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    It's frustrating to me that the fate of these shows is so toy-driven. The writing and production values are so much better than that. I know the toys are how they pay for it, but it still seems like their priorities are all wrong.
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    Lupinranger VS Patranger episode 43


    "Please take Sasuka"

    I like that they had Tsukasa immediately suspicious of Satoru (and even pointed out the small detail that Satoru didn't like sweets, but now suddenly did). It made sense that Keiichiro would immediately welcome Satoru back because he felt guilty that Satoru got hurt, but Tsukasa had no guilt over that, and she's always the one that is overanalyzing situations.

    "Noel isn't human."

    With that one line, things have changed in the status quo.

    Kamen Rider Zi-O episode 14 and 14.5


    Could have done without the Time Mazin battle

    Sougo and Takeru's plan to keep the brother alive but still make him Another Ghost was clever is some ways. There was some inconsistencies though.

    Not sure why Sparkling form for Decade Armor was classified as "final form time"

    It could just be a reference to "Final Form Ride" from Decade itself.

    Tsukasa stopping Woz from giving his speech for the first Final Form Time was hilarious. It also looks like Tsukasa's going to be sticking around for a while longer.

    More excited for the next episode when they go to 2068

    Ryuusouger's entire toy catalog has been revealed one of the interesting pictures was this one


    It’s been rumored for quite some time now that Super Sentai will be going on a bit of a break in February, that rumored break is now confirmed via these new scans. Kishiryu Sentai Ryusouger won’t be airing till March until then Toei will be releasing historical Super Sentai videos throughout February on YouTube.

    Rumour has it that Captain Marvelous/Ryota Ozawa of Gokaiger will be hosting these videos, though nothing official has been confirmed regarding these videos

    March Campaign
    By saying a special password at a toy shop, you will be given a super-limited edition RyuuSoul, the “Hajimari no RyuuSoul.” (RyuuSoul of Beginnings)

    The new collectible is a key that can also double as a mini figure



    There are also alot of lego type ports for kids to mix and match parts on to the T-rex(Tyramigo)

    Nice to see the sabertooth tiger return though. It seems like they're pulling elements from various series that worked

    In addition you can swap out various Ryuusouls to put a new head on KishiiRyuuOh

    The front cover of the catalog in HQ!

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    LvP: Oh, boy, we're definitely heading toward the climax now, with big changes and revelations coming along. If Noel isn't human, I wonder if he could be a sentient Collection piece like GoodStriker. Or some sort of clone of Lupin himself, maybe (though a literal clone would be human), although I doubt the original Arsene Lupin would look Japanese.

    Still, there's something fishy about the ex-partner too, given his apparently out-of-character sweet tooth. I'd wonder if he was lying about Noel, except that all his claims seemed to be confirmed independently. Of course, I assume Noel is running some kind of sting operation with the Ganglars.

    Speaking of the Ganglar-of-the-week, sometimes the rigid formula of this franchise can be problematical. This Ganglar wasn't attacking anybody or doing anything villainous; he pretty much just wanted to mind his own business and run away. So having the Rangers mercilessly hunt him down and kill him when he wasn't even fighting back seems rather immoral. As I've said before, I wish more Sentai seasons were like Timeranger in that the goal was to arrest rather than destroy, or like Heisei Phase 2 Kamen Rider series where the goal was to free/heal humans changed into monsters rather than destroying them.

    Come to think of it, what's the Lupinrangers' motive for fighting and destroying the Ganglars after taking their treasures? The treasures are their primary objective, so you'd think that once they obtain them, they'd be content to leave the rest to the Patrangers.

    Zi-O: A larger role than usual for the guest Kamen Rider, with Ghost even getting his memory and powers back temporarily, and teaming up with his partner from the time. Meanwhile, I guess Decade's going to be around for a while. That's a bit confusing, the two... well, I guess you could call them anthology Riders, collecting the powers of their predecessors... both being active at the same time, or even being adversaries. (Wasn't Decade a good guy?) If not confusing, then redundant -- Decade already got a whole anniversary series, so why should he hog the next one?

    I'm surprised to hear that they pronounce "Decade" with a "dee" sound in the first syllable instead of a "deh" sound. The way it's rendered in the series title is ディケイド, and apparently the first two symbols there represent the "di" syllable, but that's basically an elision of "de-i." So it'd be simpler just to go with デケイド, de-ke-i-do. I wonder why they went to the trouble of changing the pronunciation.
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    Last week's Zi-O and Lupinranger Vs Patranger episodes had alot of backstory and some emotional beats

    Zi-O episode 15

    This feels like it could be a finale. Kasshin feels like a late-game boss
    I do like how we got a chance to see some powers for Riders who haven't gotten tributes, like Kuuga, Kiva and Ryuki, as well as the true Decade appearing at last. Even if Oma still outranked Sougo in just about everything. Talk about facing your future.

    I found out Kasshin voice actor voiced Seto Kaiba in the original Japanese version of "Yugioh" Hopefully he's not wasted on a Terminator type role

    LVP 44

    Pretty good episode. We finally learn the backstory to Noel. I don't think Satoru is dead. I wish the gangler had more of a presence in the show. Just being a MOTW didn't carry the impact of the reveal

    Good on Noel for handling pressure on both ends, and for regaining trust despite his constant sketchiness. Especially when he didn't need to do much to regain the Patrangers' trust, just let them run the course of their investigation and discover the same truth that he discovered independently.

    the reveal that the human disguises the Ganglers use are harvested from human skin is very disturbing

    It was just revealed today that Ryuusouger won't premiere in February like previous sentai seasons but March.

    February will feature a battle royale type series with past sentai ranger's facing off one another or tag team




    The story begins when a mysterious girl named Rita gathers heroes from Super Sentai teams to the planet Nemesis. The heroes are told that any wish they desire will come true if they can win the "Super Sentai Greatest Battle" tournament. In addition to the five heroes mentioned, any number of others can appear.

    So we've got some MMPR nod's and Zyuranger with the planet Nemesis Bandora(Rita in MMPR) and her minions were trapped on

    "Ahh after 10,000 years i'm free!"

    I'm sure the dino nods are all leading up to a Ryuusouger cameo at the last episode of the special
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    Zi-O: Those hunched-over giant robots reminded me of something I've seen glimpses of in anime, giant monsters with a similar pose. Evangelion, maybe? I've only seen images from that, though it's coming to Netflix soon so I'll finally see it. But maybe I'm thinking of something else.

    Also, what was with that big red Chinese dragon robot Oma Zi-O had? Has he assimilated Dairanger powers as well as Kamen Rider? (Come to think of it, does Oma Zi-O have powers from future, post-2018 Kamen Riders as well as Heisei-era ones?)

    Zi-O's armor upgrades are all pretty clunky and dumb-looking, but the Decade armor has got to be one of the ugliest. On the other hand, it's nice to see the show getting into the stylized, anime-like cinematography KR sometimes uses, as when they met Oma Zi-O and the background faded to black.

    LvP: This whole arc would've worked better if the Satoru backstory had been told in the actual show instead of a tie-in special. Anyway, the revelations about Noel and the Lupin family were unexpected, but it explains a lot. It didn't overtly explain how Collection pieces created a thousand years ago in an alien dimension look like modern Earth vehicles, but I suppose we can deduce that it was the result of Arsene teaching Noel how to modify the pieces, that they updated their appearance as part of the learning process before the Ganglars stole them.

    It also wasn't explained how Noel hopes to get Arsene back if he's dead, but I guess the completed Collection will have resurrection powers, or will embody his complete spirit and thereby recreate him.

    My interest always drops to near zero when the giant battles start. There's rarely any interesting character or plot stuff going on at that point (except when the Lupins and Pats are combined in the same Kaiser), and it's just going through the motions to sell toys at that point. And every single time, I wonder, why do they just stand there dumbly when Gauche appears instead of immediately shooting at her to stop her from reviving the Ganglar? There are so many Sentai series where the Rangers could save themselves a ton of trouble if they'd just shoot the character that shows up to revive and gigantize the destroyed monsters. It'd be better if Gauche operated more like a sniper, firing from cover, instead of just coming right out into the open while the Rangers stupidly fail to react. It would add a nice touch of suspense if, after the Rangers blew up the normal-sized monster, they immediately went on the alert for Gauche and tried to locate and stop her before she could get an opening to strike from cover. Maybe they could even succeed sometimes, get into a shootout with her and drive her away before she could revive the monster. Mix up the formula a bit.
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    We have a confirmed start date for Ryuusouger.

    Kishiryuu Sentai Ryuusouger starts on March 17th at 9: 30 AM. The tagline is "Five swords to serve justice!"

    Due to the later start date the cast won't be revealed around this time but at a later time.

    The head writer is Junpei Yamaoka. He's never done tokusatsu before, he comes from the world of J-Drama. The only thing sorta close to tokusatsu he's done is Kamen Teacher, but other than that, nothing.

    it's exciting that Toei is going for someone this new. Kamen Rider shows typically hire this big name writers from the world of anime and J-Drama who have often never done a tokusatsu series before. It gets the shows a fair bit of extra notoriety.


    Here's the story:

    65 million years ago

    An era when dinosaurs were everywhere. When attackers sought to take over the world, bringing war, knights were selected to stand against this threat. A meteor falls to the earth and brings the era of the dinosaurs to an end. Those chosen knights then chose to live the rest of their lives quietly on earth. In preparation for the return of this enemy, dinosaurs with great power were made to sleep in a temple.

    Now, at the end of the Heisei era, the attackers have returned to Earth, pushing their evil to the limits of the universe. Now, it's time to grasp the powers of the dinosaurs!

    It's sounding more and more like Zyuranger expect these knights didn't hibernate
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    How many different explanations have there been for the extinction of the dinosaurs in Super Sentai? First Bandora, then the Deboth, now this. Plus Sledge in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

    Anyway, it sounds promising that they're bringing in a new creative team with new ideas. The "Dinosaurs Yet Again" theme didn't interest me, but this does.

    Let's see, if this premieres March 17, then that means only the first 7 episodes will air in the Heisei period, which ends April 30. But I guess they have to say "the end of the Heisei era" because the name of the next era hasn't been revealed yet. Hmm, let's see, unless Zi-O is unusually short (like Decade was), it's going to extend into the next era too.
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    Have you seen these before? Alternative Dinozord designs for MMPR season 02 from one of the Sentai encyclopedias.

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    Here’s the link to the book up to 2002


    Honestly I don’t think in 1993 they could have pulled off those Zyu2 designs. Most of the mecha were still blocky suits or animatronics. They didn’t use a lot of cgi back then

    Interesting to see megaranger/power rangers in space ideas like space jet packs and timeranger “ tear drop” mecha
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    Lupinranger VS Patranger 45

    I actually thought the Christmas episode was funny due to the sight gags. Salmon vs Chicken on Christmas and Noel going back to France for cake and a chicken.

    It was a nice comedic break from the past weeks drama. However the last episode of the year did end on a cliffhanger

    I just learned that KFC in Japan is so huge and it's cemented itself into Japanese Christmas food


    Zi-O episode 16 and 16.5

    All business here with a little Christmas celebration at the end. Sougo was going through the usual superhero trope of abandoning his post after something dramatic happens(Spider-man, Batman and Superman)

    Time mechanics were wonky as usual because Geiz and Tsukuyomi should have disappeared if Sougo gave up being Oma-Zi-O. Maybe it was already predicted to happen and everyone was still on track to the future regardless of whether Sougo gave up being a king. They were following the flow of time events

    It's interesting that there's no big significance for Sougo losing his driver. Woz just gave him a replacement he probably bought during a Christmas discount haha and then the replacement went to Geitz.

    "I will become a demon king who will save the world!" Okay Thanos.

    I'm also especially fond of that insert song. It's a much calmer track than the usual song that accompanies an action-packed scene, which makes sense since it was meant for Zi-O regaining new confidence in himself. That it came in at the same time as Woz's wonderful declaration may have helped it's impact.
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    Zi-O: A pretty good dramatic twist there. Sougo decides to quit his dream to be king, and Geiz, who's been trying to stop him all this time, finally trusts him with the power -- and it's his promise to be a check on Sougo and to stop him if he goes bad that seals the deal. That's a nice friendship they're forming there.

    I hadn't realized that Zi-O and Geiz were using identical belts, and that it was the watches rather than the belts that determined their specific Kamen Rider forms. Not only that, but Woz was able to whip up a replacement belt pretty quickly.

    How was Zi-O+Decade+Ex-Aid able to duplicate himself like that? Was that one of Ex-Aid's powers?

    The Supplementary Project finale was weird. Did they actually fire the producers or was that a joke? And I wonder what the big surprise in the movie was that they were talking about. Sounded like something to do with some classic actors or monsters returning.

    LvP: Okay, so why would a salmon Ganglar want people to eat salmon? Isn't that kind of cannibalistic? It would've made more sense if it were a chicken Ganglar trying to save its brethren -- like that Chik-Fil-A ad campaign with the cows in reverse.

    Interesting that they did a silly Xmas episode and then did a very big, dramatic reveal at the end.

    So it was basically the result of a very successful marketing campaign. Well, I guess that's true of a lot of things. Like, the reason diamond rings are associated with engagement and marriage is that the diamond industry spent huge amounts of money on advertising to invent and popularize the "tradition." And the association of pink clothes/items with female babies and blue with male babies was invented by the baby-merchandise industry post-WWII so they could con people into thinking they had to buy twice as many items for babies of different sexes rather than using hand-me-downs. (Before then, pink was seen as a masculine color because it was light red, and red was bloody and aggressive and such.) Then there's the "folk wisdom" about an apple a day keeping the doctor away, which was really an old ad slogan of the apple industry (apples are not really particularly nutrititious as fruits go). Really, people are far too willing to let corporations manipulate what they believe and how they behave.
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    The decade ride armor can access power-up's from past seasons. It's not specifically the mid-season forms. The Ex-Aid one accessed the mighty brothers power-up

    In Ex-Aid he could split into two players. This was a nod to the option for someone to Co-Op in a game. Playing a game alongside yourself
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    Anyone think the Zeo alien Gold Ranger (identical triplets dressed alike as a split-in-three character) was a little inspired by TNG's "Loud as a Whisper"? I watched Zeo first and when I later watched "Loud as a Whisper" I was like whoa, Trek did that first.


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    Uhh, no, the two have nothing in common besides the number three. The trio of interpreters in "Loud as a Whisper" were obviously not triplets, nor were they the same person. (Nor were they dressed alike.) They were just translators for the same person, interpreting Riva's thoughts and emotions into speech.
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