without further explanation. It would make the season even bigger in scope than just using previous seasons powers.

    If they decide to skip a sentai at all, it would probably be Goseiger, because if the rumors are true and Samurai airs for two seasons, a new sentai won't be adapted until halfway through 2012 with an airdate in 2013. By that point both Goseiger and Gokaiger are finished and I just can't see Saban picking Goseiger for PR's 20th anniversary, if he can get "Everyone's back!" anniversary footage.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    I agree, if all goes according to plan the Gokaiger footage will be used for Power Ranger's 20th anniversary footage.

    I don't know how much will be kept. Judging by small footage of Power Ranger's samurai the footage percentage looks to be

    25% Japanese

    75% American/New Zealand

    Heck they gave the samurai's a mega mode and original cockpit.
  11. Takeru

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    But that's not really a big investment, they needed one set and a few new costumes. They could easilly shoot cockpit footage for 5 episodes in a single day just with the second unit.

    It's nice that they made changes, but it's probably the cheapest way to give the fans PR exclusive stuff in every episode. They're still able to use almost all sentai fight footage everytime they want to save a few bucks. A pretty smart move by the production team.
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    [LEFT]I'm not sure if this would interest anyone, but a while back, I decided to try and 'streamline' the early seasons of PR (MMPR S1 through SPD) in order to give many of them a more cohesive and coherent overall story arc, creating a series of episode guides which I wrote down in a Word document. I recently went back and revised several of these guides, and thought I'd share them here in case anyone wants to use them in doing a 'rewatch' of the show:[/LEFT]
    DigificWriter's "Streamlined" Power Rangers Episode Guides
    MMPR Season 1
    Day of the Dumpster
    High Five
    A Pressing Engagement
    Food Fight
    I, Eye Guy
    Happy Birthday, Zack
    No Clowning Around
    Power Ranger Punks
    Foul Play in the Sky
    Dark Warrior
    Peace, Love, and Woe
    Big Sisters
    Green with Evil, Part 1
    Green with Evil, Part 2
    Green with Evil, Part 3
    Green with Evil, Part 4
    Green with Evil, Part 5
    The Trouble with Shellshock
    The Spit Flower
    Life's A Masquerade
    Gung Ho!
    Wheel of Misfortune
    Island of Illusion, Part 1
    Island of Illusion, Part 2
    Calamity Kimberly
    The Green Candle, Part 1
    The Green Candle, Part 2
    Birds of a Feather
    Doomsday, Part 1
    Doomsday, Part 2
    A Pig Surprise
    Lions and Blizzards
    Crystal of Nightmares
    Return of an Old Friend, Part 1
    Return of an Old Friend, Part 2
    Fowl Play
    On Fins and Needles
    An Oyster Stew
    The Mutiny, Part 1

    MMPR Season 2
    The Mutiny, Part 2
    The Mutiny, Part 3
    The Wanna-Be Ranger
    Bloom of Doom
    Putty on the Brain
    The Green Dream
    The Power Stealer
    The Beetle Invasion
    The Song of Guitardo
    Green No More, Part 1
    Green No More, Part 2
    Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
    Missing Green
    Beauty and the Beast
    White Light, Part 1
    White Light, Part 2
    Two for One
    Zedd's Monster Mash
    The Ninja Encounter, Part 1
    The Ninja Encounter, Part 2
    The Ninja Encounter, Part 3
    A Monster of Global Proportions
    Zedd Waves
    The Power Transfer, Part 1
    The Power Transfer, Part 2
    Scavenger Hunt
    Mirror of Regret
    Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
    The Great Bookala Escape
    Forever Friends
    Rangers Back in Time, Part 1
    Rangers Back in Time, Part 2
    The Wedding, Part 1
    The Wedding, Part 2
    The Wedding, Part 3
    Best Man for the Job
    Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1
    Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2
    Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3
    Ninja Quest, Part 1

