Night Court revival

Hmm, upping Wendie Malick to a regular is a good casting move, but ex-con to prosecutor is a pretty weird career move. Has her character been previously established as a lawyer?
Question, as someone who is a huge original Night Court fan: I've only seen the first few episodes of season one, and did not like what I saw. I had no interest or connection with any of the characters, didn't find them funny, and especially found Dan Fielding (who I was looking forward to the most) to be a quite unlikeable person, as if Larroquette was playing some other character with the same name but completely different from the Dan Fielding I know and love. My question: Does it get any better?
Definitely unexpected. It makes no sense except for in Night Court, where Wile E. Coyote was once a defendant. Malick is a great actress and her chemistry with Larroquette is terrific. Dan finally will have an adversary to work off of. Great hire.

I still will miss Olivia though.