Pre-Warp ships

So David Bissig's UE/Federation History fan project has lots of different ship designs going into it, and there are ship diagrams for each one, so here are the orthos for mine:










I think the rings help focus the viewer's eyes on the asteroid base and approaching ships. Great work!
Now I see rubble pile asteroids “bagged.”

Many are known as “contact binaries” that rotate around a barycenter…push them apart into a bola, and the inside surfaces facing a tether have artificial gravity.

A few hundred miles apart and backspun—a huge lump can be deposited upon the Moon at zero velocity…and a flyby rotor stir could yank huge payloads off an ocean surface—here they would need hydrofoils and solid rockets just to reduce the strain on the cables.

Instead of one space elevator…imagine two that cross each other in an “X” with the ends on solar sails. They can tack towards or away from each other to raise and lower the intersection point…that might have a flying windlass than spins down a third cable to ground level.

By NX-01’s time, field effect ships make travel like driving a truck—but pre-warp pre-anti-gravity methods would be more visually stunning.
I like that orange monster almost as much as I like Reliant, or maybe even just as much. :D
As for those beautiful space wallpapers, REALLY awesome work there, I wanna live on that asteroid!
And again... someone needs to write an SF series with these beauts in it...
I've got a backstory coalescing in mind for these freighters as well as Reliant & Defiant. I've not tried writing fiction in years, and organising the time for all my creative outlets is very challenging, but I hope I can write a short story about these ships and the pioneering characters who designed and flew them.

Minor variant to the previous image; David Bissig likes the full DY configuration for the foreground ships, which is fair enough. I wanted an additional version with just the spaceplane section, so I photoshopped them in from an earlier draft. I'll do something new soon, I promise! :rommie:
New scene started this weekend. I wanted to use procedural textures for more than just asteroids, and seeing as Antarctica has always fascinated me, I'm trying my hand at an ice field... and a very off-nominal landing. This was a quick and noisy render, but gave me some idea of what I want to tweak for the final image. Mostly the size of the pack-ice chunks and some lighting changes.
Aw, a few dings and dents here and there, any mildly competent shipyard can fix that, just make sure you'll clear the seaweed from the engine exhausts and she'll be back in orbit by next Tuesday. :D