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    I finished watching Ms. Marvel. I binged it over the weekend and well, I didn't really enjoy it. I'm disappointed with myself for not liking it more. The cast, visuals, music, cultural and pop cultural references are all five stars for me as was the story of a teenage girl going through what a lot of teenagers do. But I felt the plot was a bit messy and I lost interest in what was happening early on. Maybe fewer characters and a smaller origin story with more focus on the character of Ms. Marvel would have been more satisfying for me. I found the villains to be convoluted and were the least interesting aspect.
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    The Marvel Studios Assembled episode for Ms Marvel (and the rest) is up.
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    Sadly, not here in Canada yet.
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    Just watched it and that was so much damn fun to watch. You could really see how much passion and joy every single person put into this production and tried their very best to make the show feel as authentic as possible in presenting the experiences of a young Pakistani-American woman...who just happened to become a superhero.

    I love how Iman Vellani's personal experiences paralleled Kamala's. I definitely teared up upon seeing her homemade Ms. Marvel Halloween costume from three years ago and now she's wearing a professionally made costume to play the character on a larger canvas beyond her own imagination.

    One thing I hadn't noticed during the show was that AvengerCon took place at Camp Lehigh. I'm sure it was explicit in some way in the actual episode but I simply missed it. Nevertheless, that's a very cool touch.

    As in depth this whole episode was about capturing each aspect of the Pakistani-American experience, both in New Jersey and in Pakistan, with particularly everyone involved getting a moment's chance to say their piece, I was struck by how little was mentioned of Damage Control. In fact, they weren't even mentioned until the coverage of the final episode. I think that really highlights the only (in my opinion) real weakness of the show and that demonstrates they really didn't need that element.
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