    MMPR Season 3
    Ninja Quest, Part 2
    Ninja Quest, Part 3
    Ninja Quest, Part 4
    A Brush with Destiny
    Passing the Lantern
    Wizard for a Day
    Fourth Down and Long
    Final Face-Off
    Stop the Hate Master, Part 1
    Stop the Hate Master, Part 2
    The Potion Notion
    A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1
    A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2
    I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
    Changing of the Zords, Part 1
    Changing of the Zords, Part 2
    Changing of the Zords, Part 3
    Follow that Cab
    A Different Shade of Pink, Part 1
    A Different Shade of Pink, Part 2
    A Different Shade of Pink, Part 3
    Rita's Pita
    Another Brick in the Wall
    A Chimp in Charge
    Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 1
    Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 2
    Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 3
    The Sound of Dischordia
    Rangers in Reverse
    Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1
    Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2
    Climb Every Fountain
    The Alien Trap
    Attack of the 60' Bulk
    Water You Thinking
    Along Came a Spider
    Sowing the Seas of Evil
    Hogday Afternoon, Part 1
    Hogday Afternoon, Part 2

    Power Rangers Zeo
    A Zeo Beginning, Part 1
    A Zeo Beginning, Part 2
    The Shooting Star
    Target Rangers
    Rangers in the Outfield
    The Puppet Blaster
    Graduation Blues
    Mean Screen
    Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
    There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 1
    There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 2
    There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 3
    Inner Spirit
    Found and Lost
    Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
    Bulk Fiction
    Song Sung Yellow
    Game of Honor
    The Power of Gold
    Do I Know You?
    A Small Problem
    Rock-a-bye Power Rangers
    Revelations of Gold
    A Golden Homecoming
    Mondo's Last Stand
    Bomber in the Summer
    Scent of a Weasel
    The Lore of Auric
    The Ranger Who Came in From the Gold
    The Joke's on Blue
    Where in the World is Zeo Ranger V?
    King for a Day, Part 1
    King for a Day, Part 2
    A Mystery to Me
    Rangers of Two Worlds, Part 1
    Rangers of Two Worlds, Part 2
    Hawaii Zeo
    Good as Gold

    Power Rangers Turbo
    Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
    Shift into Turbo, Part 1
    Shift into Turbo, Part 2
    Shift into Turbo, Part 3
    Shadow Rangers
    Transmission Impossible
    Rally Ranger
    Weight and See
    Bicycle Built for the Blues
    Glyph Hanger
    The Millenium Message
    A Drive to Win
    Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part 1
    Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers, Part 2
    Passing the Torch, Part 1
    Passing the Torch, Part 2
    Stitch Witchery
    The Wheel of Fate
    Trouble by the Slice
    The Phantom Phenomenon
    Vanishing Act
    When Time Freezes Over
    The Darkest Day
    One Final Hope
    The Fall of the Phantom
    Clash of the Megazords
    Fire in Your Tank
    The Robot Ranger
    The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
    The Song of Confusion
    Carlos and the Count
    The Curve Ball
    The Accident
    Cassie's Best Friend
    Little Strong Man
    The Rival Rangers
    Parts and Parcel
    Chase into Space, Part 1
    Chase into Space, Part 2

    Power Rangers in Space
    From Out of Nowhere, Part 1
    From Out of Nowhere, Part 2
    Save Our Ship
    Never Stop Searching
    Satellite Search
    A Ranger Among Thieves
    When Push Comes to Shove
    The Delta Discovery
    The Great Evilyzer
    The Barillian Sting
    T.J.’s Identity Crisis
    Flashes of Darkonda
    The Rangers' Mega Voyage
    True Blue to the Rescue
    Invasion of the Body Switcher
    Survival of the Silver
    Red with Envy
    The Silver Secret
    A Date with Danger
    Zhane's Destiny
    Always a Chance
    The Secret of the Locket
    Astronema Thinks Twice
    The Rangers' Leap of Faith
    Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 1
    Dark Specter's Revenge, Part 2
    Rangers Gone Psycho
    Carlos on Call
    A Rift in the Rangers
    Five of a Kind
    Silence is Golden
    The Enemy Within
    Mission to Secret City
    Ghosts in the Machine
    The Impenetrable Web
    A Line in the Sand
    Countdown to Destruction, Part 1
    Countdown to Destruction, Part 2

    Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
    Quasar Quest, Part 1
    Quasar Quest, Part 2
    Race to the Rescue
    Rookie in Red
    The Lights of Orion
    Double Duty
    The Blue Crush
    The Magna Defender
    The Sunflower Search
    Orion Rising
    Orion Returns
    Shark Attack
    Redemption Day
    Destined for Greatness
    Stolen Beauty
    The Rescue Mission
    The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1
    The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2
    Heir to the Throne
    An Evil Game
    Memories of Mirinoi
    Green Courage
    Blue to the Test
    Mean Wheels Mantis
    To the Tenth Power
    The Power of Pink
    Protect the Quasar Saber
    Facing the Past
    Enter the Lost Galaxy
    Beware the Mutiny
    Grunchor on the Loose
    Dream Battle
    Hexuba’s Graveyard
    Raise the Titanisaur
    Escape the Lost Galaxy
    Journey’s End, Part 1
    Journey’s End, Part 2
    Journey’s End, Part 3

    Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
    Operation Lightspeed
    Lightspeed Teamwork
    Riding the Edge
    Trial by Fire
    A Matter of Trust
    Wheels of Destruction
    Cyborg Rangers
    Up to the Challenge
    Go Volcanic
    Rising from the Ashes
    From Deep in the Shadows
    Truth Discovered
    Ryan's Destiny
    Curse of the Cobra
    Strength of the Sun
    The Cobra Strikes
    Olympius Ascends
    A Face from the Past
    The Queen's Return
    The Omega Project
    The Fifth Crystal
    Yesterday Again
    Ocean Blue
    Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1
    Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2
    As Time Runs Out
    In the Freeze Zone
    The Mighty Mega Battles
    The Great Egg Caper
    The Last Ranger
    Sorcerer of the Sands
    Olympius Unbound
    Neptune’s Daughter
    Web War
    Wrath of the Queen
    Rise of the Super Demons
    The Fall of Lightspeed, Part 1
    The Fall of Lightspeed, Part 2

    Power Rangers Time Force
    Force from the Future, Part 1
    Force from the Future, Part 2
    Something to Fight For
    Ransik Lives
    A Blue Streak
    A Parting of Ways
    Jen's Revenge
    The Time Shadow
    Future Unknown
    Uniquely Trip
    The Legend of the Clock Tower
    Worlds Apart
    The Quantum Quest
    Clash for Control, Part 1
    Clash for Control, Part 2
    Bodyguard in Blue
    Trust and Triumph
    Trip Takes a Stand
    Quantum Secrets
    Lovestruck Rangers
    Full Exposure
    Time Force Traitor
    Frax's Fury
    Dawn of Destiny
    Fight against Fate
    Destiny Defeated
    Undercover Rangers
    Beware the Knight
    Time for Lightspeed
    Nadira's Dream Date
    Circuit Unsure
    A Calm Before the Storm
    The End of Time, Part 1
    The End of Time, Part 2
    The End of Time, Part 3

    Power Rangers Wild Force
    Darkness Awakening
    Click, Click Zoom
    Never Give Up!
    Ancient Awakening
    Wishes on the Water
    The Bear Necessities
    Soul Searching
    Soul Bird Salvation
    Curse of the Wolf
    Battle of the Zords
    Predazord, Awaken
    Revenge of Zen-Aku
    Identity Crisis
    The Ancient Warrior
    The Lone Wolf
    Power Play
    Secrets and Lies
    Three's a Crowd
    A Father’s Footseps
    Sing Song
    The Wings of Animaria
    Reinforcements from the Future, Part 1
    Reinforcements from the Future, Part 2
    The Master's Last Stand
    Unfinished Business
    The Flute
    Team Carnival
    Taming of the Zords
    Monitoring Earth
    The Soul of Humanity
    The Master's Herald, Part 1
    The Master's Herald, Part 2
    Fishing for a Friend
    Sealing the Nexus
    The End of the Power Rangers, Part 1
    The End of the Power Rangers, Part 2

    Power Rangers Ninja Storm
    Prelude to a Storm
    There's No I in Team
    Beauty and the Beach
    Looming Thunder
    Thunder Strangers, Part 1
    Thunder Strangers, Part 2
    Thunder Strangers, Part 3
    Nowhere to Grow
    Snip It, Snip It Good
    Return of Thunder, Part 1
    Return of Thunder, Part 2
    Return of Thunder, Part 3
    Return of Thunder, Part 4
    Boxing Bopp-a-Roo
    Pork Chopped
    The Samurai's Journey, Part 1
    The Samurai's Journey, Part 2
    The Samurai's Journey, Part 3
    Scent of a Ranger
    I Love Lothor
    Good Will Hunter
    All About Beevil
    Sensei Switcheroo
    Tongue and Cheek
    Brothers in Arms
    Shane's Karma, Part 1
    Shane's Karma, Part 2
    Shimazu Returns, Part 1
    Shimazu Returns, Part 2
    The Wild Wipeout
    Eye of the Storm
    General Deception, Part 1
    General Deception, Part 2
    A Gem of a Day
    Down and Dirty
    Storm Before the Calm, Part 1
    Storm Before the Calm, Part 2

    Power Rangers Dino Thunder
    Day of the Dino, Part 1
    Day of the Dino, Part 2
    Wave Goodbye
    Legacy of Power
    Back in Black
    Diva in Distress
    Game On
    Golden Boy
    Beneath the Surface
    Ocean Alert
    White Thunder, Part 1
    White Thunder, Part 2
    White Thunder, Part 3
    Truth and Consequences
    Leader of the Whack
    Burning at Both Ends
    The Missing Bone
    Bully for Ethan
    It's a Mad, Mad Mackerel
    Copy That
    Triassic Triumph
    A Star is Torn
    A Ranger Exclusive
    Tutenhawken’s Curse
    Disappearing Act
    Fighting Spirit
    The Passion of Conner
    Isn’t it Lava-ly
    Strange Relations
    Thunder Storm, Part 1
    Thunder Storm, Part 2
    House of Cards
    A Test of Trust
    Thunder Struck, Part 1
    Thunder Struck, Part 2

    Power Rangers S.P.D.
    Beginnings, Part 1
    Beginnings, Part 2
    Sam, Part 1
    Sam, Part 2
    Shadow, Part 1
    Shadow, Part 2
    Wired, Part 1
    Wired, Part 2
    Messenger, Part 1
    Messenger, Part 2
    Reflections, Part 1
    Reflections, Part 2
    S.W.A.T., Part 1
    S.W.A.T., Part 2
    Endings, Part 1
    Endings, Part 2
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    are any of the new ones as good as the original with tommy and billy?
  14. Christopher

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    Most of them are much, much better. The original had a good cast, but atrocious writing. From Power Rangers Turbo onward, the storytelling got a lot richer and more sophisticated, though the casts weren't nearly as good as the original group. There are some real standout seasons, with Time Force and RPM being the smartest and best.
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    This is only for the current VS movie of Goseiger VS Shinkenger.

    The upcoming team, Gokaiger will only be a team of red for the VS. In their series, they'll use the powers of past rangers according to their color(and then some)

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    SOme skirts there that I don't remember seeing in the original...

  17. Saga

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    Sep 6, 2008
    when a female Gokaiger morphs into another ranger, like MagiRed, a skirt is added.
  18. Samurai8472

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    Mar 27, 2007
    Magazine scans









  19. DigificWriter

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    I'd also add Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galalxy, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm to that list of reccommendations.
  20. Samurai8472

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    Mar 27, 2007
    I liked Ninja Storm.

    I dragged myself through Dino Thunder's season.

    SPD/Mystic Force/Operation Overdrive/Jungle Fury-- From what little I saw or could tolerate to watch they looked terrible. Overdrive's OP theme was utter crap.

    I guess you could say I got a little jaded opinion because I went and watched all the Japanese versions and they all looked and sounded superior.

    RPM- I actually got through a few episodes. Liked the Go-Onger nod.