NX Refit

^^ yes, you're right, designing a ship, okay, making it look like everything has a purpose and actually make it look recognisably industrial, I mean, of course we don't have starships but to have details like hatches, hinges, the hull plating and details arranged/designed in such a way that you wouldn't be surprised to see it somewhere in a real life industrial complex, that's a special talent.:mallory:
As for my talents, visually, nah.. I can write poetry and do about all the maintenance on a Kymco scooter but beyond that.. talentless hack. :rommie:
There's brilliance already flashing from your work-in-progress, @SCE2Aux, and it's thrilling to watch. Most of what you've integrated into your design are refinements that I could imagine being incorporated into an evolved refit configuration, say on the NX-02 or "NCC-02." But there's one big addition that actually resolves what I thought the original NX-01 lacked: a pair of hatches for a horizontal shuttle ingress (as it should be) rather than a vertical one.

I wonder if Doug Drexler still peruses this BBS. He'd have a lot to say about your refinements.

Way back before the "Enterprise" series premiered 23 years ago (sweet Jeez), on this very BBS, TV Guide magazine showed us the first preview of the ship design, which was a single shot of a top-down view. The first reactions were mainly complaints, that they'd settled on the Akira design from TNG for a storyline supposedly two centuries earlier. Drexler came back at everyone, saying, if a design pattern's good from the beginning, why couldn't it survive two centuries hence?

As that little squabble subsided, we were all wondering, what would be on the underside? Is there a smaller primary hull? The lack of one? I had thought a good storyline for the series would be if the original design were a mish-mash, a compromise between various camps' ideas, that would be re-thought and refined from season to season. I sketched my projection of how I thought the underside of the original NX-01 would look... and here it is:


I imagined a kind of cargo module which would also double as a kind of magazine for launching missiles, plus a communications array where the main deflector would eventually go in later designs. Otherwise, I wondered, where is everything supposed to go? Cramming everything into the primary dish seemed like one compromise too far.

So let me ask you this: What do you imagine your version of the refit's secondary hull should house?

DF "Trying to Make Image Posting Work Like Some Green Newbie" Scott
Thankyou for all of your incredibly positive comments, it's deeply appreciated, and I'm glad that you're liking the way this project is progressing. :)

@DFScott , your interpretation of that initial NX-01 image is really interesting: Things like the retractable comms equipment and ion engines really underlines that cool 'NASA-punk' vibe the Enterprise era can do.

So let me ask you this: What do you imagine your version of the refit's secondary hull should house?
I imagine my secondary hull to have a layout very similar to the refit connie: a vertical core going through the neck into the secondary hull. The reaction chamber is at the base of the neck, with the PTC conduit heading back to the nacelle struts along a trench at the top of the secondary hull. (You can sort of see those shapes in some of the previous wip renders, in low res geometry for now)
The rest of the secondary hull features engineering resources, and other consumables that allow longer duration missions without starbase support. I'm also going to add communication gear facing aft. And a beefier deflector, of course. :)
Some warp nacelle progress. The back is mostly done, midsection is on its way, and the front is still in the low-res stage. Design-wise, it's a combo of NX elements, but I also want it to look a bit like a mid-step between my Reliant and Albacore nacelles. Hopefully that will become more apparent as it gets closer to being finished.
I've been buzzing from that Starship launch all weekend, so I had pictures of Raptor Engines open as reference as I modelled. Those things are intimidatingly complex, but very inspirational when designing scifi components.

It's just friggin nuts man. The nacelles on this do NOT look like a cgi model. They look like they have working parts in them. Coils that are actually capable of creating the gravitational forces required to bend space/time.
It really is outstanding.

So glad he put the catamaran hull/pylons separately.

Has anyone done a version where they start on the bottom of the saucer and rise up Locknar style?
Other than the USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond, I'm not aware of any designs that are like the stock NX, but omit the strut between the catamarans like the Loknar Class you mentioned @publiusr . It would be a very simple matter to retrofit this ship like that though, and it's been extremely tempting to do a variant without the secondary hull!

Glowy lights and extra pipes and boxes;

Romulan War convoy duty?
I could imagine a lighting effect in there...sorta like a "Plasma Ball"...hmmmmm...
Good point: Adding in a little more intensity and variation to the glowy red plasma here, and a bit more internal structure, but don't want it to be too distracting, so it's not massively amped up right now.

I thought I'd do a quick greyscale render showing the design lineage of nacelles of my ships, from the 21st, 22nd and 23rd centuries. Hopefully it shows a progression of tech with familiar motifs throughout: